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  1. looks great !! if you see some white lines.... verify your UVW and make sure it doesnt go further than should be.
  2. then i guess i ll have to reduce the anount of fodder produced ^^ and maybe revise the stables numbers
  3. yeah they will just disappear when cut it is not a bid deal ^^ the look of those trees compensate largely
  4. what ever we can do .... probably the original herb mesh will still always exists in the game files so this is ALL GOOD
  5. i think you need to put more greenhouse @Paeng you over producing fodders/fertilizers/water.
  6. to be compatible , it needs to have the vanilla one still there in the game... and then it will be fine the new meshes will appear each time a new spawn will grow.
  7. did you checked your RAM lately with some mem test ? in case it is physical your problem ? (always good to check)
  8. i saw someone once ..... she was able and getting snow on walls and none on the roof ^^ it was pretty EPIC lol
  9. alt tab during the black screen ... it will load alot faster ^^
  10. using all these mods i hope you have a minimum of 8gb RAM and you have win7 64bits.
  11. but it is still something alot of people are asking around all the time. often you see people trying to make 1 million meal based on what today the see when they go make their grocery ^^ just take the eggs. lately people suggested like 100 recipes to make everything with eggs. and their always talk like it is a must and even necessairy to do it
  12. yup me too ^^ i deleted all the trees ^^
  13. it is better than add a big ugly old toe LOL
  14. it looks so good Necora !!!! it looks alot more natural ! <3 i love it. i really deleted everything. really not satisfied. but i still have the grass in the GardenWalls:Utility if you want it
  15. they look so awesome !!!!! i think i ll delete all my folder ^^ so jealous !