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  1. Did you check it with matching cases in the filenames? Sometimes the game is picky about certain things and sometimes it's not. But even when it is picky it doesn't actually tell you that something is failing. Like putting spaces and . and - and _ in your pkm filenames all have issues, but it won't actually make the compiling fail, but then your mod won't work.
  2. Are you checking the right folder for the .pkm file? It should be in your /BanishedKit/bin/WinData/ folder. The modkit is sometimes picky about capital letters. I don't remember exactly, but you should try keeping your Package file and your Resources file with the exact same capitalization. (BetterFishResources.rsc and then Package.rsc:BetterFish, not betterfish).
  3. No one is saying that NMT is *bad*, just that it's different.
  4. You can always use the Compatibility mod. (http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/167-107-compatibility-for-megamod-007/) It was designed for MM, but it works fine with any individual mod that also happens to be in MM. It should fix most of these weird flag incompatibility problems.
  5. Last I checked, steam uploads were disabled while the game was still in beta status.
  6. Oh. The options you want are already in CC 1.75.
  7. I'm confused. Why can't you select the Lake Terrain type and then select Northern Pines as a Starting Condition? I don't know what you're actually requesting. It looks like it's already there.
  8. You can try this little guy I just whipped up. NoMountainTrees.pkm Since trees are spawned when the map is generated, this would require a new map to be used. But (based on my tiny bit of testing) it should make it so you don't get any trees on your mountain tops.
  9. All the trading post will show the same info, so if it shows like that on one it will look the same on all of them. Deer As Livestock was included in CC a long time ago. I don't even think I have the original code for the separate mod. That's probably where the bug is. But if you disable the Deer As Livestock and just use CC, the bug should not be there.
  10. They're not actual animals. The Training Camp mod by @Ketchup makes them.
  11. You don't actually have to build the tunnel. Just drag the tunnel across, let go, and the trees that it is crossing should magically disappear. Then just go and cancel building.
  12. http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/167-107-compatibility-for-megamod-007/ Even if you're not using MM, this will work for all the mods, individually, that are in MM. It will allow the old mods to store items that use the new 1.0.7 flags.
  13. They won't put it straight into the market. Assuming you're using 1.0.7, the Small Medieval Barn will only store it if you're using the Compatibility mod. All of the general purpose barns should store it, as well as the specialized "Misc Small Barn" from CC.
  14. I'm a little late to this, but I can shed a little light on the WeakComponentDescription problem. The CC "Wild Things" map has like 30 things listed there, so there's no actual cap. The game won't compile things that are *only* listed in the WeakComponentDescription list. Normally, if you have, say, a building that you list in your mods Resources file, when it's compiling, it sees that your building is referencing the things its producing and it compiles those as well. So you don't have to list every single item in your Resources file. But, for some reason, it kind of ignores the things listed in WeakComponentDescription. So when you try and load that starting condition, it's looking for something that isn't there. But then, when you added it to the Rock spawn, it does see it, because it does go through the Rocks file and sees the other files it references. So, to fix this, all you need to do is to add your NaturalResourceGrass.rsc to the list in your mods Resources file. Then it will be compiled correctly and you won't get that error when you load the map. Did that make any sense at all?
  15. I never did any long term testing (I never do :P) but I would wager that if the Wild Shepherd has any animals to pick in it's area, it will do that, and then become a laborer. If he's acting like a laborer, then he's probably exhausted the area, if there were ever any there.