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  1. You can try to remove houses that may just have females sub level 40 in them and they may move in with other males that are able to have babies. When I first started to play Banished I messed up doing that as well. Good rule of thumb is to constantly check the houses and see how many kids are of age to move out. I can't remember the minimum age but I try to wait until they are 15/16 then start making houses for "new couples". EXample: 16 male 17 female and 17 male just make 1 house not two until you can get another female that is old enough (obviously you can have them move in sooner I just wait a bit so I don't feel as creeped out lol).
  2. Thanks for those tips Stiles I will definitely have to check them out! Before I started to use CC I was just using some of DS's stuff then I stumbled upon a few old youtube videos (gameplays) of CC and figured I'd give it a whirl. Now I am a mod addict. LOL
  3. NatDiv is above CC and the version is 1.0.1. They were planting and cutting it but I saw no sign of it being stored anywhere. I had builders and kept using the priority option as well. All other materials were delivered to the fishing dock (vanilla one). Laborers weren't busy one would just keep showing up at the dock but nothing would happen. No other buildings were in line to be built double checked and triple checked as I was playing cause I was fuming lol. Builders were just idling I'd pull them on and off to see if they got bugged out. I am going to start a new map seed and try it again. I will keep you updated. I have a decent computer so lag isn't an issue I am not running that many mods (NatDiv, CC, and some of DS's wonderful goodies). I should note there were no grass (thatch clusters) but when I played a normal banished map (Valleys Medium) no issues. Fixed it: I removed all mods, loaded the game, exited, deleted the files for Banished in the RegEdit thingy (lol) and it seems to be working now. Thank you for helping me trouble shoot my issues. (The Thatcher is growing grass and I used one of the construction stock piles as well so somewhere between all that stuff it's fixed! YAY!)
  4. I was trying to build a fishing dock after I placed the Thatcher down. They are gathering and planting but no one is bringing the thatch over to the fishing dock or any other building for that matter that needs it. Not sure if it's an issue with my load order or the game? I did not have any issues with it prior to today. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. (I had to put a thatcher down because there is no thatch in the Appalachian start. Is there a remedy for there being no thatch? I guess it's more of a two pronged question/issue lol.
  5. Does this need to go above or below CC:Journey?