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  1. see, this mod is not alot big, 500ish MB but has alot of visual improvements and i dont think you cant use MM8 because it is 3-5 GB big. it is alot more about your PC/laptop. and probably your video card. some technologies your video card cant handle probably, maybe. maybe you should considare to upgrade your equipment some day.
  2. that can be changed. in my mod, RK Editor Choice mod, the dirt road is 999th and the stone road 998th. so every other personal road made by people have precedence.
  3. of course, yes.
  4. well thats certainly something else. can you try this just a couple of minutes to see if you are crashing ?
  5. but the build ? 170910 have some special new feature the other 1.0.7 builds has not, like new building can require up to 6 resources.
  6. yeah if you are crashing repeatly, you need to show us you have 1.0.7 Build 170910
  7. oh ya for sure you cannot use this mod with a 1.0.5 beta version !!!! you absolutely need 1.0.7 !!!! .170910 version
  8. be patient, give it some time here there is nobody making models, only Kralyerg here is making mods... but he cannot 3d draw, he thinks he is very very bad. the only ones who are 3d drawing are on WoB. sometimes some modders are stuck in big projects like myself, some others they can take breaks from time to time and they can also have their own ideas throtling in their brain...
  9. the cemetary cannot be changed much cause the hidden mechanics secretly linked to it . you can change the look of the tombstones, you can change the look of the fences all around but you cannot add another ground, i mean a floor. you can change the texture on the ground, but you cannot add the floor itself, so the tombs would stand floating on the water. and you need to keep the way it is done, you cannot decide it is a crypt like, or a dock, or a building. you click and drag and it put fences all around and the game makes appear tombstone randomly inside. i know when we are not a banished modder it can be difficult to know what we can do... what is a building/resources... and what is a game mechanic. i hope the explanations of each part help you to understand what can be done.
  10. canoe on fire... a canoe on fire as a decoration can be done, i made some realistic bonfire with real fire... but you cannot associate this to a citizen death. and also the canoe wont be able to move.... only a pure decoration item. the game doesnt allow us to change the mechanics of the game. only adding buildings/resources (even if the buildings is only a decoration)
  11. we didnt said anything... it needs to "ding!" something into a modder brain.... ^^ sorry if it hasnt made more reactions than that
  12. haha , the fire boat would have been good ^^ but noway anything like this could have beeen done
  13. embx hasnt come on Wob since december. many email has been sent to him... but no sign
  14. haha with all those numbers.... it is hard to find free numbers if you dont have a such list ^^ lucky i am, i added 3 new during the week... i took : 64, 65, and 66 as numbers hehe
  15. i never saw that bug before.... to prevent it ? use remove resource tools to harvest everything on the way before you put that special road on the ground ? maybe the template has something missing to "gather " the resource as it is processed ? to K to see if template is ok