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  1. welcome
  2. no problem, it is a 2 hit mod i anyways wanted together: debug + time is money
  3. did it bug before i mean somehow someday it was working with MM8 ... but not since lately ?
  4. woah. if this one doesnt works.... i dunno what to say! placed it on top ?
  5. try this one: my own personal debug : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YWnAJnL29fz_5qK3TyERrWJV_nYQCPBy/view?usp=sharing it will be placed directly on the main bar
  6. are you at max game resolution ?
  7. if you crash and get colonial charter ON this because you dont follow what we always say in every thread : each time you add or do a change in mod order, you need to exit the game completly to update your windows registry. never never start a new game, always exit the game completly.
  8. are you sure that duplicated icon comes from MM8 ? do you have any other mod enabled ? did you checked with MM8 totally alone the duplicated icons are still there ?
  9. it can takes from 2 mins to 20 mins to load depending the strengh of your computer.
  10. this is normal in my original mod the list is shorter, i dont "add" things from the other mod like CC or else because some people use this mod so when Kralyerg added choochoo to megamod, he had to add all CC things and stuff from other modders. maybe perhaps he forgot some resources. there are thousands of buildings in this megamod, people need to give a break to this poor Kralyerg! he is not a robot ^^. he is human. the best, your finding need to be put on a to do list. and personally, myself, one day, i need to update my original Choo Choo mod with my own things i did in the famous RK Editor Choice mod to it.
  11. the first picture is Material Export and you compare it with Utility Export... and the other buildings ? because there are 3 or 4 of these and they dont export the same things...
  12. that mean nothing they "conflict" or "turn red" thats normal. that only mean they share data between them. thats all. thats totally normal. https://old.reddit.com/r/Banished/comments/9q21pw/banished_megamod_8_question/
  13. yup no sub-folders allowed here
  14. Hey shock


    i just reminding... here on steam you uploaded the CC 1.71 version



    it would be nice if it can be upgraded to 1.76 :)


    See You, bro


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    2. Ketchup


      sweet :)

      Thanks you Shock :)


      btw, did you heard from kralyerg lately ? i didnt from months

    3. ShockPuppet


      He's around, he said he's always looking but not talking

    4. Ketchup


      Oh ok thanks you !!