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  1. Added Google Drive download link to the bottom of the post.
  2. It should. The blacksmith tools mod is self contained, so it should override the dock set and give you the iron ore option.
  3. That's odd, I must have missed that one during the switch to the new limits. But, as estherhb said, it should actually still work correctly. The vanilla Coal limit became the CC Materials limit. And then the Materials limit turned into the Minerals limit. So if anything says "Materials" it really means "Minerals" now.
  4. I don't have the code to the My Precious. But since the jade and marble quarries are part of MM, I do have the code for those pieces. There's no plans to put them in CC proper, but I could be persuaded to make them standalone. I thought, for some reason, that I had made a jade quarry standalone mod, but I can't seem to find it anywhere, so my mind may be playing trick on me in my old age.
  5. We always wanted to do a shormaker, but there was never a good use for shoes, other than as a trade item. We could totally make them a clothing item, but then the people would think they were fully clothed after they put their shoes on, and nothing else.
  6. And looking very closely at your screenshot, it looks like the icon for charcoal is not the CC icon. That's the CC Charcoal. Yours looks brown and more square. Something non-CC related is going on.
  7. Well, I had a look and I don't see anything strange going on with the charcoal on my end. Are you sure you're not using another mod that is messing with things? There is a mod that does have charcoal as an industrial fuel. But I'm struggling to remember which one. I want to say it's one of the Maritimes mods by Necora, but I may be wrong.
  8. I'm not 100% sure. My initial thought is that people who only want to use a single part of CC are deciding not to use full CC for a reason, so I shouldn't force them to use an aspect of CC that they didn't choose (within a single mod pack). In the Dock Set, for instance: in the Dock Workshop in CC, it uses Iron Ore to create Rough Tools. But in the standalone set, the Dock Workshop uses Iron to make Iron Tools. I didn't want to force someone using the Dock Set standalone to also use the Iron Ore aspect of CC. Except for some of the themed sets, I haven't figured out exactly what is going where and what things will look like. It's still all in a state of flux.
  9. I think that it's displaying wrong. I remember this coming up in the past and I couldn't figure out how to make it display non-vanilla tools.
  10. There's nothing in here that isn't already in CC, but it should work fine if you play it alongside CC/MM. It should just create duplicate toolbars.
  11. Have you ever wanted to use just a single aspect of Colonial Charter alongside your other mods, without the enormity of other options that comes with it? Soon, this may become a reality. If you head over to the Downloads area, there's a new section called "Colonial Charter Modular". This will house the different pieces of CC that are created as standalone mods. Anything in this area is already included in the full CC mod, so you should not try and use them both. Right now there's only a few things, but more will come.
  12. Version 1


    Welcome to life on the water! This is one of CC’s most popular features. Included is everything needed to expand your town along shores and across lakes. Also included are two watery terrains: 'Lake Waters' with multiple lakes and the more challenging 'Waterworld' which is one large lake. The first in a (hopefully) series of themed modpacks from Colonial Charter. And now using the new "Community Mod Toolbar" to centrally locate modded items.
  13. Version 1


    Here is a standalone compilation of all of the Roads and Bridges from Colonial Charter. Because this is standalone from Colonial Charter, you don't have any way to make Bricks or Lumber, which some of these would normally use. So I slightly modified them to use Stone and Logs instead. So you need Stone to build a Brick Bridge. Brick Road Red Brick Road Gravel Road Soil Road Quay Road Moss Road Sandstone Road Country Road Dock Road Stone and Wood Bridge Stone Bridge Split Stone Bridge Draw Bridge Brick and Wood Bridge Brick Bridge Creek Plank Bridge Rock Bridge Dock Bridge Covered Bridge Old Creek Bridge Alternate Download Link From Google Drive
  14. Version 1


    This is a standalone compilation of only the Terrain options included in Colonial Charter. The Terrain option only changes what the ground looks like (color of the land, number of rivers/lakes). Valleys Mountains Flat Plains Lake Waters Marsh Swamp Valleys Bleak Mountains Verdant Plains Sand Lakes Desert Red Desert Swamp Lakes Water World Jungle Rivers Cold Valleys
  15. Version 1


    Here is the Pigs Livestock standalone.