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  1. A friendly reminder that DS Blast Furnace patch still doesn't fix the issue.
  2. Thank you for the patch, but unfortunately it still doesn't work, I am only using some Inedible mods and Megamod 8b2
  3. I placed this above Megamod 8 beta2, and it still doesn't work, I still can't build Blast Furnace
  4. Looks like someone already bring you about Blast Furnace bug, so here is another bug report. Tin Ore shaft is indestructible. Once you remove it, it will leave permanent left over mark, and you can't build anything over it. Not even flatten tool work.
  5. Hi, I am unable to build Blast Furnace from DS Mods (Big building to create fuel, located beside coke oven in building chart). I don't have anything else iinstalled except megamod 8 beta2. When I try to build it, builders won't come near site to build it, even though I have sufficient resource to build it. I tried debug mode zero build cost and it still won't build.