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  1. yes you can "unrar" the file using 7zip (built in with most windows OS, or Free) Winrar - Better but not free. once you take the file out of the "archive" you can then load it into your mod directory. double click or right click the .rar file to locate "extract" or "open with 7zip"
  2. yes i copy/paste my dir to a new directory for testing and have a "Fresh UNTOUCHED .RAR" packed and ready for new machine, new install, ect. ect. OC'd GPU APU CPU RAM some games with high textures are toxic to my config. PERFORMANCE OVER VISUALZ so, no mods, new dir, run game, load this mod thread, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, frozen, sound plays, nvidia modded bios (just see if its anything other then a bios error for clocksspeedszzz.) my gpu might just be overmodded and upgrades is around the corner. and onboard R# Discrete GPU is disabled/uninstalled. i have another machine i just want to see if there is a way to fix or catch a log. if it works on my onboard yay, but i just dont wanna ddu.exe everytime i wanna swap games. either way the new frontier works, llama works, and right now im using RedKetchups Editors Choice with a bleepin bleepin ton of mods. my thoughts are i need to modify to correct error for compatibility. but what do i know, i can barely Basic8s, i am new to banished, and i seen a thread about compatibility issues with AMD/Nvidia Versions.... well, i have AMD CPU GPU with PCI Nvidia... luckily all MSI... so maybe, maybe. thoughts or ideas?
  3. RK said the game doesnt really know "Height" so ghoststairs are out. however i found Kid houseboat, which has a staircase gangway stairs... maybe we can whip up something plain? 1x1 or 1x2 ish ? Side thougth i had a fire in the middle of this... FireStations!!!! provide happiness/ health/ and maybe use a fire marshal to either supply firewellwater or tweak values of carried firewellwater? maybe use as a firewater supply just a supersized well that looks like a fire station? huge water tanks and water carts/trucks... gotta have a dalmation ... new meat? wolf>meat/hide , some random disaster added - wolf in chicken/sheep/llama/goat if you have it for the cheese lovers. wow im high but that would be nice, i have alot of fires and cant figure out why really... maybe normal amount for difficulty but eh.... DO IT for the LADDER!!!!
  4. just downed and ran without any other mods and it froze gpu, IE sound still plays, frozen screen. i was using golden llama and a ton o mods, not sure if its my end or download link, someone check pls?
  5. Hello all! New to the site, been tinkering with banished after steam purchase. I'm looking for a ghosted Staircase to add for modular use, slinks and a few other stackable buildings lack a walkable ghosted staircase for those tight spots in complex slums. i would be generously grateful for a mod of this type. doesnt really matter the material, stone or wood is fine.