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  1. Yes. Just go into the mod menu after you load your saved game, select which inedible mods you want and then let the game reload itself. Then the foods you selected will be inedible. Yes. Inedibles go on top. Any mod that modifies another mod should go above it in the mod order. As long as you get the load order right, and let the game reload after you select them, it should work. No. There's not really a way in game to dynamically change the way resources are handled.
  2. Version 0.07


    Brought to you by the creators of Colonial Charter. Download: After clicking Download you will be redirected to google drive files and see this icon at the top right corner of a new page. Click it to download. This download is a .RAR file. You will need a program like 7zip or WinRar to open them. Don't put the .RAR file into your WinData folder. You need to extract the .PKM and put it in WinData. About: Have you ever wished you could download all of the most popular Banished mods compiled into one comprehensive package? Welcome to the mother of all Banished mods. The MegaMod - the ultimate Banished mod experience. 120 mods and counting. Thanks to the hard work of all the modders who have contributed. RedKetchup, Kid, Discrepancy, embx61, tanypredator, TomSawyer, Wintin, Maal, Elfecutioner. This is a completely standalone mod. All of the listed mods are completely included. Do not use any of the included mods alongside MegaMod. You're welcome to use your choice of Aging mods, Storage mods, Resource quantity mods, or other mods of these types, as they are not included. There is no guarantee that future versions will be save game compatible with this beta version. Things happen. Toolbar entries are color coded by which modder made them. Toolbar buttons with a colored border will open another toolbar. The color of the border indicated which modder made all of the entries inside that toolbar. There will be periodic updates to this, as mods are updated, and work is done to continue to make them all cohesive. It's going to take a long time to load a mod this large. Be prepared for a black screen for several minutes while it loads.
  3. he CC Edibles Market does have an issue, yes. It is set to store the Edibles flag alone, and doesn't concern itself with the food groups. MarketDescription market { float _fillLimit = 0.99; FillType _fillType [ { RawMaterialFlags _flags = Edible; float _ratio = 0.99; } ] } This was done because there are some resources that have a food group flag, but not the Edible flag (like Flour. Grain but not Edible). If it was made to accept the 4 food groups equally, then people may complain that their market was getting filled with food no one could eat.
  4. The 1.0.7 compatibility mod will help any mod that is part of MegaMod. CC itself shouldn't need it.
  5. Well, Yes and No. You only need that very old Compatible Buildings mod in a very specific set of circumstances.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Instead of gravestones, your cemeteries will contain zombie hands reaching from beyond the grave.
  7. Version 11


    Removes the smoke from building chimneys. Place Above CC.
  8. You can't really make lakes from flat ground. There is a Terraform mod in the downloads section that will let you lower the terrain, but the water isn't there under the ground. If you lower the ground too much it will just turn into a little black hole. The water only exists around the rivers and lakes, and only a few squares inland from what you can already see.
  9. Just for more visibility, there's several new standalone, modular pieces of CC available in the Downloads section. CC Docks CC Frontier CC Stacked Shops and Homes
  10. Have you ever wanted to use just a single aspect of Colonial Charter alongside your other mods, without the enormity of other options that comes with it? Soon, this may become a reality. If you head over to the Downloads area, there's a new section called "Colonial Charter Modular". This will house the different pieces of CC that are created as standalone mods. Right now there's only a few things, but more will come.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    An expansion based on the Tiered Houses found in CC. This space-saving mod allows you to build residences above various types of businesses. You can also build single or multiple-family residences of 1-3 stories.
  12. So here's a very unhelpful answer: No one really knows. There is a small minority of people who have the game crash when clicking on trading posts or the town hall when running CC. But I have no idea why that is happening. I have a single theory, but it's very hard to test. The only thing that CC chaneed about the trading posts and the town hall is adding the little minimize button in the corner. I don't know why this would do anything bad, but it's the only.change that happened to both things. But since I can't cause the crash to happen, I can't actually test if that's actually the case or just a coincidence.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    A series of Forester buildings that will exclusively plant and grow the orchard tree that is chosen. These orchard trees will then grow the fruit or nut that is associated with your selection. Then you can build a special Gatherer building that will automatically go around and collect these foods. You know how the regular Forester plants regular trees, and those trees will grow Berries and Roots and stuff, and then your Gatherer collects them? Exactly the same concept. Plant some trees. Grow some fruit. Collect with the Gatherer. The Orchard Gatherer is the first icon on the list you see below. It is special in that it is the only one that will automatically collect these orchard foods. The Orchard Gatherer will also act like a normal Gatherer if you place it in a normal forest. Because these are still Forester buildings, when the trees reach maturity, they will be cut down for Wood and a new tree will be planted in its place.
  14. There isn't really a curated compatibility list. I would estimate that at least 97% of the existing mods are compatible with CC. The only one that I know that people complain about is "The North" by TomSawyer. And I'm not even exactly sure why it would cause crashes instead of just strange behavior. All the mods that you can download from this site are compatible, and most of the mods on the World of Banished forum are compatible. The only real reason The North isn't completely compatible is that it's a comprehensive makeover similar to CC.
  15. You're not really missing anything. The Rice seeds don't exist in CC proper. The only way to get the initial rice is by trading for rice directly. There is a Rice seed mod over in the downloads section. You can totally add that mod into an existing game and then you can buy the Rice seeds.
  16. Version 1.0.1


    Welcome to life on the water! This is one of CC’s most popular features. Included is everything needed to expand your town along shores and across lakes. Also included are two watery terrains: 'Lake Waters' with multiple lakes and the more challenging 'Waterworld' which is one large lake. The first in a (hopefully) series of themed modpacks from Colonial Charter. And now using the new "Community Mod Toolbar" to centrally locate modded items.
  17. Version v17


    This requires Banished 1.0.7 to use. This gives all the various storage buildings in The Forge Awakens a very high storage volume (5 times the capacity). Place above CC on the mod list. V2 Includes the Specialized Storage Yards that weren't working in V1. V3 Updated to include Excellent Adventure storage buildings. V4 Updated to include Golden Llama storage buildings. V5 Updated to fix a bug where Materials couldn't be stored in the generic stockpile. Also tweaked some incorrect storage capacities. V6 Updated to include the CC:GL Market Carts that got left out in the cold. V7 Updated to include NMT 1.1 storage buildings. Also bumped up Stockpile storage by popular demand. V8 Updated to include CC:NF buildings. V9 Updated to include CC 1.6 buildings V10 Updated to include NMT 2.01 buildings. V11 Updated for CC 1.61 V12 Updated to include Fuel Market Cart V13 Updated for C 1.72 and MegaMod 0.07 V14 Fix Fuel storage bug.
  18. You can upgrade from v16 to v17 midgame. The only thing is that the game doesn't like to change things that have already been built. So if you have a bugged Market, and you update the mod, that Market will still be bugged, but any new Markets that are built will be fixed.
  19. A mix isn't really possible, I don't think. Foresters are only able to grow a single type of tree. Vanilla gets around that because there's actually 4 types of trees in the code, Oak, Birch, Pine and a 4th "All" tree that is the 3 trees combined. But since all of the regular trees spawn the same set of resources, it's okay to combine them. But since the individual orchard trees grow individual fruits, they can't be combined.
  20. The MegaMod v0.07 is available here: http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/72-megamod/ The MegaMod Deco Pack for v0.07 is available here: http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/160-megamod-deco-pack/ To get *everything* you need both. But each file will run perfectly fine on it's own. (Although in the Deco Pack alone you may not have some of the buildings required to produce required resources.) These downloads are .RAR files. You will need a program like 7zip or WinRar to open them. Don't put the .RAR file into your WinData folder. You need to extract the .PKM and put it in WinData. Why is there a separate download? As I was building this version of MegaMod, I came across a little problem. Whenever I would compile a mod that was larger than 2GB, the game wouldn't load. I could load several mods that, combined, are more than 2GB, but it would never load a single pkm file that was larger than 2GB. It would give a memory allocation error during the game load every time. So, it needed to be split up somehow. The general idea behind MegaMod was to have it all combined, so this wasn't an easy decision. But until Luke can address this (which he may be working on already), a split version will have to suffice. What is in the second mod? The entire MegaMod Decorations Toolbar is included in this mod. It is not in the mod titled MegaMod. To get everything, you need both of these MegaMod mods. Oh, and a little changelog: Changelog 0.07 Added Smuggler's Cave v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Plymouth House v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Christmas Mod v1.0 by Kid & Discrepancy (this mod includes Christmas Tree by Discrepancy) Added Styth Tower v2.1 by Discrepancy Added Red Looking Creamery v1.1 by RedKetchup Added Washing Mod v1.0 by Kid Added Vegetable Garden v1.0 by Kid Added Mexican Fantasy v1.0 by Kid Added Decorative Crates v1.0 by Kid Added Gift Shop v1.0 by Kid Added Violet Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Camellia Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Jatropha Integerrima Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Rose Crop 1.0 by Idle Work Team Added Wood Butcher v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Wild Bees 1.0 by tanypredator Added iSeeFire 1.0 by RedKetchup Added Storage Crates 1.0 by Kid Added Small Port 1.0 by Kid Added Large Port 1.0 by Kid Added Plimoth Plantation 1.0 by Kid Added Mother Tree 1.0 by Kid Added Decoration Wreaths 1.0 by Kid Added Decorative Plants v4.1 by Kid Added Narrow Row Houses 1.0 by AzemOcram Added Firewood Storage v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Water And Other Decorations v1 by tanypredator Added Training Camp v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Wood Butcher v1.0 by RedKetchup Added Work Place v1.0 by Kid Added Creepy Cemetery v1.0 by RedKetchup Updated DS Tunnel Mine to v2.1 Updated Exotic Plants to v2 Updated Tiny to v1.1 Updated DS Small Village to "pre_v2_beta11" Updated Colonial Houses to v5.3 Updated MarketBBQ to v3.1 Updated MarketSoup to v1.1 Updated Choo Choo to v2.0
  21. Version 1


    Gives you the toolbar option to build the Golden Llama or Ceremonial Grounds. Place Below CC.
  22. Version 1.0.0


    This mod is a standalone version of the Flatten Terrain tools as well as the Terraforming mod. Be careful with these, as they can't be undone.
  23. You'll notice in your screenshot that the MegaMod.pkm file *almost* 2GB. For some reason, I could never get the game to play if a single mod was larger than 2GB. So I cut a large piece of the mod out and made it into a separate mod. http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/category/8-megamod/ There's the main MegaMod and then there's the MegaMod Deco Pack. You need both to get everything.
  24. Do they let people pass even after a long time? There is a weird little thing in the game where the citizens will walk through newly built objects if they have already been assigned pathing by the ai. If they've already started their journey from point A to point B they ignore newly built fences in their path. But then, after things are built, they should route around it. Is this what you're seeing? Or are they ignoring fences even after they've been built for years?
  25. Fences in the regular Decorations toolbar shouldn't let people walk through them. Fences in the Ghost Decorations toolbar will let people walk through them.