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  1. Version 1


    Have you ever wondered why all the crops are harvested in little baskets, but then the meat is left just laying on the ground waiting for someone to come pick it up? I know at least one of you has. So this will make it so, instead of meat laying on the ground, the meat is left in little baskets, just like your crops. Yum. Here's a hunter that just killed a Deer. Baskets of meat, yay. List of meats that are affected by this mod: Beef Chicken Mutton Venison Bison Meat Charki Cheval Duck Meat Pork Beef Cuts Bison Cuts Charki Cuts Cheval Cuts Pork Cuts Venison Cuts Bear Meat Bear Steak Bison Steak Boar Meat Boar Ribs Goose Meat Hare Meat Hare Stew Partridge Meat Pheasant Meat Roast Duck Roast Goose Roast Partridge Roast Pheasant Cured Meat Dried Meat Smoked Meat Salted Meat Lamp Chop Roast Steak
  2. 1) Oops. That does appear to be a bug. No one ever said anything before now. I've fixed it. 2) There isn't any additions to the towers at present. There might be more in the future. 3) There was a bug in the storage piece, but I thought I had fixed it.
  3. If you look here: http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/topic/40-temperatures-in-colonial-charter/ When you're playing, watch the temperature. Is it getting below 40, even in the spring? There are a few cold resistant crops, but most won't grow if it's under 40.
  4. If you follow that link and download the mod, and then I come by tomorrow and update it, that link will now point to the new version, but you will still have the old version. I don't know when you downloaded it, so that link doesn't actually tell us what version of the mod you're using.
  5. What climate did you choose? Temperature affects crop growth, so if it's too cold, things won't grow.
  6. I know that's where you downloaded it from, but it may have been updated after you downloaded it.
  7. @Ketchup Do you want to look at the bamboo trees we have? I think they originally came from IdleWorkTeam.
  8. Just for future reference, if other people see this. Hardwood foresters will take several years to actually produce any hardwood. They have to remove all the "regular" trees from their circle and then plant the "hardwood" trees. Then the hardwood trees have to mature and then they can be harvested for hardwood. So it will look like they're producing Logs for a while, but that's just because they're still clearing out the non-hardwood trees that they don't want in their circle.
  9. Which version of Ridiculous Storage are you running? It should be v16. If you're using anything lower than v13, weird things will happen. The One More Wood, Stone, and Iron shouldn't be affecting things. That's a fairly old mod and these are all newer resources, so the one shouldn't even know about the other.
  10. It was actually hidden in a single line in one of the changelogs. As of 1.74, I believe, there are 0 building requirements for nomads. Just build the Town Hall. That's it. Then you have to wait for a while. There's a 2-4 year waiting period between when nomads will show up. And make sure they can actually get to your town hall by building bridges across rivers.
  11. Version 0.07


    Brought to you by the creators of Colonial Charter. Download: After clicking Download you will be redirected to google drive files and see this icon at the top right corner of a new page. Click it to download. This download is a .RAR file. You will need a program like 7zip or WinRar to open them. Don't put the .RAR file into your WinData folder. You need to extract the .PKM and put it in WinData. About: Have you ever wished you could download all of the most popular Banished mods compiled into one comprehensive package? Welcome to the mother of all Banished mods. The MegaMod - the ultimate Banished mod experience. 120 mods and counting. Thanks to the hard work of all the modders who have contributed. RedKetchup, Kid, Discrepancy, embx61, tanypredator, TomSawyer, Wintin, Maal, Elfecutioner. This is a completely standalone mod. All of the listed mods are completely included. Do not use any of the included mods alongside MegaMod. You're welcome to use your choice of Aging mods, Storage mods, Resource quantity mods, or other mods of these types, as they are not included. There is no guarantee that future versions will be save game compatible with this beta version. Things happen. Toolbar entries are color coded by which modder made them. Toolbar buttons with a colored border will open another toolbar. The color of the border indicated which modder made all of the entries inside that toolbar. There will be periodic updates to this, as mods are updated, and work is done to continue to make them all cohesive. It's going to take a long time to load a mod this large. Be prepared for a black screen for several minutes while it loads.
  12. Are you sure you're using Ridiculous Storage v16? You're right that doesn't seem like much, but everything looks right on my end. The Old Town Market should be holding 75,000 weight worth of goods.
  13. What order are the mods in, and are those the only 2 mods? Was this a new game that you started or did you update mods or your game midgame? You're right that Furnace Fuel should be Industrial Fuel.
  14. Yes, Rice Seeds get planted in a Crop Field, and it produces Rice to eat. Rice is used as a building material to build the Dock Rice Planter, because we can't make it require a seed to build.
  15. I tried that months ago, and it's still sitting there under "Invitation Sent". Never a response.
  16. @stilesYou really should say things very clearly when you're describing a problem. When you say "trader" it seems like you're talking about the Trading Post, but most people call the boats "traders" not the building. And if you're not playing with the latest versions of everything, there's not a lot we can do help you. I think all of the issues have been fixed in 1.75, but if you insist on playing with 1.71, but with other 1.0.7 mods, things will be a little screwy.
  17. Not specifically Japanese, but here's a few of the Asian inspired 3d models that I have. Some aren't great, but some I like a lot (even with that swishy style hat/roof thing. does that have a name?)
  18. I tried to get ahold of him with no luck. Banishedinfo messages, and steam. Don't know what else to do.
  19. Neither. That appears to be @RedKetchup new fodder grower. (Sorry I don't know the exact official name). He plants these plants around his hut and then harvests them when they mature. It uses the forester mechanic to plant and cut. It kind of acts like a crop field, but no seeds are required.
  20. I thought they looked good. Maybe not technically japanese, but still worth having buildings in that style, whatever style they end up getting called.
  21. No. There's no interactive way to change their appearance. It is possible to change the way they all look, but not in a dynamic way that ever changes. So if you wanted then to look more "asian" instead of "white" that would be possible, but they can't ever change midgame.
  22. The trading post won't store it all, or the merchant boat won't accept it for trade?
  23. Colonial Charter 1.75 is available for download. Rearrage Refined Production toolbar to better reflect the new resource flags and limits. Fix general markets that should not be storing Luxuries Allow Trading Posts to set autopurchase for new resource flags Add new subtoolbars for Market Stalls, Market Carts, Specialized Storage Barns No real big changes. Just some minor updates. Unless there's some big bugs that are found, this should be the last update to the 1.7x line.
  24. Do you have any examples of what you are looking for? What makes things specifically Japanese and not generically Asian inspired?
  25. With the new modular toolbar system making the rounds in the newly updated mods, it begs the question of which way the user may want the toolbar to be in the future.