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  1. EDIT 13Dec16: Note that the "Medium Map" title on the image is from the mini-map mod I am using and is not the starting conditions. Hi everyone, after adding some comments to the poll for what would we like to see in CC version 1.7, I figured I should try and post some screenshots of the two map types I mentioned in that thread. I like the larger maps because I like to make a few villages and one or two small towns on the map. These two particular types also give large lake areas that don't look like the normal Banished "circle lake". Terrain Type - [CC] Lake Waters Terrain Size - [CC] Very Large Map Seed - 777, or Map Seed - 999 The bottom of the Yellow Box shows the starting location of the map. Map Seed 777 Map Seed 999
  2. @Kedryn that map is fantastic! It's very much the type of lake I have been searching for with my trawls through the random seed generator (particularly because it also has some islands). Even the river & stream placement is good Edit: I see I'm not the only one who finds the menu does not display the Terrain Size when using CC Very Large maps. @QueryEverything (reminds of a Rorschach test)... yes, yes it does I see... a butterfly... Maybe that's just me
  3. As for me, I've been spending a lot of time on the soundtrack to the Ghost In The Shell TV series, first season (not the execrable attempt by Hollywood to film the story - while I have no desire to watch that particular abomination, the soundtrack does seem to be good)
  4. @Jafar_the_Barmecide interesting vid, I found myself spending too much time looking at the background. I recognize enough to "sort of" know what part of Fremantle it's in but I haven't been in that part of town for so long I barely know the other streets she walks down.
  5. @Sara Dead I apologize first because I do not have an answer for your question but I wanted to ask you a question. Are you the Sara-in-a-heaven on soundcloud? I like a lot of the music, it reminds me of some of the tracks that Mooze recorded for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl game.
  6. If you use the coastal buildings in Discrepancy's Jetty And Bridge mod and Necora's Maritimes set alongside the dock and quay themed sets from CC, you can build up a decent sized community either on the shore or over the water itself. When I get Banished started (too many mods so it feels like it takes half an hour but is really about 8-minutes to start) I'll get some more screen shots of the settlement I've been building on map seed 959 (found on page 1 of this thread) There's one image in the following thread from my town but it was taken to show the location of a trade post that was giving me some problems, so the picture doesn't show a lot of the town.
  7. Some really interesting terrain there although I like the first one the most because of those two streams leading to another lake.
  8. Now that @Discrepancy has added some housing to his DS Jetty and Bridge mod, the options for overwater towns have increased quite a bit. I decided to do a large overwater settlement for the start area of my current game. In the following image, I have jetties and buildings from the dock themed set from CC along with jetties and buildings from Discrepany's Jetty and Bridge set (along with some buildings from @Ketchup). Edit: Forgot to mention that I also make use of @Necora's Maritimes set for some fishing buildings Edit again: Not the best picture to show off the village, I made this to illustrate a problem I was having with some trade posts on the CC Lake Waters maps.
  9. And don't forget that @Discrepancy has a Viking Storage Vault in his DS Storage mod http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=216 And he has some stone & thatch round houses in his DS Celtic Houses mod that would not look out of place in a Norse settlement of the viking era http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=244 There has been some talk of other celtic buildings in various discussions, hopefully some of the modders will have the time to make some more
  10. Like @Vrayna mentioned, I don't think there is any way to add this into the game however @J_Man I do think the idea is very good. It's a simple and sensible "town planning" idea rather than any sort of cheat in my opinion.
  11. I has "assumed" that was their function but I was never really sure because I could never collect enough of them to check! I typically built the new tower only when I had large towns (so obviously this would be much later in the game). I like the idea exactly because it does save storage space.
  12. You sometimes find that traders have them to sell to you. They don't seem to have any real function however I believe that they have very little weight so you can have lots of them without losing a lot of storage capacity i.e. you have 100 units to trade with from one slip instead of needing 100 items to get the same value plus the fact that they are a slip of paper and not, say, a piece of timber which obviously weighs a lot more and sucks up much more storage capacity. I haven't been able to test this because I've never collected emough of them!
  13. Yeah, unfortunately you are not using a legit copy. Skidrow Games hacks the original games so that people can get them free but in the process they often screw up other functions. I am willing to bet that if you're having this trouble with MM then any other large mod is probably going to have the same problems - the cracked version of the game has screwed up the support for mods.
  14. @Jafar_the_Barmecide @QueryEverything while I visited Ballarat & Bendigo decades ago, I lived in Kalgoorlie for about a decade. If we went for an Aussie mod for the Kalgoorlie region I think we would have to ask for hessian & timber houses for the early buildings and wild (i.e. feral) goats and camels to go alongside the kangaroos!
  15. Freo?! I'm just outside Midland, so you're just a short trip down the Gt East Hwy/Canning Hwy from me!
  16. @Necora ah yes, I should have realized that from all the trouble that came with making the trees!
  17. Another Aussie here, although I am from Western Australia and right on the west coast so that puts me about 3000km away from @QueryEverything To put that in some perspective, it's like flying from Dublin to Moscow. It's about about four hours flight time from my part of Australia to Query's part of Australia.
  18. @Bartender if you're not happy with modelling those buildings, might I be presumptious and suggest a collaboration with one of the other modders to make them using your grasses and reeds? But to be completely blunt, I don't think it's necessary for a grass or reed hut to be particularly sophisticated, if it looks a little "rough" that will probably just make it look all the more lived in!
  19. Cheers and yeah, I reckon we can safely assume you are not completely nuts... we can assume that can't we? <please let the answer be "yes"> Pesky would probably work okay if it's placed way down the load order (i.e. below just about any mod that alters resource creation) but I believe the extra crop you get from it isn't worth the hassle of putting it in the right load location considering that it causes the game to freeze and needs a computer restart to clear. I would have been happy with just a CTD but restarting "everything" annoys me! Still, it did create massive fields of wild pumpkins or wild lettuce for me on some maps and I'm going to miss that, - and I mean massive, nothing else would grow because the pumpkins/lettuce were like an invasive weed, growing anywhere there was an open space! The area would have been about 20 x 15 squares covered in pumpkins... Ah, memories...
  20. Some interesting happenings... I moved Pesky Produce up the load order so that it was above every mod that affected free growing resources and any that affected cropfields & orchards. Everything was running as expected until I used the Debug Menu to give me access to all crop seeds - the intention was to plant a few cropfields and see if Pesky Produce was causing some crops to seed in the wild. The game froze and went to white screen when I tried to Alt+Tab. Had to restart the computer to get rid of it. I'm going to try the same thing again with the same conditions in place but without my music player running and without any webpages open (to remove any extra external factors that might have added more load on the RAM when Banished was trying to do its thing). EDIT01: Did the above and got the same result. Initial impression - it isn't the Debug Menu, it is Pesky Produce above all other resource altering mods when the game tries to autosave. I'm being drawn to the notion that when Pesky Produce is high in the load order, it becomes a problem child but it's also something to do with Autosave. I'm running another check with Pesky below Wild Flora (which as mentioned above, is above the other resource altering mods mentioned) but I am beginning to think that Pesky Produce may be too much of a problem child to keep using. EDIT02: Pesky Produce lives up to its name. Seems that it only likes to work when it's below the various mods mentioned in this thread. For now I'm removing it from my load order because I feel that what's happened for me supports the conclusion that @QueryEverything reached. I really like the mod but I don't think the minor benefit it gives is worth the headache the mod causes when in the wrong load order.
  21. Initial results. Wild Flora placed above all the other mods mentioned and I have the Wild Flora reources bag on the map at game start. Yay! The forest does not automatically have resources from the Pines mod. I expected that but hoped they would show up so... Boo! No crashes yet but I've only just started building homes so no conclusions can be drawn from that so far. EDIT: I have had Pesky Produce far lower in my load order than I thought (below all of the above mentioned mods but, more importantly, also below CC). Going to move it higher up the load order. For sake of reference, I have Wild Flora reources being produced along with thatch from grasses (NatDiv mod) in this game right from the start of the game but due to Wild Flora being above Pines, the Pines resources are not likely to appear until I put a Pines Forester in place. The last town I made, Pines was above Wild Flora so Pines resources were on the map right from the beginning. The first orchard I put in place was from Discrepancy's mod and it's running properly. Pesky being below CC may have been the reason (maybe?) that I was not having problems that Query was having as CC and everything above CC would have dominated Pesky in my games. So yeah, time to move Pesky up the load order and wait for the crash!
  22. @Necora @QueryEverything I have the forest resources from the Pines mod all working well, I had a bit of a brain-fart at one point when checking a warehouse thinking "Where the hell do these chanterelles come from?" and then finally figured it out, so yeah, I know it's working! But the main reason for speaking up again here is that while I have @tanypredator's Wild Flora mod, the wild flax has not been growing and I know that is specifically because I am using CC and for this particular settlement I was using the Appalachian forest start. So I don't know if that is having some extra impact along with Pesky Produce on QueryEverything's maps compared to mine. We know that Wild Flora alters the forest resources so it only seems to work with vanilla starting conditions e.g. Medium. I'm going to start a new map now that I am running Natural Diversity but I'll use the Medium start condition (as it implements vanilla forest resources and this is what's needed for Wild Flora) and I'm thinking I might have to move Wild Flora above Maritimes Pines as well. After all the waffling on, there's a few points to make regarding my last few settlements and which I will use again for this test: - 1. I am using Pesky Produce alongside Discrepancy's orchards & cropfields without any problems so far 2. I am using CC Very Large map size with Lake Waters terrain type 3. I am using Maritimes Pines and Wild Flora mods 4. I am using Natural Diversity (below Maritimes sets but previously above Wild Flora) 5. Discrepancy's Small Village Production mod (the one that supplies the orchards) is below Maritimes, Natural Diversity, Wild Flora but above CC 6. From memory, Pesky Produce is below Maritimes, Natural Diverisity, Wild Flora & Small Village Production but above CC 7. I do not have Maritimes Trees (the only mod I know of that Query has that I don't, that alters forest conditions in the game) I'm actually not expecting anything much to happen regards crashes/freezing/etc. but I'm hoping that with Wild Flora above Pines that I might have wild flax again at game start along with wild honey and rosehips etc. etc. from tany's mod. However I am also sort of hoping for something unexpected to happen along the lines of Query's problem to see if we can get another angle to check for troubleshooting. EDIT some time later: Checked on Pesky Produce. I have had it below CC all this time (as well as below all the other mods listed above).
  23. Oh you mean like that strange old aunt who makes meatloaf that's actually delicious but you really don't know what she puts in it... and it's best not to ask!
  24. @Bartender I very much like the idea of using reeds and grasses to make a bundle that's then used to produce thatch. I am like despo20, I like production chains that aren't too simple. I prefer a more complex/sophisticated production chain as a game challenge over the methods used in some other city builder games (where the challenge is to reach x number of population or build x number of houses etc. etc. so that you can unlock the next level or some special building). I completely understand @QueryEverything's desire not to have every building need thatch because it makes it more difficult at game start but I have a different approach in that I'm using tents provided by various mods for early game housing. I don't know how to strike a balance between these two different approaches to early game while using the thatch resource except for perhaps having some really simple housing in your mod e.g crude huts that use grass or reeds. Then the player can at least provide housing for the citizens while collecting enough thatch to make the more complex homes. Like QueryEverything I too saw that little watermill and thought "I'd love that in game" so @despo20 if that's going to be a new project for you, I'll add my "yes" vote for it! Example of a grass hut (Southern Africa) Examples of reed huts (Peru)
  25. Strange. At the risk of teaching you how to suck eggs, are all your graphics drivers up-to-date/compatible/working/accessing the right files/not in the middle of an update? I don't imagine that this is the problem especially considering you work with 3D graphics software so you're probably more aware of this sort of thing than I am. But it's the only thing I can think of given that at least one of the dll's listed is for graphics. I'm kinda hoping that discussing things here might spark some insight?