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  1. MegaMod 8 RC5

    Here is the newest update, MegaMod 8.  Hopefully, the biggest bugs will be gone and we can move to a final version.
    The download is a single 1.44 GB .RAR file, but you need to extract the .PKM files into your games WinData folder.
    There are 3 (three) pkm files that you need.  If you don't have all 3, many things will be missing.
    MegaMod1.pkm (1.67 GB)
    MegaMod2.pkm (1.72 GB)
    MegaMod3.pkm (1.07 GB)
    (These file names subject to future changes)
    Remember, the maximum file size of a single PKM file is 2 GB, so splitting it in 3 parts is the only way to get everything.
    I can't guarantee that saves made with this version will be compatible with future updates.

    Feel free to post bug reports.  Depending on the volume, I may not respond to every single post, but I will read them all.  If you do post a bug report, please make a note of any other mods that you are using, with special care paid to the ones that you load above MM.

    I have attempted to include every mod that I can.  I'm still waiting on a few modders to get back to me, but I wanted to post this in the meantime.  So just because your favorite mod isn't included doesn't mean that it won't be in the future.  That being said, this mod doesn't, and won't, include certain optional mods that change the way the game looks or behaves.  Aging mods; Storage mods; Texture changing mods; Inedible food mods.  Mods like this won't be included because those kinds of mods are best left up to individual player discretion.
    A list of mods that are included in MM8 can be found HERE
    This set of mods includes everything you need.  You are free to remove or disable any standalone version of the mods that are included in MM.  You are free to remove or disable the pair of mods of MM7.
    Non-comprehensive changelog of fixes:
    The Small Stone School has been fixed so it educates 14 students so it matches the description. The medium DSSV starting storage barn initial placement fixed. The code for Medival Grace Education Center has been fixed so it will take students. Herb Garden fixed to use the correct limit. Fixed the double flax problem and fixed the Tiny Workshop to use the fixed flax. Fixed the Marble Quarry text that erroneously references Jade. Fixed City Blacksmith to display the correct limits. Fixed the DSSV Stranded start that didn't have a storage cart resulting in having 0 supplies at start.


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  2. Busy Pastures

    I didn't thoroughly test this, so be careful.
    All of your Livestocks can fit twice as many animals in the Pasture. They will reproduce twice as fast, and and give their bonus resources (Eggs, Wool) twice as often. Probably a little cheaty, but hey, that's how some people roll.
    Load ABOVE CC to use.




  3. CC Terrains

    This is a standalone compilation of only the Terrain options included in Colonial Charter.  The Terrain option only changes what the ground looks like (color of the land, number of rivers/lakes).
    Valleys Mountains Flat Plains Lake Waters Marsh Swamp Valleys Bleak Mountains Verdant Plains Sand Lakes Desert Red Desert Swamp Lakes Water World Jungle Rivers Cold Valleys


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  4. BL No Smoke

    This mod is a replacement for the mod CC No Smoke.  Because it's not a CC centric mod anymore, the decision was made to slightly rename it and give it just a BL (Black Liquid) designation.  Feel free to delete the CCNoSmoke.pkm file and use this one instead.  You don't need both.
    Removes the smoke from building chimneys.
    Place Above CC or MM.




  5. CC Stacked Shops and Homes

    An expansion based on the Tiered Houses found in CC. This space-saving mod allows you to build residences above various types of businesses. You can also build single or multiple-family residences of 1-3 stories.


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