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  1. I don't know if this is due to other mods I have but I'm inclined to think that they aren't responsible for this - the new Carver (from 1.7) and the old one (found in the Themed Sets --> Old Buildings menu) look to be exactly the same? And I too cannot find any textures other than the new 1.7 ones for the Glassblower and Chandlery However I definitely have the new and old models/textures for the Old Dairy and the Weavers.
  2. Find your Steam folder (this will depend on where you installed Steam, for me it's on a secondary drive and not in the Program Files folder i.e. E:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Banished\WinData You install any non-Steam mods into the WinData folder. Once you have done that you use the ingame menu to locate the Mods list. From the Mods list you activate the mod you want to use. Load order is important if you have more than one mod installed. The following link has some specific details http://banishedinfo.com/mods/resources/installingmods There's also this video guide
  3. @Necora This comment is more me thinking out loud than presenting any solid concepts because I don't know how much difficulty would be involved with it so yeah, take it for what it's worth! I do understand that this idea is going to be a lot more work but I wonder if a little "artistic licence" could be invoked? I think the mill model you've made is fantastic and it's a real shame that you can't get the two levels of water but perhaps a mill (not necessarily this specific mill) could be made so that the waterwheel empties into the stream/river but it's mill pond is on the land (like Red Ketchup's village pond from the NMT mod)? The mill pond would be fed by a spring (meaning that there would be something else that needed to be modelled) so you don't have to worry about having a stream lead to the pond. Or perhaps even a fake water channel could be lead off from the stream to feed the mill pond? There's already a couple of canal type mods for the game that try to replicate water channels although I don't know if they'd be much use for this particular idea. I am going to be presumptuous and assume it would be much easier to create a dam that way rather than try to replicate one on the Banished waterways but I can see that it would still be a little finicky in terms of placement. Although if it was modular it may make placement a little easier perhaps? The other idea is also troublesome and would involve trying to trick the Player's eye into thinking that water level is higher on the waterwheels upstream area. I have no clear idea how to achieve this or even if it can be achieved with Banished, but I was thinking if the dam wall is aligned with the stream rather than cutting across it, (so more of a channel rather than just a straight dam wall), perhaps the walls could be angled slightly so that it appears to be all the same heightbut is in fact lower at one end - the lower end would be near the waterwheel to give the impression of the water having collected behind the dam wall (that appears to be all the same height). As mentioned, I don't know if it's actually able to be modelled in Banished but perhaps someone with a better grasp of modding than me can see a way to achieve it? Or at the very least it may provide some inspiration!
  4. @stiles Every mod you've mentioned I am already using. I regularly use the cellars in CC as well as the cellars from Discrepancy's mods and particularly the Viking Storage Vault from his DS Storage Beta mod. However those cellars do not match the materials and textures in Necora's buildings and in some cases they don't align properly with Necora's buildings. Plus there's the chance that Necora may make stand alone root cellars like those you can find in rural Europe and North America, example below. Image from https://library.ndsu.edu/grhc/articles/newspapers/news/rootcellars.html The reason I mentioned the Stone & Iron gatherers running out of resources after a certain time is because not everyone uses the Renewable Resources mod but some of them want an alternative to making a quarry when they start their town. The benefit of using the Stone & Iron gatherers is that once they have run out of resources, you can upgrade their buildings to medium stone houses.
  5. I like the idea of a small still as an alternative to the larger alcohol production buildings we've seen in other mods (specifically because as you've said @Necora it's something to use in a small settlement). I'd like to see the other buildings you've mentioned too and I have a few thoughts on some of them. Perhaps some cellar storage? Cellars like Discrepancy has made that can be fitted to a house or even to another storage building. I know it's pretty much just a doorway into the underground storage but it solves a few problems that I have found when making small villages (because I don't want a great big storage barn in my small forest village!) What about the idea of a "stone cutter" which would provide stone but not like a quarry? There was a similar idea done by the same guy who made The Fountain Mod: Highborn Society. It has two buildings, one to collect iron and the other to collect stone. They effectively work like gatherers do for food and herbs but in this case they collect iron or stone. Granted they will have a finite resource to collect but I believe that at that point most players would start to build quarries anyway. The Fountain Mod Lite http://banishedinfo.com/mods/view/687-The-Fountain-Mod-LITE - listed because it shows the iron gatherer and stone gatherer The Fountain Mod (full) http://banishedinfo.com/mods/view/686-The-Fountain-Mod-Highborn-Society-v-1-544-beta?ref=687#description In regards to houses, I'd love to see some simple turf/sod/stone huts. Something that can be used for starting houses in a new settlement or as "rough" homes for small forest villages. There could even be some storage huts of the same composition. Icelandic sod farm buildings https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sod_house Finnish stone & turf hut in Raappana https://www.panoramio.com/user/6992741?photo_page=4 And if you have any thoughts about using charcoal in one of your industry chains then perhaps a charcoal burner's hut as a home for the charcoal worker. Charcoal burner's hut http://www.hainaultforest.co.uk/3charcoalburnershut.htm
  6. Hi @Necora, just to add to what @Raerae mentioned, there are definitely two different "building supplies" in the game if you run CC and Maritimes together. I bought some from the trader but they were not used when I tried to build the Magazine storage building. I had to construct the CC Building Supplies workshop to produce the needed supplies before the Magazine could be completed. The icon for the CC version is darker than the one used in Maritimes so it is possible to distinguish between the two in game.
  7. This is my ignorance about modding showing through. I didn't know the difference until you mentioned it
  8. Damn, that's a real shame. I think over the course of time I've used almost all of his mods. I'm still making use of one or two of them e.g. Pesky Produce. I don't suppose he ever left the string tables available? Wishful thinking on my part probably!
  9. And on a related note although I don't know how useful it will be for you, there is a mod called Pesky Produce http://banishedinfo.com/mods/view/291-Pesky-Produce Basically it causes crop and orchard produce to "seed the wild" around the crop/orchard to replicate the idea that seeds from the crop have travelled outside the pasture boundaries. It's quite effective, I've had one example where "wild" lettuce was so prolific I had to constantly gather it so that other plants (like herbs & wild flax), had a chance to grow! I don't know if the author (Owlchemist) is still active in Banished modding or not but they made two other mods that I recall that dealt with extra spawns "in the wild". The other two mods are: - Rocks Respawn http://banishedinfo.com/mods/view/251-Rocks-Respawn Old Growth Forests http://banishedinfo.com/mods/view/286-Old-Growth-Forests It would be absolutely great if Owlchemist considered sharing the string tables for any of these but I haven't seen any (although I didn't search particularly hard either!) If nothing else, at least it sort of shows that what @Necora is thinking about could possibly work.
  10. As a suggestion from a purely visual perspective, perhaps it's worth darkening the colour of the Pitch Kiln a little so that it stands out a bit more from the dirt road?
  11. More Aussies! And as for being geeky, nothing wrong with that. There's a few of us here that fall into the same category
  12. @QueryEverything In regards to tanypredator's mod and CC, the gathered flax is from her mod and sooner or later you will get seeds from the trader for cultivated flax (also from her mod). Essentially what you have with those two mods is three versions of flax: - [CC] flax (a normal farm crop), "wild" flax (found in the wild and collected by gatherers) and cultivated flax, (a normal but entirely separate farm crop from [CC] flax). The last two (i.e. those from tanypredator's mod) will not be used by any of the workplaces in vanilla Banished or CC (or any other mod as far as I can tell), the "wild" flax and cultivated flax will only get used by the linen weaver supplied in tany's mod to make linen clothes (which is again a separate item from any other mod)
  13. @Necora Nice work Really enjoying the additions that Maritimes brings to my towns.
  14. Hello and welcome to all the new members
  15. @QueryEverything I think you're on to something there, I know that in earlier versions of the mod, the dory builder would happily use rope from the CC ropery but flax was dependent on what mods you had installed. If you have tanypredator's mods for wild and cultivated flax, the dory builder will not use that flax because it is coded differently to CC flax. I had one town where I had to what wait a few years for the trader to bring flax before I could produce anything at the dory builder. However, I don't know how MM affects these issues because I am not using MM so maybe it's worth checking with Kralyerg?