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  1. Oh, I was not trying to "rush a fix" or was impatient..at least i did not mean for my post to be taken that way. Just posting that the list seems to be missing things like Tallow, whale blubber, feathers to sell out for coin. If it seemed that way, my apologies. Also, I wasnt sure if it was a bug or a change in the mod which is why i put it on questions forum. =) Thanks!!
  2. It is for all the buildings..although the food one is hard to tell because of the long list. So Utility, Material and textile are definitely short. I was a little careless with the screen grabs, Would you like me to get screens of all 4? The food list is long, so i cant really do that in one shot.
  3. And new game, last position (4th) same shortened list.
  4. OKay started a new game choo choo mod in the first position. Even smaller list.
  5. Oh i have not restarted the client yet..will do that in a bit..let you know the results.
  6. I did, but it doesn't over write the megmod and the list stays short. I tried 1st load position and last load position. But, I did not try it with a new game, just an existing one that I do not want to give up on yet....
  7. MegaMod version 801(1.0.7) the SELL list for Red Ketchup's Choo Choo mod is HUGELY short compared to the original mod. For example: the Station Export list for materials has only 7 items instead of teh 20+ it should have. I cannot sell whale blubber, tallow..i can sell beeswax. Also, cannot sell lamp oil for example (assuming you have too much whale blubber and convert to lamp oil). Sort of need an export function to sell off excess (and when you have apop of 2k+, you have excess of a lor of things) Thanks! Avid 900+ hours played...