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  1. MM 801: Themed Sets / Druid - the last four icons have the label Druid Cabin and each, when selected, displays a different flower while hovering before plop; they display as that small flower when built, labelled Hunter Cabin with no production
  2. Possibly the biggest imbalance in the trading/production mini-game is firewood at 4 per. It is such a rapidly accumulated early-game resource and now that I've discovered its trade value I suspect this whole balance discussion is moot. On my Waterworld map I dumped the reed farms and ropes, put up a few more forester/chopper combos to accelerate firewood production and everything else I need is flowing in through traders with firewood as payment.
  3. I took your suggestion and started a WaterWorld map. Year 10 and I have the production chain Reed Farms -> Ropers -> Trader and with each rope trading for 35 a piece I don't have any pressure or rush to develop other production chains. I'm continuing to play WaterWorld and basically outfitting my town with all the goodies from these Reed Farms because for 2x4 they produce so much so fast.
  4. My end of year yield is 60-65ish. As I said above, the changes in MM 8.01 to cotton production (and other tailoring production sources) look aligned and relatively balanced: I get the change and am not complaining at all about the 11x11 or other outputs (and based on your first reply, I also removed the 'bug' tag from this post). Thank you for your work I'm really enjoying Banished + MM PS - I'm looking around these forums and realize I probably started this thread in the wrong sub-group but anyway I thought I would add one thing: the 2x2 Reed Farm (dockset theme) generates about 500 per season which doesn't seem balanced with the other production numbers mentioned here.
  5. Thanks for the fast follow-up and wonderful work on Banished. I looked around in-game at my other tailoring production inputs (wool from sheep, leather from pens/hunters, feathers from chickens, etc.) and those generally align with cotton's 11x11 output, so from that perspective I get it.
  6. Banished 1.07 + MM8.01, no other mods (ever), fresh game My 11x11 cotton plantations (tried normal "crop" as well) are yielding about 65 per season. My tobacco plantations are closer to the expected norms (700 last season) My farmers are 5-star happy, educated, using steel tools, live right next to the plantation with a barn. This isn't just one cotton plantation, it's all of them. I've tried resting them for a year, deleting/recreating them, adding a second farmer, enabling/disabling "pickup" - no changes always about 65ish
  7. Banished 1.07 + MM 8.01 parts 1,2,3 - no other mods (ever, fresh install); new game Multi-Mine[] producing tiny amount of edibles instead of Iron, Ore, and Stone