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  1. I dont have much playtime experience as some of the others here. But theres nothing in the code that would indicate this. Like there is code in the crop field that says when a farmer is hoeing a square it grows a tiny bit faster. But theres nothing like that for the pasture. But theres also a lot of AI stuff that is hidden from us.
  2. I uploaded the stringtables for translation and put a link here: http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/topic/1956-megamod-8-stringtables/
  3. Well. Kind of. Yes it's missing, but at the time it was a conscious decision. There's no actual use for processed gold so, at the time, it was decided to disable it, with the intention of enabling it when there was actually something that could be done with Gold besides trading. I just went in an re-enabled Gold processing. So it will be an option in any future updates.
  4. I'm not sure what the problem is here. Everything looks right in the code, and when I test it myself, the storage cart holds the firewood just fine. Do you have other mods above MM when you enable it?
  5. I don't see 2 types of Oats. Do you mean 2 different seeds, or 2 different resources in inventory? I don't see a problem with either one, but I can look again if you tell me which one you mean. Is this with a brand new game, or did you start it with an older version of MM?
  6. Since Hardwood falls under the Raw Material flag/limit, it should be in the Raw Materials production toolbar, not in the Log production.
  7. There should be automatic hotkeys assigned to the toolbar buttons. It kind of breaks because there's so many buttons. But the first few should be assigned 1-9 in each toolbar. Like if you press the number 2 it shoild open the Tools toolbar. And then 5 should open the DS minimal toolbar. And then 5 again should open the largest of the maps. Pressing 5 again should close it even if you can't see to click on it with the mouse.
  8. No, I've never done anything to do with tutorials since the very first time I played banished. I have no idea what happens if you try the tutorial with mods.
  9. I know you already saw it, but just so people in the future can see the resolution of this thread, I did make a mod called CC Milling that is just the Wind and Water mills from CC. http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/209-cc-milling/
  10. Mostly, yes. I don't actually remember the exact details. In the Orchards mod, RedKetchup modeled many new trees, for each of the new seeds. I had given RK access to the tree models that CC used that overlapped in the Orchards, so some of the models in Orchards are from CC and some are brand new creations. When I went to integrate Orchards into MM, I don't remember what exactly I did. So it's possible that I may have not used a new tree and used the older version from CC. But all of the seeds from Orchards are in MM, even if not all of the exact specific tree models were used. Does that make sense?
  11. No you didn't. Your mods turned red as soon as you enabled pack 2 and 3. That's not a conflict error. That just means they are both using the same files. That's normal, and expected, and almost impossible to prevent with something this size. Which buildings are missing building requirement icons? That may be a bug somewhere, but it's unrelated to the mods turning red thing.
  12. Yeah, that's a little hiccup. The CC 1.76 update was just to include the Modular sets. And since the Modular sets were already in MM, CC 1.76 was included in MM before CC 1.76 was even a thing. But then I compiled 1.76 after I had already made MM8 and didn't want to reupload the whole thing just to change one little thing on the pdf. So, to sum up: Yes, CC 1.76 is already included in MM8, even though the pdf doesn't say so yet.
  13. Yes. There is now a release just titled Mega Mod 8, and not beta or release candidate. This should hopefully be the actual release version.
  14. Just a little heads up. When I was creating the smaller modular pieces of CC, I added a few buildings here and there to more fully round out the individual themed sets. These were all included in the subsequent versions of MegaMod, but they were never put into their own complete package. So I added all of the new additions from the modular sets into the main CC code and then uploaded it as CC 1.76. There's nothing really groundbreakingly new. Just a few minor updates. You can head over to the downloads section to find it. My game is being annoying when I'm trying to upload it to Steam, but bear with me and it will be up soon(ish).
  15. And if you happen to be reading this, you can come join the new Discord server. https://discord.gg/jTxKzvF If there's enough interest we may keep it around.