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  1. As something in the same vein, I am starting to believe that the Map Seed does play a bigger part in determining starting food sources whereas before I thought it was a simple random generator that decided. For the last week I have been updating various mods to the Community Toolbar and starting a new town each time to check the mod. I have been using exactly the same Map Seed every time. I don't particularly remember the first two times although I seem to (vaguely) recall that it was the same, but for the last five I have always got peaches as the orchard resource.
  2. That's a good idea, well two good ideas, the fish cleaning station and the backwoods lake. I am one of those players who tries to get smoked or salted meats because it improves the quality of food and also because I have a desire to provide many sources of food so that if one fails it won't result in potential starvation. So yeah, other sources of food particularly those that are primary sources of food (such as fishing) rather than secondary sources (e.g. bread from mill & bakery) is something I'd welcome.
  3. Because I am a full-on fanboy for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of sci-fi/survival/horror games
  4. Well the silverware, bedding, furniture and so on are specifically required to build certain types of house in CC as well as for updating lower level houses to that standard so you have the situation that once you have enough of them to build the houses you want, you don't need to to keep producing them. But as you pointed out, they do come in somewhat useful for trading. Edit: I also meant to say that while the silverware, pewterware, bedding, furnuture, fancy furniture, copper pipes and so on all go towards creating "building supplies" or "fancy homewares" and so on to allow you to create the higher tier buildings and houses, I have a feeling that the CC crew included so many of them so that you would have options in case a particular item in the production chain was not available and you needed to switch to another one.
  5. True that. I didn't realize you wanted to take it further along the "processed food" path but ultimately does it actually matter? If you specifically want salted catfish, salted bass, salted bream then yeah I can understand it but I don't know if the game can get that variety without having another processing building designed for that purpose. I don't think even with the new flags available that the game has the flexibility to allow this without making another building specifically to deal with it (e.g. Red's Training Camp butcher and Wood Butcher both use the new "meat products" he has included from the Training Camp mod)
  6. I think the issue with things like making them use silverware, bedding and furniture etc. etc. is that these items are things that you would only buy once in a few years (and typically much longer, you don't need to buy silverware every year or even every ten years for example). This then becomes a situation where you have to decide on the unrealistic & unsatisfying idea of having them consume these items every year (or season) or decide to make them consume them every few years - and then you need the coding to sort out which individual house needs new silverware... but you also need to decide on the unrealistic versus realistic for items like silverware/ Only wealthy households would use silver, the less wealthy would use pewter, copper, tin or even wood utensils so then you have to code all of that if you decide on the more realistic approach. I really don't envy the modders trying to do new things with Banished let alone trying to create a new game implementing all these things.
  7. You don't need a processing step, you can directly get "catfish" for example by using the same method that RedKetchup used for his Training Camp mod where the watchtowers produce various items. A more relevant example is that Tom Sawyer has the same sort of technique for his trout fishing mod. I believe you could use the same coding to create any fish you wanted.
  8. Best wishes @ShockPuppet for a trouble free op and a speedy recovery.
  9. End of Roads mod can be found here http://banishedinfo.com/mods/view/617-ROAD-45-End-Of-The-Roads#description It provides a lot of new textured & coloured roads. I found some of them to be too glossy or too bright (so that they contrasted too much with the background) but others look really good (some of the stone roads specifically).
  10. Another interesting map from letting the random seed generator do its thing. Map Seed: 480080418 Map Type: [CC] Lake Waters Terrain Size: [CC] Very Large Bottom of the yellow box indicates starting position. A curious aspect is that since I updated to build 1.0.7 and then starting using various mods from the Community Toolbar, the water areas on the maps have turned texture-less. In game they still show the blue colours and correct textures, just not on the mini-map (I'm using the UI Improvements: Maps mod, maybe it needs updating?)
  11. @QueryEverything it could possibly be one of the road mods that adds various different colours and textures? And yes, the horse arena is a great piece of work
  12. At a guess I'd say it's a limitation of the game engine, perhaps something in the coding that modders cannot access? Unfortunately there are certain aspects of the game that are not conducive to replicating the real world and modders are not given access to that code to change them
  13. And to add to what @estherhb mentioned, the trading post has a storage function not just for the items you want to trade to the merchant but also for the items you get from the merchant. They are stored temporarily at the trading post until they can be delivered to a stockpile, barn, etc. etc.
  14. Where you playing with other mods enabled? It sounds like the Tree Of Life mod which had livestock (normally found at the trader) roaming free in the wilderness.
  15. You'll find there was a discussion involving the idea of "locked" content in this thread: - You'll also see that I am one of the people who opposes the idea of locking buildings because I want to be able add any of the buildings whenever I want to and that I also feel there is a pseudo locked building idea in place already with the need for certain production chains to get the resources to construct certain buildings. As for the idea of technologies, I have no idea if the game code allows that but I think that it doesn't, hopefully one of the modders will be able to answer that.