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  1. EDIT 13Dec16: Note that the "Medium Map" title on the image is from the mini-map mod I am using and is not the starting conditions. Hi everyone, after adding some comments to the poll for what would we like to see in CC version 1.7, I figured I should try and post some screenshots of the two map types I mentioned in that thread. I like the larger maps because I like to make a few villages and one or two small towns on the map. These two particular types also give large lake areas that don't look like the normal Banished "circle lake". Terrain Type - [CC] Lake Waters Terrain Size - [CC] Very Large Map Seed - 777, or Map Seed - 999 The bottom of the Yellow Box shows the starting location of the map. Map Seed 777 Map Seed 999
  2. I'm already using most of those because I'm using MegaMod. The problem I have is that my combination of mods causes an overspawn of blueberries if I choose any of the mild climates on any map size/terrain/start condition. It always occurs with the mild climates, if a climate condition causes snow then the berry spawn is "normal". The same situation happened to someone else, if I remember correctly it was someone from this forum.
  3. Esther raises a good point and it's something important to consider as you expand your town. I've seen both of these situations result in single females having children. In some cases I've seen the women leave the house to start living by herself in a recently built house and her children stay in the orginal house with the father. Then within a year the woman is having another child but she still lives in the new house by herself. So, the point of all my waffling on? There's a lot of variables in the game, sometimes they only show up under specific circumstances and pregnancy is definitely subject to a lot of these variables. What occurs in one playthrough may not happen in the next. But it does keep the game engaging and challenging!
  4. Heya RejectedEgg! Long time, no see. Great to see you're back - yeah yeah I know it took me half a month to realize you had posted but I don't check in here all that often That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! Anyway, glad to see you're still jumping into Banished and I hope that real life has settled down for you
  5. It's not common but it is normal as far as I can tell. I see this happen a lot in games when there are many more adult females than males in the population (e.g. the adult population is about 1/4 or 1/3 male). The game mechanics revolve around survival and having children is a significant part of that. I suspect that if a female adult hits the right check-boxes (e.g. home with space for children, correct age for pregnancy and so on) they will automatically become potential mothers regardless of having a husband.
  6. @TuffDwarf Reading your reply gave me a big smile for a few reasons. I've messed about with the seed numbers sometimes to see what would happen (or kept the map seed but changed terrain type or size) so I can really relate to what you were saying about experimenting but it was the comment about sacred holidays that gave me a chuckle And I understand a little bit about prolems with age, my knees have seen over half a century of use and abuse and now I'm paying for it I never actually thought to try adjusting the numbers on that specific map seed, probably because I was so busy rushing off to try out the newest mod that I had found (just like a kid in a candy shop, rushing off to try all the new treats) - Kid's flagpole that gives a template for laying down curved roads http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=2702.30 This link goes to page 3 where he has placed a link to the latest version but it's worth reading the previous two pages. As for the blueberries, I have 4000 of them at the traders and try to buy everything with them, even overpaying the trader just to cut into my supply, I have about 5000 in various warehouses... and there's still hundreds of the damned things growing around my little town so I am constantly collecting them just to let other plants get a chance at growing. I haven't yet got any booze making set up except for mead but I'll have to make it a priority particularly because booze takes less storage space than all those damned berries (and of course, it also sells for a far better price!) However I might just say "See you later" to the blueberries and try for a bigger island on that lake map. Hmm what should I do, what should I do... Just as you said: - So true!
  7. Hello and welcome to all the new members
  8. I don't actually have anything to add to this particular discussion except to say a big Thank You to @estherhb for continually answering questions with patience and grace, we don't show appreciation of the moderators very often (on any forum not just this one). I also wanted to say that this level of interaction with growing cycles and temperature variations for various crops is something that really makes Colonial Charter such a wonderful mod - sophisticated enough to be a challenge but not so complex to make it frustrating.
  9. @TuffDwarf Hey there, how's life treating you? I've been absent from this site for many months but I still check in sometimes (usually without logging in). Like you, I find that lake map quite a challenge, I've actually put it to the side for the moment to check out some new and also updated mods but I need a decent amount of land to work with so yes, the lake map will have to wait. I hadn't played Banished for quite a few months but these new/updated mods got me all fired up for it again and naturally I was also looking for interesting map seeds and stumbled across that massive lake map. I think with the various mods that add over-water buildings or maritime related resources, we can really make use of these more unusual maps. Otherwise they'd be too much trouble to be fun (so again, YAY for the modders - it's modders that have kept me playing Banished as well as other games like Skyrim and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for so many years). 1700 hours! I thought I was doing well with 1200 haha. I kind of envy you having a family member sharing your love of the game. None of my friends or relatives play Banished and if it wasn't for forums like this, I'd have nobody to talk to about it (and share map seeds with haha!) And like you said, it does get under your skin once you boot it up again. I had started a fresh map yesterday evening and all I wanted to do today was get back to that map this morning but I had various appointments today so I had to wait until after midday before I could get back to Banished... and all I could think of on the bus trip home was "Just another 15 minutes and I can get back to the game!" I had completely forgotten that with my mod collection and using the CC temperate or mild climate options my maps gradually get over-run by blueberries so now I'm hurriedly building lots of foresters to get other plants growing on the map (otherwise the blueberries carpet the map and prevent anything else from growing). As if two or three challenges weren't enough already!
  10. I did not find this map seed, I saw the thread on a Russian site for Banished. It was posted by Aram Arutyunyan and even though it was posted way back in 2016, the settings should still be viable. The post can be found here (it's devoted to map seeds and doesn't even need the webpage to be translated to understand the information) : - https://vk.com/topic-30167063_33884214 And now for the map seed itself, check out this massive lake! Edit: Just started a map with this seed. Yes, you do start on the large northern island in the middle of the lake.
  11. Nice to see more maps being displayed here @Dolbadarn that map with Seed: 994070328 is particularly interesting so I think I might just have to start a new game...
  12. I didn't know that, I'm such an irregular Discord user that I haven't checked all the options available. So thanks for the info
  13. These pages from World of Banished should hopefully make it clearer. They're also the download pages for Necora's Flax Patch and New Pine Flora Flax Patch http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=303 New Pine Flora http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=304
  14. If anyone sees StainlessSteelCynic on Discord, it's me. I started using Discord for the Heliborne game. For anyone wondering about the name StainlessSteelCynic, yes it is directly inspired by the Harry Harrison "Stainless Steel Rat" series of sci-fi novels.
  15. @TuffDwarf Wow! That is impressive A really good map for those who want to try the challenge of a water village with minimal use of land.
  16. @Dolbadarn an interesting mix of land, lakes and rivers/streams!
  17. I know I'm a little late with this but when you have the file, there are some sites available that try to identify the track by uploading it to their website so they can analyze it. These services are not perfect but one that I have had some success with is AudioTag. There website is here http://audiotag.info/index.php If you want to have the programme on your phone instead there are two popular services you can download called Shazam and MusicID and if you can't get any success with those services, there's a website were other people listen to samples of a tune/song and try to identify it. The website is here https://www.watzatsong.com/en
  18. Ah I forgot the dock workshop can do rope. I've never needed the rope early in a game so by the time I do need it, I'm building the ropery on land
  19. It can certainly be done but there are several requirements that cannot be built over water. There are no over-water hospitals, graveyards/cemetaries, nomad buildings, boarding houses or townhalls available in CC and as you have discovered there is no way to make some items without land-based infrastructure (e.g. rope, clothing, certain food types, candles). Personally, I use a mix of CC, Necora's Maritimes set and Discrepancy's Jetty and Bridge set and his Stone Bridge set so that I can get more resource & storage buildings (and some variety in housing). CC just does not have enough over-water buildings to cover all the needs of a town but to be completely fair, none of the other mods do either. Using a mix of them covers some of those areas where a particular mod is lacking. Necora's Maritimes sets can be found in the download section on this site and Discrepancy has a lot of mods on World of Banished. The two specific mods I mentioned can be found here:- http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=188 http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=385 It might be worth your while to read the following threads because they covered the same idea: -
  20. I think it's the graphics card - the GeForce 210 is listed as having 1GB of DDR2 RAM so I think because it's an older card, it can't handle the extra size & graphics of MM
  21. At a guess I would say that your system is seeing the load time increase but nothing is actually happening regarding the game loading so it's terminating the process. Banished with mods will take longer to load and in some cases, much, much longer than anyone expects - however this is normal and a lot of people have found that the Alt+Tab trick reduces the load times from the 15-40 minutes some of us experienced down to around 5 minutes. I'm sure someone else reported a game crash from an endless loading loop but that was a few years ago now. MegaMod is huge, it will take a while to load. So considering that you have no other mods enabled and the game works with CC I am inclined to think your system believes something is wrong with the load time for MegaMod (MM). Are you still using the original download of MM or have you downloaded it a second time and are using that now? If you are still using your original download then as a "just in case", download it again and try the newer download. If that also does not work then I'm inclined to think that your system and MegaMod are not compatible somehow and maybe it's one particular mod within MM that is causing the issue. It might be worth trying the earlier version of MM (that you can still get on this site) to see if you still get the load time crash. If even that doesn't work, you might have to resort to using CC with any other mods you want to try. This sounds like a bit of a loss compared to what you can get from MM but there are many other mods that will work successfully with CC (I can give you a list of various mods I regularly used before I started using MM - I had over 120 mods active at one stage). As a final word, I'll add my thoughts to what @estherhb said, over the years we have seen Banished cause problems for some people that other players never encountered. Sometimes one person will have a crash while another person will use the same mods and a similar computer and have no problems at all. For example I have found a problem with a particular session with overspawning blueberries that only one other person in the Banished community seems to have encountered despite others trying to replicate the problem. Banished seems to be a very cranky programme and plays nice with some people and plays very badly with others. There does not seem to be any "One fix fixes all" solution for many of the Fatal Error crashes so it pays to try out every solution that's on offer There's been a number of websites offering solutions to various Banished crashes so doing a search for Banished with the specific error code might get you some useful info.
  22. If you're using a few mods, there's a very good chance that there is nothing wrong with your install of the game and it's a mod conflict that is causing the error. I have experienced that same problem when I had some older mods activated. Do you have a list of the mods you're using or are you just using the MegaMod? Something else to check, this happens a few times to some people but is not very common. Are the mod files you have downloaded, the correct size? By that I mean if the download says it should be 4.9 Meg, is the file you downloaded actually 4.9 Meg? A few of us have had problems where the download cut out early but said that it was fully complete so we got 4.1 instead of 4.9 Mb. When we have tried to use those "incomplete" mod files, the game has crashed.
  23. While I don't know the specifics (I'm not a modder), I do know that some parts of the game have been inaccessable to modders because that's the way the designer made it. There are some things that just cannot be changed and I suspect that what you're suggesting falls into that category.
  24. I am now more certain that the overspawning blueberries problem I have encountered is related to the climate that was used. I have only recently installed the newest version of MegaMod and I played two seperate maps with the "Mild" climate and blueberries did not overspawn. When I started to use one of the CC climates (I think it's "Temperate" or is it called "Mediterranean"? I can't recall) I started getting an increased growth rate for blueberries. As a guess, it seems that the climates that prevent snow (like the "Tropical" climate) are allowing increased growth for some plants (specifically blueberries and from @josito's post, açaí as well).