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  1. The problem I am facing now is that the second drive has too much on it as well so shifting items from one drive to the other is not able to be done. I need to get myself an external hard-drive so I can store everything on that! The most irritating part is that my computer is only about four years old and came with 16 Gb of RAM so I "assume" that I have plenty for the games I'm playing. Sometimes it's not about how much RAM you've got, sometimes it's about how the game designer makes the game use the RAM. I believe that games like Cities: Skylines try to load all their assets (e.g. mods) into RAM so it is particularly hungry for RAM and not particularly good at using it. I think Banished might work in the same way Once I can get some space clear on both hard-drives I intend to swap the Documents folder to the second drive. Knowing that all of you i.e. @tweety, @khemari and @estherhb's husband have successfully done this already is good to know P.S. I don't know why I can't get estherhb's @ notification to work, worked fine for the other member's names, just not esther's
  2. This is actually very interesting for another reason. This is a bit long so forgive me for the pre-amble but it's needed to provide some context because while @tweety doesns't seem to be having the problem that I am experiencing, I think they both originate from the same cause. I had a new town that I had started in October this year then I stopped playing Banished for a few weeks because I started to play Cities: Skylines again as well as an entirely different game called Heliborne. Cities: Skylines would run fine but about a three days ago the town would get to a certain size and then the game would crash due to a remapping allocation error (can't remember specifics). This error was due to not having enough virtual memory (and Cities: Skylines is a glutton for RAM & virtual memory when you've stacked the mods in). Other games run without problems. I checked my SSD (the main drive and the location of the virtual memory page file and it's also the location of my Banished saves in the Documents folder) and found that with all the mods I had crammed into a few games lately (the mod folders are in the Documents folder on C:) plus some major updates to games that I had installed onto C: (because it's SSD and the games run better on SSD) as well as a bunch of photos I am trying to edit, the drive now has only 6.6 Gig of 232 GB free. So I decided to switch to playing Banished because there were two new mods available and I wanted to try them. So I tried to run Banished yesterday after installing the new mods into WinData... The game crashes before the main loading screen can complete. The error is specifically "A fatal access violation has occurred in Runtime-steam-x64.dll and the game cannot continue! A crash dump has been saved to E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Banished\crash.dmp" So the situation is this, I have Steam installed on my secondary drive (E:) and that's were Banished is installed. However, Banished is saving it's games to the Documents folder on the main drive (C:). I have tried every one of the error fixes related to this sort of crash and the history of this particular crash shows that it happened most of the time back in the early days of the game for a variety of reasons, mostly in 2014 and 2015. I haven't seen any mention of this problem occurring during 2017 and I don't recall seeing any mention of Runtime errors associated with lack of drive space and I believe my particular problem with Banished is directly related to the lack of space on my main drive (for both the saved games and for virtual memory). Now I am an average computer user, I know enough to not have to call a tech every time something goes wrong but I do not know for certain that this is the cause. Nothing else has changed except for adding two new mods and my main drive getting too full so at best I am making an educated guess that the lack of drive space is the problem. But I sure would be happy to hear from anyone who actually knows about this kind of thing so that I can figure out if it is the problem. I am going to try moving the save games to the E: drive and see what result I get.
  3. @Takit Just wanted to say that the way you set up that bootlegger & smuggler outpost is great! And it's a nifty way to incorporate the Town Arrival piece. It looks really good and inspires me to try and copy it in one of my towns @Goblin Girl I'm still grinning from your comment!
  4. Hello to all the new members. It's a bit quiet here at the moment but don't let that stop you from making posts or asking questions and if you're looking for mods on other websites, you can find many of the members here are also members on sites like http://worldofbanished.com/ If you don't find an answer to a question here, you might find it there.
  5. Prompted by this thread, I'd like to ask if anyone would be interested in making some more buildings that can be placed over water. While there are quite a few buildings that can be built over the water when you combine CC, Discrepancy's DS Jetty & Bridge set and Necora's Inshore Fisheries mods, there are still a few buildings that are stictly land based e.g. the hospital and townhall. Any attempt at a sustainable village with the minimum use of land is always going to need land for the hospital, town hall, boarding house, fruit & vegetable growing and the blacksmith (so the more advanced tools like steel tools can be made). There is a specific need for those buildings mentioned in the paragraph above but I'd also like to ask @Ketchup and @kid1293 if they might consider making over-water versions of their greenhouses so some fruit & vegetables can be grown without needing a cropfield or orchard (specifically the greenhouse from the Garden Walls: Utility set and the greenhouse from the Tequila Addon set)
  6. Kid has released a new set of buildings, mostly houses but also a town hall, school, hostel and a storage building. I think they fit in well with medieval style of Red Ketchup's NMT and also with the upgraded buildings in CC. You can find the set here: - http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=343
  7. Welcome to the new members, it's great to see that this site is getting both new and former members on the forums
  8. hey

  9. On a completely different topic, just in case there is any confusion - Governor is not her name, it's her rank in this forum. Her name is estherhb. In regards to the hunting blinds, if they are causing a problem for you then the short-term solution is to ignore them and not build them. Unfortunately Shock and Kralyerg are both away from the site at the moment due to real life issues so they are not going to be able to answer your questions at the moment. Probably the best long-term solution for you would be if someone made a separate mod that alters the the hunting blind. That way you could instal it to affect your production but those of us, like me, who rarely see such high numbers, can choose not to instal it.
  10. I like the old chandlery and I also use it to match the other buildings with thatch type roofs
  11. An interesting idea @Banished&Used but as you've mentioned, there's some services that just are not available for any over-water village at the moment (e.g. a hospital, townhall, boarding house). For some variety I would recommend Discrepancy's DS Jetty & Bridge set found here http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=188 and I'd also recommend Necora's Maritimes mod, specifically the PEI Shore Fisheries and the NS Inshore Fisheries as they add some other services (rope maker, lumber cutter) as well as add a lot of variety. Both of those mods can be found in the download section here on the BlackLiquid site http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/category/13-maritimes/ I'm thinking that it might be worthwhile asking one of the modders if they could make some more over-water buildings to fill the gap caused by the lack of hospital etc. etc. however there will always be the issue of food variety to keep the citizens happy & healthy - they're going to need vegetables and fruits to supplement the chicken, fish & rice if they are to reach the full level of health and happiness. I wonder if Kid would consider making an over-water versions of his tomato greenhouse from the Tequila Add-on mod? It could be changed to allow other vegetables or fruit to be grown. In fact, instead of just thinking about it, I'll actually make the suggestion!
  12. hey

    Unfortunately real life has prevented Shock and Kralyerg from spending much time here over the last few months.
  13. @Snapphanen that sounds like there could possibly be a conflict with one of your mods. Do you have any really old mods that were from way back when Banished was still in version 1.0.4 or 1.0.5 at all? There's one particular mod called Pesky Produce that will cause big problems when trying to use it with Banished 1.0.7 and CC 1.75 but there's a few others floating about that may have the same problems. The other question would be what is your mod load order?
  14. I think that what all this shows, is that there can be great variation in resource production. Having seen previous examples of apparent over-production, I tend to think this is just one of those quirks of the map seed, map size and terrain type in use. I don't think it's a bug with the hunting blinds or CC 1.75. I tend to favour the same map size, terrain type and starting conditions whenever I start new maps and I'm using CC 1.75. I seem to get about 800 duck meat per hunting blind with my prefered map conditions. I "sometimes" see it go above 900 and more typically get about 750. Rarely do I see it go as high as 1000. Again, I believe this is just one of the quirks of the procedural generation of the map based upon the starting choices.
  15. I'd just like to say once again, that while the abundance of blueberries is due to the interaction of a few mods that includes Natural Diversity and appears to be unique to my specific mod collection/load order, this is not because of Natural Diversity. The root cause seems to be with the Pine mod and Natural Diversity has simply allowed a dormant problem within the Pine mod to became noticeable. If I ran my game without the Pine mod, the blueberry problem would probably not exist. @Bartender is being very generous & considerate of us, the players, by offering to fix a problem that is not even in his mod.
  16. As an afterthought, it's worth mentioning that if you have crop fields or orchards with no open land around them, you won't get any wilding plants from those fields/orchards. For example I have a crop field that is bordered by other fields and by a river and a stream and none of the plants from that particular field have been able to "cross the border" and take advantage of the Rebellious Crops mechanic and escape into the wild - because there is no open land for them to escape to!
  17. For the curious, I've added a few more images to my Poyens album to highlight particular mods plus I've added an image of the map.
  18. From the album Poyens

  19. From the album Poyens

  20. From the album Poyens

  21. From the album Poyens

    Map Seed: 824582559 Terrain Type: [CC] Lake Waters Terrain Size: [CC] Very Large Yellow box shows starting location By way of some explanation for the way the town is laid out, I favour the "organic" approach to town planning. I tend to group areas in "stages of growth" so that the more sophisticated buildings such as those found in CC (e.g. the fancy houses) start to appear in the fourth stage of growth. In the following images I'm at the second stage of town growth, the first stage was the initial "quick & rough" buildings found in mods such as Plimoth Plantation, Forest Outpost and Nordic Log Cabins. I like the eclectic (some might say chaotic) look formed by different districts as they have been added by growth stage rather than the well laid out and planned, built-by-grid approach. This gives me a distinct "old town" district because I don't upgrade the older styles of CC building to newer CC styles. When I want the newer CC building I'll place it in the appropriate sector of the town and upgrade it immediately it has finished being built.
  22. Hey @Banished&Used I can't say I have ever seen anyone other than miners or quarry workers getting crushed by rocks so this is a completely new one to me!
  23. Welcome to the forums and good luck for your modding. There are people here who are happy to answer questions about modding if you ever need and assistance. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it
  24. Hi Dalcyone, welcome to the site. Yeah the long load times were a source of concern for a few of us as we added more and more mods to the load order, particularly with all the extra material that CC was adding. Glad to see you've found the workaround because it makes such a difference to the loading time. I just wish I could use the Alt+Tab trick on Cities: Skylines to get that to load faster (unfortunately it seems to load every mod one after the other or something like that so the load time can be 20=30 minutes if you have too many mods... which, of course, I do!)
  25. Hiya everyone. In regards to my Poyens album, it was essentially created to allow QueryEveryone to take a peek at my town so I had no concerns for including stats or even the usual info bars available from the UI. It was to highlight the over-water buildings more than anything else although I did wander off into other areas for screenshots. I have every intention of adding tags and descriptions to the images but I am relying on good weather before attempting that - it's winter here in Australia and in my part of the country we are getting a lot of rain... which happens to collect in the underground telephone cable box at the bottom of my front yard... which happens to screw up the old cabling... which is due to be replaced in the next year or two... so rain = poor net connection. My first attempt to post the album was lost when my connection had a major slow down while I was trying to upload the album and download some software updates. Anyway... ah I just love using "..." so in regards to the blueberry problem... (or overusing it as the case may be... ) In regards to the blueberry problem - it's a problem with MY setup and NOT a problem with NatDiv2 & Rebellious Crops. I can say this with confidence because a lot of other people are using NatDiv2 and are not having the problem that I am having. After viewing the feedback/bug report comments on both WoB and BlackLiquid, it seems I am the ONLY person with this problem. All the plants that I have observed spreading into the wlld as a result of Rebellious Crops have been plants that I had to place into a crop field or an orchard first. At the time of the blueberry invasion I didn't have blueberries as a crop seed. None of the crop seeds I did have, spread into the wild in the early years. None of them have spread with anything approaching the rate that the blueberries spread and the blueberries started spawning in areas away from the settlement in the early years of the map so it would seem to me that they were running on some script that influences wild plant grow and not crop plants. Rebellious Crops doesn't influence wild plant growth in that manner, it causes crop/orchard plants to spread beyond the field they are planted in. So for example, I do not have wilding pumpkins growing in other areas of the map, they are only growing in areas right next to the cropfield they were initially planted in. I have two cropfields with pumpkins and only one of them has wilding pumpkins growing. The other thing to keep in mind is that I have not yet attempted to replicate the problem (because I am too devoted to Poyens to try another map) and so far nobody else has been able to replicate my blueberry problem. That all indicates that the problem is most likely unique to my mod setup. In scientific/technical methodology, you need to be able to replicate a certain result to be able to prove that it is indeed occurring. So far the evidence (circumstantial although some of it may be) indicates that my blueberry problem is a unique result. Unless other people can replicate the same problem with a different mod setup to mine, then there is no support for the theory that Rebellious Crops by itself is causing the problem that I am having.