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  1. thats because we can get alot more trees, grass and animals moving in a very large map to compare the large one. we are providing very large map because people ask for it... but i think we shouldnt. thats not a good service to give to people ^^
  2. but i will still up my 30x30 pasture maximum workers to 3 (i mean for my RK Ed mod ^^)
  3. the size of your map has alot of importance. if you have very few RAM in your pc, you need to go down a lot in size.
  4. and your version of the game is 1.0.7 v 170910
  5. the lumber storage is Construction stockyard (or ALL)
  6. probably depends alot of your mod order.
  7. thats probably your problem. but 6year is not that old, but been built cheap though. 6 years, you should have got a windows 64bits though. you are posting about colonial charter, is it really CC you try to load, and not megamod ? are you trying to use CC alone with no other mods ?
  8. all depends of the source of the immigration. the vanilla townhall need the vanilla trading post and the vanilla market. none of all other TP or none of all other markets will work. so it depends how has been made the immigration function of the specific building. every modder can alterate the source as he wants.
  9. than, it is bad
  10. then certainly have a conflict. is MM your real first mod in the list ?
  11. you know the black screen should last between 10 and 35 mins ?
  12. when you launch banished, you can hold control and get a little menu window. inside it has an option : check : disable all mods. and then you can start the game and do your things.
  13. you enable all 3 and they all turn red (which mean nothing...) your game reload and then you totally quit the game once you totally closed the game, you restart the game and then start a new city
  14. so i ve gone testing.... i couldnt check if the button was there or not, i was crashing everytime with my RK Ed mod ON. the only way you can do the tutorials is : you need to disable all your mods first before going to click the tutorial button. or you will crash. this is not something about megamod but something about the game vs mods vs tuto in general.
  15. bah yeah, once your tuto has been started... do you have a mods button in the menu ?