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  1. I'd use the "books" as a build requirement for a school. School = lumber + stone + books. Think of it as a stockpile to create the library and textbooks on-hand. The school's output is the educated person. Books are being written by thinkers at a coffee/tea shop like Diderot's famous Encyclopedia. Books could also be created by the monastery. Next, books/manuscripts could be a build requirement to create a theatre. The theatre would be basically the church building model but made to look like Shakespeare's round or maybe some Baroque opera house. Theatre would create happiness.
  2. Something like this?
  3. My cities are always a Hanseatic League or Amsterdam Netherlands in their Golden Age. They're very dense, winding urban roads, and never pretty. . . . . A year ago a chap posted that he wanted to create Spanish/Portuguese colonial buildings which are colorful, but I haven't seen anything done. I'd kinda like CC to keep all of the different iterations of buildings rather than dropping them out. . . . I do love, very much, their upgrade levels of the Town Abode. . . . . . I'd love Black Liquid to add a Paper-Printshop-Books-Library-Education supply chain. . . . . I'd love it even more if Black Liquid put all of their energy into their proposed game, instead of 1.8 CC (gasp!), so we can move on to something more sophisticated than Banished. I'm excited to see what they're up to.
  4. Logistic technology: Baskets, satchels, and pottery should be a must-have earlier in the game. Imagine trying to carry or store anything without it? A basket increases efficiency 10 or 20 fold over using your hands and a satchel is 5 times more efficient than hands. Higher up on the technology chain are laden donkeys, higher up logistic is ox-carts/camel carts, and top logistic are an array of boats. The whole body could be clothed, like a cobbler shop; hatter. Once wealth is achieved, perhaps a demand and evolution fashion-status.
  5. Appendicitis, cholera, TB, infections, small pox, bowel blockage, syphilis, brain swelling, microbes pre-Pastuerization and pre-refrigeration, dental decay causing infections: Today they are scary inconveniences. Back then you died. Painfully. If anything, Banished's herbalists makes life too rosy. The game play uses small families rather than large families experiencing many deaths (r/K selection theory).
  6. I find that Banished end games to be boring. There is no tension/dis-balance once you have a large city. It'd be nice if public policy options could be set that would modify behavior of the peoples. For example, "forced work" where no idleness is allowed to get things done quicker, but then this causes their health and happiness to decline. Ability to set tax rates. buildings, materials, foods would deteriorate, decay, or rot. Soil depletion from over-farming -- renewed when used as a pasture, fallow, or orchard for several years. perhaps different class levels with different attributes, like serf, aristocrat subsurface minerals are determined by the map seed, which could be generous or scarce. Some, many, or all of the minerals available, or none. You'd have to make-due with whatever minerals your mines generate on that map, not what minerals a building generates Horseback level view for you, the governor/barron -- and ability to point-and-place new construction from that view. They didn't have drones/helicopters until after the 17th century. ;-) That the peoples have personalities/motivations (not mindless ant-like automatons) thus have needs that affect their happiness, health, or behavior. It could be some conflicting desires too. Some desire taverns; yet some desire religion and that you ban all taverns. Some are lazy and do a poor job; others kick butt but demand greater order/luxuries. The Governor/Barron/aristocrats could desire luxuries. Yet some are loyalists to the governor/Barron, and others are trouble makers wanting to throw-out/overthrow the governor/Barron. Revolts or agitation if unhappiness drops too low.
  7. Very nice. Great talent.
  8. On the current game I'm on is year 32 with population 235 adults, 49 students, and 67 children. So I'm aiming for 300 adults. I have no starting crops or orchards. Using a prior CC:Return of the Forge, I found that clothing was the weak link with huge shortages without fiber-crops.
  9. I find it kinda fun, now you have several supply chains that have to be developed just to get the original supply chain going. I agree with you. In my current and last game, I mentally "locked" myself from building a trading post until I reach 300 people -- adds a little complexity and changes the strategy.
  10. A Start with a large prebuilt city but is unstable. I.e., you have just been elected Governor of a failing colony. E.g., a 400 person city with a huge shortage of supplies or tools or timber or food, and not enough jobs so an excess Labor pool.