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  1. Thanks! I dont have the nomad option. I have too much meat on the bottom of my map, the protein market stalls fill up with 9000 eggs in my farmvillage and dont take the meat from further down. The eggs dont get to my edible market in main city.. The edible market didnt take the meat from south so i got overloaded with meat stalled at the pasture barns. I got rid of some pastures.. The fish doesnt go down to my farming mini village, even with protein market stall.. There is 5000 fish stuck west of my village.. The forester lodges get filled up with iron -.-. So i tried get it out with warehouses. But iron keeps going there.. I am reducing the amount of types of products too.. The markets can't handle it. Distribution barns walk to each other or the market nearby grabs it but the other market still doesnt get the resource on other side of the land im building on. Normal barns get overloaded with glassware etc, even if i have industry/crafted/etc storages nearby. The furniture does make it to the other side of my landscape even if i dont want to.. Also, when i played a bit i downloaded a bunch of small mods, like a house type mod, a forester mod, etc, and then i couldnt start the game. It crashed and said there was no memory for the mods. Thats why i got the MM mod.
  2. Hey everyone, Im still a bit lost in this megamod. So many buildings and products, its hard to figure out the most optimal placements for distribution. What buildings should i group together? What is the best place for storage buildings (and types of it...) right now i wanted to make almost all products and have all farm animals. So i end up with way too much meat and a lot of different products. The markets are overloaded with meat, i try put them in a wearhouse. The barns are overloaded. I made some distribution barns, for farmers and for gatherers. But im kind of lost with it. Everything is everywhere and its very full. So i try figure out where to put the storage barns, and what to do about the distribution barns. So i came to the conclusion i had to redo my layout. Outside at bottom of my city i have farms and pastures. The top outside layer has foresters, herbalists, gatherers. On the right side are my traders. And near the center i have stuff for building supplies and woodcutters. I wanted make an industreal area on the side of the traders, because i have a river there. Well im just lost. So what buildings should be grouped? (All special added buildings included) and what buildings should be in my city? I could really use some tips on this.
  3. Ok lol. Instantly found the spice house in the christmas modtab
  4. i try find how to make the spiced pumpkin pie too! And how do i get spices?! On other forums i found something about kids Bakery and Garden, but its nowhere to be found in kids toolbar or in the other ones. I did find a bakery (dont remember which one, its just called bakery) with a pumpkin pie (floor+pumpkin+seed oil+spices). So to test if this is actually the "spiced pumpkin pie" i need to find out how i can make spices.
  5. I love the mod, but there are a few things that could be changed to make the game better. English isnt my main language so dont hate on me First off, my citizens got stuck too, but it was with the boathouse. they didnt put supplies in their houses or resources because they apparently couldnt reach it but still they lived there. When i wanted to delete the building the builers got stuck on the boat and died. Also i tried making a fishing dock but they refused to build it. Then i made a Shore House in that same area, but they didnt build it either. The boathouse, shore house and fishing dock were all on the same small area of the map. What I really would appreciate as an improvement is the toolbar... Im getting lost in the options. The Themes toolbar option has houses and woodcutter types and stuff that are not in the regular tabs for buildings.. If i want to find the most suitable tailor (for the space i have somewhere, the looks together with other buildings) i have to go to every single tab to try find it somewhere and then look for the others and get lost in the toolbar.. I would really like it if all the tailors were all together in one spot instead of hiding within all the different toolbar tabs and within that other tabs and within that more.. I wish i could change it myself i have no good total picture of where to find what different buildings are in the game for a certain type that i need at that moment... It takes half of my time and i get a headache from searching in all those toolbar tabs. For example, i needed to make beeswax. So i had to search all the toolbars to find something called an apiary.. I found it somewhere i dont remember but apparently later i found out that there were more apiarie listen in other toolbar tabs (honey bee shelter etc.). It would be so much more organized if they could be clustered together on type instead of listing them in the Original buildings list [F1 - F9], themed sets list and the mod collection toolbar. Furthermore, some of the items/buildings are on the other hand found on multiple spots.. Like the themed versions are also in the mod collection toolbar and some houses are under the houses toolbar and in the mod collection toolbar while some are only found in the latter… So if you could group all the the items within categories so they can be found easy that would be really great. Or adding a search tool, to type the thing your looking for. Isnt there a mod to change stuff like the interface myself? Another improvement would be to be able to only buy coal instead of all minerals from the Merchants. Or only leather, etc. But minerals are very expensive so its not great if u dont need any other than coal, and i dont like to keep checking the Merchants. Last thing is that with x10 speed i lag and have trouble opening windows and clicking on stuff or moving on my screen. I only have 70 citizens.. i had this in vanilla banished when i had 500 people but im running on geforce GTX 1050 (gaming laptop), so thats kind of weird. Anyway, thanks for the mod its much more fun with all those adds.
  6. Does the Ridiculous Storage mod work with MM8.1? I just wonder because its not noted in the updates of this mod that its update for MM 8.1.
  7. Can we get updates for ridiculous storage mods for MM 8.1? or does it work with MM 8.1? im a noobie with mods