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  1. I have 50 vendors i have 2 large edible markets, 10 general goods markets from market puzzle. I have log markets, iron market, crafted, construction, materials, i have a lot of markets but its too far.. The clay doesnt get picked up because the hardwood is more closeby and it will fill up the raw materials cart. That stuff
  2. Yeah im struggling real hard in making my areas.. I just dont know what to put where and end up with houses too far and too much workplaces at the same spot. If you don't mind, i have some more questions and i have been googling forever but i can't find anything helpfull. I trade for iron, bricks, tin ore, wood. So i made an industry near my docks east on my only river (because i also have foundry's for tin). So i have my tinneries near it too, and the pastures are there too, but also i made cropfarms so the food is near for tinneries. Then because of the wood i get from the trader + iron + coal (minerals) get stockepiled there, i made my smithy's there. But also lumber waterwheel, and i have to get clay for bricks at the river too. So i have to put my klinns there, and pottery... and i thought why not include the joiners since everything is there, and homeware+ building supplier. But as you can imagine, now i have way too much workplaces on one spot and the houses are just too far. I also struggle with the perfume industry im making, which also should go there because its my main trading source. i have too much flowers (btw, is there a map or way to not have wild flowers unless having a florist?) Because the gatherers are west in my forester nodes, and my trading posts are east at my only river. I made a misc market but it also collects bonemeal etc. And there is no luxery market to collect perfume to my trading area. Now my perfume workers walk all the way across the map to get the flowers -.-. I wish i could have a florist to get flowers near my perfume/trade industry area instead of getting flowers from the forest gatherers. I already have too much flowers coming from the gatherers and they fill up my barns west. Is there a way to not get flowers in the forest/gather area? Like special foresters that dont spawn flowers or a map where flowers don't grow wild/ or less? I play lush and green atm. Any tips on these troubles i have? I tried to get the clay for bricks from east (river) to west (forester node - choppers all construction and homeware buildings) with markets but they are not fast enough or stuff other things and leave no room for clay. That's why im moving all of that (except woodchoppers) to my river/trade area. Its just too packed with workplaces and the houses too far and the flowers are too far. The tinned foods also dont really get picked up by the markets because they are further out. I really suck at this lol my brain explodes. Is there a recent website which shows the flags for items? I found some but they are old and i like to see all items for a category instead of searching an item and find the category. Is there a cemetary with faster decay of the graves? I have so much cemetary but it just not enough.. Last, i made the inn and garden. I put max amount of workers in it (3). But they didnt take anything into it.. They were iddling and didnt bring a single luxery for years.... I have ale and perfume stored in luxery cellars/barns. How can i get the ale to be collected and consumed by the bannies? I also made the pilgrims rest and the Ale House, but they dont collect ale from storages.. I would really appreciate it if someone can fill me in on these things i struggle with. Sorry if my language is a bit off, im dutch :P. To make life easier, I wanted to start modding myself with the modkit, and installed 7-zip to unpack it and i got infected with mallware. My laptop broke down and im on my brothers laptop now so im too scared to use this modkit again :P.. Otherwise i would have made myself a nice flower market, luxery market and a coal market (if possible with the flag). But yeah maybe some day :P.. * added a picture of my map layout before attempting to moving the perfumery to the trading posts and the blacksmith/crafted/construction to the forge area for the stockpiles minerals and the wood/iron/bricks i get from trading posts. The shore houses for clay will go to the perfumery area. As you can see, the houses will be too far from the industry/construction workplaces. And the flowers too far from the tradingpost where i also wanted to put my waterwells and perfumeries.. I have 1000 population :P..
  3. Okay thanks! I got rid of all general stockpiles and just made specialized ones.. Now i got to rebuild my areas so that the minerals dont have to go to 2 spots of the map
  4. Hey, I made a resource depot to get tin ore to my tin foundry. Its right there next to it, so i wanted to take it out. The stocker went to the other side of the map and dump it there on a normal stockpile -.-... i have a normal stockpile (same as on the other side of map and its not full) and minerals stockpile RIGHT next to the foundry and resource depot. Whyyyy?
  5. What up with this they get stuck here and also above it on the edge. I lost about 10 bannies on this one
  6. These are the enabled mods. Below this are the MM mods, no other mods are enabled.
  7. I do have the improved forester mod, but its not enabled for last weeks.. (Real life weeks). And i havent even enabled it on this particular laptop. Im not using iron is iron mod. Im using the small iron smelter ( ill look up the name of this building... - it's actually called Small Iron Smelter)
  8. Hey, I started new map but this one got it too. Ps: i always remove all iron ore and stone before using the forester. There is a stockpile on the left for logs only. My last town said iron was low. I had 400 iron so i looked where i had it stored. It was nowhere to be found untill i saw it in one forester.
  9. That is weird.. I tried most foresters i could find even the vanilla one (in the SR tab) the iron gets stored in the foresters, not iron ore.. So i had 400 iron in one forester and they refused to get it.. Only the warehouse to stuff things in with a worker grabbed it. I do have ridiculous storage as a mod. I used to have the improved forester but its not an activated mod. It was not activated the last 3 maps i played on.
  10. Hey, Is there a forester in mm8 who doesnt have a storage inside? Or only stores wood? Right now the foresters get full with iron.. It seems to slow them down, even with a wood stockpile next to it. Also my town keeps saying i dont have enough iron. I dont think they grab it from the forester.
  11. The problem with specialized food markets, is that the workers only grab food from 1 market. So if its a protein market, they only get that food.. And not varied food.. They dont go to the veggie market, protein market and the fruit market to gather the food for their houses they only pick from 1 market. And yes i did that it just said too many mods. But they were steam mods.
  12. I tried the hot crops mod above Megamod 8.01 cc 1.7 (or latest one at least). I picked climate mediterranian (no snow) and my hemp didnt grow above 90 degrees :'(. Is there an upgrade mod?
  13. Thanks! I dont have the nomad option. I have too much meat on the bottom of my map, the protein market stalls fill up with 9000 eggs in my farmvillage and dont take the meat from further down. The eggs dont get to my edible market in main city.. The edible market didnt take the meat from south so i got overloaded with meat stalled at the pasture barns. I got rid of some pastures.. The fish doesnt go down to my farming mini village, even with protein market stall.. There is 5000 fish stuck west of my village.. The forester lodges get filled up with iron -.-. So i tried get it out with warehouses. But iron keeps going there.. I am reducing the amount of types of products too.. The markets can't handle it. Distribution barns walk to each other or the market nearby grabs it but the other market still doesnt get the resource on other side of the land im building on. Normal barns get overloaded with glassware etc, even if i have industry/crafted/etc storages nearby. The furniture does make it to the other side of my landscape even if i dont want to.. Also, when i played a bit i downloaded a bunch of small mods, like a house type mod, a forester mod, etc, and then i couldnt start the game. It crashed and said there was no memory for the mods. Thats why i got the MM mod.
  14. Hey everyone, Im still a bit lost in this megamod. So many buildings and products, its hard to figure out the most optimal placements for distribution. What buildings should i group together? What is the best place for storage buildings (and types of it...) right now i wanted to make almost all products and have all farm animals. So i end up with way too much meat and a lot of different products. The markets are overloaded with meat, i try put them in a wearhouse. The barns are overloaded. I made some distribution barns, for farmers and for gatherers. But im kind of lost with it. Everything is everywhere and its very full. So i try figure out where to put the storage barns, and what to do about the distribution barns. So i came to the conclusion i had to redo my layout. Outside at bottom of my city i have farms and pastures. The top outside layer has foresters, herbalists, gatherers. On the right side are my traders. And near the center i have stuff for building supplies and woodcutters. I wanted make an industreal area on the side of the traders, because i have a river there. Well im just lost. So what buildings should be grouped? (All special added buildings included) and what buildings should be in my city? I could really use some tips on this.
  15. Ok lol. Instantly found the spice house in the christmas modtab