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  1. Hey @Necora just dropping by to make mention again, the "new" look Banished has for me with your Pine set. I said over in the Natural Diversity thread that the environment is a lot more interesting to look at now with the various mods that alter the plant life. The Pines set has been a big part of that so that now there is a much greater diversity of plant life with the addition of various shrubs & trees and even the look of one tree with another of its type is different enough to make it worth zooming in to have a look. The modders for Banished have been one of the greatest assets in keeping this game an interesting experience and encouraging players to play just that one extra hour deep into the night!
  2. @despo20 Just here to add another vote of support for your modding. The buildings you have modelled and the ones you have made for the next release of Natural Diversity are amazing. We players are fortunate to have such talented modders supplying such great content for the game
  3. @Bartender While I haven't said much in this thread, I wanted to say that Natural Diversity has joined my list of mods that I won't play Banished without. I usually play on CC Very Large maps which means there's a lot of forest. With a number of mods altering the default plant life, the forests are now a mass of colours. Some of them are subtle and some of them are obvious but the variety of plant life (particularly the trees) means that the forests look like a natural growth forest rather than the acres of "nothing but pine trees". Now I know that there are many pine forests in the northern hemisphere and the game is set in a northern hemisphere environment but there are many varities of pine tree as well, so seeing the same type of pine over and over again gets a little dull after playing hundreds of hours like many of us have done. Now, when I zoom in to look more closely at a particular area, I have a great variety of shrubs and smaller plants thanks to @tanypredator's New Flora and your Natural Diversity. It's become a much more interesting environment when I spend time spying on... err, watching?... observing... my citizens going about their tasks.
  4. @BuildHappy I can sympathize all too well with your situation, I was made redundant at my last job and have not been successful at finding full time employment for the last few years. I was lucky in that I bought Banished when I was still working and it was on sale at another site (like Green Man Gaming or one of those) and it had been about 8-12 months after the game had been released so I had the benefit of getting mods for it almost immediately. I don't have the right to make any judgements and I believe that others here won't judge you because you liked the game well enough to buy a legit copy of it and thereby support the creators - and then you donated to BlackLiquid as well. I think most people will understand the desire to "try before you buy" and particularly if the player ends up buying the game, it gets contentious when someone gets a cracked version of a game and then starts asking for help to fix problems or starts whining about it not working. In Australia the prices for games are about double what they are in Europe or North America even when buying through something like Steam but because I was still financial at the time I pre-ordered CS and so paid full price for it. However I was particularly irked by the price of the DLC so I have only ever bought them when they were on sale (which explains why I have owned it for so long but have a small amount of time on it compared to Banished - I was waiting for the DLC prices to be reduced).
  5. I don't specifically remember it, but I think it just went back to the something very close to the proper river texture. What I do remember is that when it fixed itself, it wasn't as glaringly obvious as when the glitch was present, oh, and it seemed to occur only in complicated bends in the river or places where there the river joined a lake and produced small islands (like in @QueryEverything's images).
  6. I'd have to agree with you @BuildHappy, it doesn't seem terribly useful as a starting orchard plant because of the production chains required. I suppose we can be grateful that our citizens can't actually taste it, otherwise they might all move on to greener pastures!
  7. @TuffDwarf @Freedom I am happy to say that I am still amazed at the amount of time people will put into Banished. It's a testament to how engaging the game is, particularly with the utterly great work done by the modders. I don't know when I'll reach the 2000 hour mark let alone the 4000 hour mark but you can bet that I will be working towards them for many years to come.
  8. Ah @BuildHappy I have to agree with you on everything you've said, I really enjoy Cities Skylines, even with its 20 minute load time (due to the number of mods I have installed!) and the content on Steam Workshop is large, well made and quite comprehensive - but the denizens of Steam are generally a pack of self-entitled, spoilt brats. I took a major break away from Banished because I was waiting for a few of the modders to update their content for 107 and so I decided to restart Skyrim (which is also modded to within an inch of its life) and then for some more survival themed gaming I would play Empyrion: Galactic Survival and alternate with STALKER: Call of Pripyat (also modded). It was a frustrating time waiting for Banished because according to my Steam stats (yeah I have the Steam version of Banished) I had played it for 996 hours and I got it into my head that I wanted to break the 1000 hour mark. So all the time I was playing those other games I was thinking, "Just four more hours and I'll hit 1000 hours on Banished!" - which I did today after installing the updated mods. What can I say, I was obsessed!
  9. In my uneducated opinion , I think it's a shadow of the shallow part of the waterway. I've seen it a few times in my games and I believe it's just the way the mini-map tries to illustrate the shallow part of the river/lake but the water ripples make it appear dappled rather than solid. Its placement on the mini-map matches the shallow areas you can just see on the river in the game window.
  10. I've had that graphical glitch happen on a map or two in the past. I can't remember anything specific but I seem to remember that the traders could pass over it without any problem. I vaguely recall that after playing one of those towns for a while the glitch seemed to fix itself. However I did decide to end that map and start a new one because, as I always do, I installed some new mods and just "had" to start a new town!
  11. It would be interesting to see what job they got given when they reached adulthood... imagine if that person became a cleric!
  12. @catty-cb that canal along the city wall looks great! I'm looking forward to more screenshots of your city
  13. To follow on from what @estherhb mentioned, quince is a hardy plant and can survive without much attention. And as mentioned by @catty-cb it can be found as a preserve or as the base for making preserves because from what I remember, it has something in it that makes it good for that purpose (I'd have to ask my mother, she's used quince in the past for marmalades and so on). I think it was because of these two reasons that it was commonly found in not just gardens but also some small orchards in the past. And as a bit of trivia, I just found out while doing a search on the quince that the word "marmalade" is derived from the Portuguese word "marmelo" which is what the Portuguese call the quince!
  14. Good to see more people are finding out about these maps And welcome to the all the new members, I'm glad that the forum is keeping people interested in Banished or giving them ideas for new towns
  15. @critspirace that one's quite interesting. I really like that mountain area to the east of the settlement, feels like a proper mountain ridge rather than the few scattered hills you normally see.