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  1. I think I use mods from all of the modders who have made replies in this thread and with the look of that building @despo20 I'm going to be adding another name to the list very soon! I'm also one of the people who likes buildings with odd angles, nooks and crannies so I'm really looking forward to your ideas for future mods.
  2. @Ketchup I agree with some of the others here, I'd like to see more Asian themed buildings and I think your models would work well for that. I think calling them "Asian themed" would stop the criticism of them "not being Japanese".
  3. In regards to the amount of time spent waiting for Banished to load, there is a little trick that can sometimes help to reduce the amount of time taken. If you use Alt + Tab to go to your desktop and then a little while later click on the game to allow it to go back to fullscreen, this can reduce the wait time quite significantly at times. The time taken to load can be reduced to a few minutes rather than five or ten minutes. If you're using Windows OS then the Windows key on your keyboard can be used for the same affect.
  4. Wow @Necora, it was only four months ago that you started creating the inshore fishing shacks and now you're offering us variants of trees You've certainly developed a skill for this and I think I can safely say on behalf of we players, it's great to have another talented modder adding both quantity and quality content to Banished
  5. Well as far as things that need to be fixed, I reckon this one can be put at the end of the list! I found it curious more than any sort of worry. I figure the Black Liquid team have plenty more to work on than this (which really is quite a small matter, it's information that's not strictly needed to play the game - if you make a "very large" map, you know already that you're using a "very large" map without needing the game to tell you!)
  6. Yes, quite a few but not ones that I thought would alter starting conditions and so on. Principally I have Necora's Maritimes mods above CC and a number that add more housing and production, the only one that I know for certain changes starting conditions, is Discrepancy's Small Village mod but I have that below CC. As mentioned, I've only seen this since updating to CC 1.74, there was no info missing when I was using 1.73. It's not game breaking, it certainly hasn't prevented Banished from working and it doesn't cause any crashes and it does not prevent me from using the CC Very Large map size. Because of that I thought it's a very minor conflict in some mods that I am using that causes something to interfere with the text displaying (that is to say, I believe it's local to my mod collection rather than something within CC, which is why I didn't post this in the help section) but I can't figure which one it could be So yeah, I was curious to see if anyone else had similar situation. Hmmm... <thinking, thinking> I did add two more of Discrepancy's mods recently, (the new tunnel types and the Celtic house), both of those are likely to be above CC. It's a long shot but maybe one or both of them share files with his Small Village mods? I'll have to change them in the load order and see if they make any change.
  7. I've only just started on it (population has only reached 20+) but I like maps where I can make use of the various bridges that modders have made so this map fits really well into that. The main reason I haven't developed it too much yet is because I can't make up my mind which section of the map to expand into! I can't decide between north or south but even west is tempting because eventually I want to set up some traders on the river (rather than putting them in the lake). I really like the island and especially because the starting location is on it. Plus... I've been playing Starbound after updating some of the mods for it so I'm spending less time on Banished than I usually would! EDIT: By the way, I meant to mention this because I thought you'd get a chuckle from it. When I made the map I named it Dwarf Isle
  8. So has anyone else noticed this? It's not any sort of gamebreaking bug, more a minor glitch. I updated to CC 1.74 yesterday and while making a screenshot today for the map seed @TuffDwarf was discussing in the Map Seeds & Interesting Maps section, I noticed that the [CC] Very Large map size does not show on the map information display. However it shows up when using the other sizes, see screenshots below (first is the Very Large size from CC, the second is the Large size supplied with the game).
  9. Alrighty... These are the starting parameters that @TuffDwarf is using: - Seed: 400600150, Terrain Type: [CC] Verdant Plains (the other plains types appear to give the same map as well), Map Size: [CC] Very Large This is the result: - The centre of the yellow box shows the starting location.
  10. You had me at island... and very large map... I'm curious enough to have started Banished right now to check out this map although not knowing the Terrain Type means I'm guessing you used the [CC] Lakes terrain type. I'll post a screenshot if I get something like you've described Edit: 5 minutes later. Well, it's not [CC] Lakes
  11. I disagree with the statement that people surviving childhood in the medieval era had just as much chance of living into their eighties as we do. I'd agree with the statement if it was specifically relating to the wealthier people of that time. Of all children living past 5 years of age in that time, approximately 50% of them had a chance of surviving to reach 35+. Nowdays in Europe that figure is around 85%+. Discounting the major causes of death at that time (war, disease, famine), life expectancy was greatly affected by class, status, diet, work and often location. The poor could be expected to live into their 50s and the middle classes could expect to live into their late 60s. The life expectancy figures are skewed as you mentioned, by the high rate of infant mortality but also because they miss information that isn't well represented unless they consider mortality causes & ages as well - life was far more dangerous than it is now, wars were a major contributor to deaths and had considerable impact on the thinking of people at the time in regards to when to start working and when to start families.
  12. Well that's the thing, I have build 1.0.7 beta and the latest version of CC (ver 1.72) and even some of the storage buildings from both of those two would not store maple sap. Now it's not really a problem but it's exactly the sort of thing I was talking about in my post titled "Some things to know with the new resources" in the Resources, Charts & Information section in this forum. It just involves a slight change in how we build towns.
  13. As a general note for players, I've found that maple sap will not be stored in most of the storage provided by all the other mods, it only seems to like being stored in the Pine Set storage. I haven't tested all of the other mods so I hesitate to say it won't be stored at all in any other storage. I also found that it was well worth placing the Pines Set near the top of your mod list, to make sure it's above pretty much every other mod that makes use of charcoal. During my test city I found that if the Pines Set was below CC, the maple boiler worker would collect charcoal but seemed unable to place it in the maple boiler and got stuck in a loop of delivering the charcoal and then taking it back to the stockpile.
  14. I'm using a selection of mods made for build 1.0.6 alongside mods for build 1.0.7 and there is no problem at all with using them so far. I haven't found any sort of risk using them with build 1.0.7 and I don't believe that there's any need to stop using them. The only consideration is that some of those older mods obviously are not able to do everything that similar mods from the new build are able to do. They are not receptive to the new storage behaviour but they are still perfectly capable of storing all the items flagged with the older resource flags. Thus the purpose of my original post which was to say to players, "Some things are different now, if you find something that seems strange don't assume it's a bug, it might just be a case of changing your approach to town building".
  15. The regular barn will hold the bonemeal but I was using a small storage building (from a 1.0.6 mod) close to the hunters so the bonemeal was left sitting in the fields until it "decayed". It was too far away from the main storage barns for anyone to collect it. And yes, this is in reference to the special stockpiles that CC provides. I got rid of the vanilla stockpile to make room for homes and I never rebuilt it because it's more efficient to use the specialized versions. As I said above, with the new aspects provided by the new resource flags, it'll take a little bit of time for people to get used to it. It's been very easy to continue old game habits and find a problem because I was still thinking about how it was done in the older Banished build and not realizing that I have to approach it differently now. So yeah, players should not assume that there is something wrong with the new build, new version of CC or anything else.