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  1. i think you should blame all the realms around it who never cares about the earth and has completly disrupted the seasons of your bannies.
  2. pick up the MM 0.07 !!! CC 1.7 is included inside, so you dont have to load it twice.
  3. the new Beta 1.0.7 has arrived ! will the new Custom0..9 flags will be integrated in Megamod in 0.07 steam version or only in 0.08 ?
  4. wood butcher stands for a wooden replacement for the Medieval Butcher of Medieval Town. It has been requested by people in order to get a "wood" looking replacement instead the "stone" looking one. Here a screenshot of it:
  5. if i would have a mobile... i would take a screenshot or 2 ^^ if i leave house and to get to the sidewalk of the road.... i need to pass through walls of snow lol. i am 5'9' tall and i my eyes cant see through , too much snow ^^ it is like i am living inside an igloo lol
  6. lol here..... we dont say the grass is always greener ^^ we say the snow is always whiter haha all the snow banks here are already at 6 ft high ^^ we dont know where we can put the snow each time we get 6-10 inchs each time ^^
  7. a very little typo Added Wood Butcher v1.0 by Wood Butcher Thats a truck load of work, @Kralyerg !!!! Congratulations !!! you have a angelic patience
  8. CommonToolbar Icon Kit. Place this kit inside all your mods. (along with your PersonalToolbar Icon kit) This is the common icon toolbar "at the base of the main toolbar" for all the moddlers. All the moddlers will have all their personal Icon and will set all their mods on their personal toolbar. ENJOY !! ******************************** PersonalToolbar Icon Kit Do your personal Icon kit and place it inside all your mods. (along with the CommonToolbar Icon kit) This is your personal icon toolbar "at the base of the Common Toolbar" for all your mods. All the moddlers will have all their own personal Icon and will set all their mods on their personal toolbar. ENJOY !! i provide 2 examples: Personal NecoraToolbar Icon Kit.zip and Personal RedketchupToolbar Icon Kit.zip to help you to get an idea of how to set up your own personal toolbar icon kit. (dont put other people personal kit in your mods, this is their icon. You , you will do your own one.) when you will do a mod, you will ask to go sit on your own personal Icon (instead to go sit anywhere else in the vanilla toolbars) like for example, my mods will be : Toolbar _parent = "Game\RKToolbar.rsc:RKtoolbar"; or Toolbar _parent = "Game\RKToolbar.rsc:RKhousing"; ..... and Necora will put: Toolbar _parent = "Game\NecoraToolbar.rsc:NecoraToolbar"; or Toolbar _parent = "Game\NecoraToolbar.rsc:Necorahousing"; ..... if you need sub toolbars... you set it up inside your personal toolbar (like those "housing" ) CommonToolbar.zip Personal NecoraToolbar Icon Kit.zip Personal RedketchupToolbar Icon Kit.zip
  9. everyone can now do that... i mean... all people like us who made hundreds and thousands of buildings everything we do we can put it on our own toolbar and free everything else people will stop to get headaches each time they open the game ^^
  10. screenshot of my RKtoobar.rsc and screenshots of all my other files
  11. exactly the RKtoolbar.rsc in Game folder , its spritesheets files and stringtable (and all icons) in dialog (changed the links from /UI/ to /dialog/ inside the files) and everything worked out. and i just copy paste my game folder and my dialog folder in all my mods and everything go sit there) of course all the mods you want to sit on RK icons needs to be changed to go sit on RKtoolbar.rsc:RKtoolbar (instead of game/toolbar.rsc:food for example)
  12. so that mean ... you guys can do a CC icon at the base and put everything you ve done inside it and free everything else
  13. i confirm ! i did what Luke email said : never worked i did what Necora said : it worked awesome !!!! never Luke talked about the Game folder (and Dialog folder) in his email .. i just verified. Look at my screenshots : RKBeachParty.pkm ChooChoo.pkm RKTrainingCamp.pkm CountryLittleHouse.pkm newmedievaltown.pkm all gone to set on my RK Toolbar at the base ^^
  14. We know 90% of people use CC. 99% of these CC players put CC on top. so everyone else will get what you will decide bro. You have our fate in your hands even if i decide custom7 is "Dairy", all poeple with CC on top will have "Dry Goods" as Custom7 and my "Dairy flag" wont work ^^ <= it is just an example ^^
  15. food is not a flag edible is