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  1. There's no more trouble. Ha ha. Thank you both! I'm getting a lot of help.
  2. Hey. I finally found the cause of that problem. I'm not sure, but I've been saving and loading it many times, and it happens every time I try to build a slope conforming pasture in a corner like the screenshot I uploaded. If anyone has the same problem as I do, the solution is not to build one like that. The best solution is to save automatically or to keep saving regularly.
  3. Well, I don't think the second suggestion is the cause by any stretch of the imagination. Once there was enough space around my stock file and even if there wasn't enough space, there should have been a problem before. but I think the old version of the mode used was plausible. I'll try using only the latest version of the mode. Thanks for your help!
  4. So there's no way we can solve it now? this is terrible... Thank you for answering anyway.
  5. Thank you for your answer. but i think there's a reason to refute the both case, the problem did not occur until about 800 people were there. The bottom line is that it happened suddenly at a certain time. Another key point is that only logs are thrown out of there. I can't get rid of my doubts by this point... I'd rather it's a simple script error. If so, the result is random even if I play it again with a file I've saved before....
  6. In addition, this happens only in the most recent save files and does not happen in newly started games or other save files.
  7. Suddenly, the log was out of stock, so I checked and the log kept coming out of the stock file. This is a list of modes that I am currently using. CC: 1.76 Journey Fish farm DS tunnels Cheap tunnels Intensified Fishing Dock All modes are in Green state and a screenshot is attached. Please help me. Thank you!