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  1. Most, if not all, of the decorations do not flatten the terrain, because it is trivially easy to do it yourself, and sometimes people don't want them to, and it would be much more work to have 2 versions of everything.
  2. It should. Just place this above MegaMod on your modlist and it should work. Previous versions of CC shouldn't not be loaded with MegaMod, but this version should work fine.
  3. @QueryEverything This mod doesn't do any of that. Some older mods have things that invisible when loaded with the newer game. This fixes that. But it has nothing to do with Meats of any kind.
  4. It should be fine. It changes the livestock variables, not the pasture variables. So it will work with any pasture you build. It doesn't change anything. Put Busy Pastures on top, and it will work exactly like before. If it's not listed in the changelog, then it's not included in CC. We didn't add any Kave mods into CC this round.
  5. I was actually just doing some testing on that. If you put CC 1.7 above MM, then it looks like everything will work fine. Some of the toolbar icons may be out of place, and they won't be colored. But everything seems to be functioning correctly. P.S. I don't understand your username. Life... After.. Banished? But Banished *is* life. What is there after?
  6. Changelog Some of the things listed here are available in MegaMod 0.06 (mostly the decorations toward the end), but here is the list of changes between CC 1.62 and 1.7. New Buildings Artisan House Gable House Captain House Captain Tower Journeyman House Journeyman Tower Old Church Seamstress Guild The Local Milking Barn Cow Parlour City Windmill Lumber Yard Large Water Tank Wild Shepherd New England Colonial Housing set Driftwood Scavenger Old Barn Barn Lean To Memorial Statue Seafarers Chapel Pine Forester Small Chapel Iron Finder Stone Finder Rustic Abode Old Boarding House City Blacksmith Stable Old Market Old Town Trading Post City Hospital Tailoring Company New Versions of Old Buildings Bakery Weavers Dairy Carver Edibles Market Updates to Food Trading Post Updates to Dry Goods Trading Post One Room Schoolhouse F variant with no fence New Roads/Bridges Gravel Road Soil Road Dock Road Covered Bridge Old Creek Bridge Rock Bridge Stone Bridge Split New Terrains/Starting Conditions Cold Valley Terrain Swamp Lakes Terrain Shipwreck Start Condition Northern Pines Starting Condition Abandoned Village Starting Condition New Decorations White Picket Fence set Tall Wood Fence set City Wall set Ground Cover Plants Cleaning Items decorations set 3 Ruin Monuments City Wall Doorway Decoration City Gallows Garden Beds set Jungle Plants Shore Rocks Dock Fence Dock Rail Deco/Ghost Windmill Deco/Ghost Playground Deco/Ghost Trough Verdant Plains Ground Square Deco Bamboo Tree Ghost Picket Fences Ghost Tall Wood Fences Ghost Flowerbeds Ghost Flowers Ghost Statues <- on corners Ghost Sign Posts Ghost Crops <- on corners Ghost Resource Piles <- on corners Ghost Hedges Ghost Fruit Trees <- Vanilla trees on corners Ghost Wild Trees <- Vanilla trees on corners Ghost New Trees Other Ghost Decorations Ghost Wood Fence set Ghost Edge Wood Fence set Sturdy Stone Wall Edge set Colonial Wall Diagonals Ghost Water Wheels Ghost Sturdy Stone Wall set Ghost Sturdy Stone Wall Edge set Ghost Wire Fence set Wire Fence Edge set Ghost Wire Fence Edge set Colonial Wall Edge set Ghost Colonial Wall set Ghost Colonial Wall Edge set Ghost Stone Wall set Ghost Stone Wall Edge set Palisade Towers Tall Ghost Garden Beds set Ghost Cleaning set 2 Wide Hedge Arch Colored Tulip decorations Ghost vanilla Stone and Iron 2 additional Decorative Crosses Other New Ambient Sounds Ghost Animals centered on squares (except vanilla) All Walls/Fences don't flatten terrain Most decorations don't flatten terrain Marble Statue F variant Old Oil Press added to the Old Buildings 2 New Loading Screens Increase livestock lifespan for reproductive purposes Separated Quay Wall Trim straight and diagonal pieces Crop Field/Pasture/Orchard/Plantation default to 1 Added Beans/Squash/Orange/Tulip to Tinneries Fixed Privy bug that would stop builders from buildings
  7. The NaturalResourceTree.rsc has a bunch of different kinds of model files so that the map can be populated by all of the different variations of trees equally. I suppose it was easier for Luke to make a master tree file instead of trying to balance the spawning of 3 different trees simultaneously. Just load up NaturalResourceOakTree.rsc and copy that one, since it just has the 1 mesh file referenced. I just ignore that camera thing in the fbx file. I suppose it may do something with lighting or something, but it doesn't have any effect on the actual model. I don't really know how to make the actual tree. @ShockPuppetis the resident tree expert. I'm not sure how to connect the tree model with the falling down animation part.
  8. @NecoraI went through and made new NaturalResource files for each one. The Forester plants the trees, and the trees spawn their designated resource. I didn't make new models, so they are just baskets of fruit on the ground. Then I set the Gatherer so that it would collect all of these new fruits. Although you could also make a different building that only collects a specific one. When the tree gets old, it gets chopped down by the forester for logs. The trees aren't fully grown yet, but you get the idea. Edit: I realized after I posted that this was more directed at the Maple Forester, but the same thing applies to all of them. I made a different forester for every orchard seed we have. Just substitute the little maple buckets for the orange crates in the above picture.
  9. I'm just curious if you actually are meaning string tables, or if you actually mean his whole codebase. StringTables are a specific portion of the code that lists out every piece of text in the mod. It's the piece that translators need to turn a mod into another language. But it's not the actual code of the mod. And while we don't have access to the code, the 3 mods you listed wouldn't be particularly hard to reproduce.
  10. You know that the modkit can see changes you make on the fly? If you load up your mod in the modkit, then Alt-Tab out, and then change something about your building, then Alt-Tab back into the game, it should have changed the building instantly. It's really handy for checking things like sprites/tooltips/drop down menu items. But it should work for model changes and textures, too. I've never tried it with crops, but you should give it a go.
  11. Did you modify your NaturalResourceTree.rsc file so that the trees will spawn the new resources? Berries/Roots/Herbs/Onions don't appear by themselves, the trees grow them.
  12. Are you sure you actually have enough hemp or reeds to make rope? You need 100-150 resources (depending on which item you choose) in your Ropery to make Rope.
  13. One thing I've done sometimes: Take a vanilla resource file, like RawMaterialStone.rsc. Rename it to the filename of the resource you want to use, like RawMaterialLumber.rsc, and do nothing else to it. Then your game will compile fine, and you can test things. But the "Lumber" in your game will still say "Stone" in inventory, and look like stone. But when you place a mod above yours in the modlist, then it will override your fake Lumber and magically become the real Lumber resource (when you start a new game with the two mods in the correct order). But, like Ketchup said, without the actual files themselves, you can't grab pieces from other mods to include it in your own.
  14. There's a fix for the "It crashes when I click on my trading post" problem. But I have no idea what would be causing a "It crashes when I click the X to close the window" or "It crashes when I click the Dismiss button".
  15. 1) Why does your stringtable have "String _requirements...". Every stringtable entry should be "String _name...". The consumeproduce has the _requirement, but it should point to an equivalent _name. 2) Look in your template files for the foods that don't show the picture. Down in the rawmaterial section, it should say String _name = "Flour"; String _nameSmall = "FlourSmall"; The "small" version is the one that shows up in the drop down menu. You need to have a 2nd icon that's only 16x16, and a second entry in the spritesheet for it. Luke only put the small line in some of his things, it's kind of annoying.