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  1. Thnak you guys all very much. Im gonna try all of the tips. I actually wasnt sure what mods were included in the megamod.
  2. My game keeps crashing once I start using building advanced production chains and also when I try to build certain building like the oil press. Its usually around the time that i have a population around 150 or more. I have several other mods loaded in addition to the megamod. Please lmk if adjusting the order will prevent crashing and if any are redundant with the megamod. i am willing to totally disable some mods. Am open to any suggestions.
  3. Thanks. I'll check it out and see if I can find it.
  4. Does anybody know if there is a hardwood forester or even a need for it in the megamod. I just installed the megamod recently and cant seem to find it. It's not where the other foresters are.