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  1. Save compatibilities from RC2?
  2. Which is why I am asking, which new crops were added in 1.7?
  3. Does Hot Crops compatible with Megamod 8 RC2? I saw that Hot Crops was made for CC 1.6, so I wonder if there is no additional crops since then. Also, is there anyway I can buy rough gemstones?
  4. Does Milking Barn also produces Leather sometimes like animal pen?
  5. @Kralyerg, ah so my 10238 year old citizen won't get any older if I keep using Immortal, and their age will forever be frozen in that age?
  6. @estherhb, I recently added immortal to my game, and no issues so far except citizens with 5 digit age number. Is it as intended? It's a bit worrying cause of memory hogs. Can I remove it in-game once installed?
  7. Does Immortal still work with latest megamod?
  8. Is this release compatible with RC1?
  9. Which is why I am asking the question. I want to know which one is hot crops and which one is not. Yes I am playing in tropical weather, can I change the climate to cooler via debug menu?
  10. Here you go, ignore 20 strawberries on stock, I got it from gatherers.
  11. Thats why I like flat starting setup, with no lakes meaning no space for docks stuff
  12. Hi, I use Clean Meat -> Increased CC -> (All Inedible Mods) -> Megamod 8 RC1 (Load order is in that order). Currently I play in Flat map, with No Snow weather. While my wheat, cotton, and sugarcane harvests are normal, I can't seem to harvest strawberry at all. My Farmer is planting it in my crop field, but it keeps 0% yield. I don't know why.
  13. I tested Blast Furnace again in this version (Yes I love the thing, it's my go to 10 man iron ore refinery), and I am finally able to build it and working perfectly. However, I can't set it idle, as once I set it idle, I can't turn it back on again to work.
  14. A friendly reminder that DS Blast Furnace patch still doesn't fix the issue.
  15. Thank you for the patch, but unfortunately it still doesn't work, I am only using some Inedible mods and Megamod 8b2