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  1. didnt forgot to install the The DirectX End User Runtime and The Visual Studio 2012 Redist ?
  2. it is hard to say anything about crash and why it crashed specially with just a window screenshot like that and without any explanation of what you did (in your graphics, in your code, in your game) nvwgf2umx.dll is part of NVIDIA D3D10 drivers and developed by NVIDIA Corporation... so double check your textures... and your mesh.
  3. man i am really jealous ! you are so talented !
  4. a fire station is can act as a well ... yes it is possible. but the game doesnt allow a profession/worker assigned to it though, it would conflict a special "hard coded" feature which turn the citizens into "firemen" when a fire appears in game.
  5. i just tested : i used Paint.net and exported 1 of my .png to .dds and i changed the codeTexture.rsc file to search for a claypit.dds instead of claypit.png ... and gave an error : cant find the image file. so it is a no go, unfortunatly
  6. i dont know... i need to find a .dds and test it in game
  7. i have no idea if a .dds will work but i know something, you are not obligated to only choose .png, the game accept more format than hust one. jpg works, tga works, bmp works.... but i cannot tell if the .dds works though. it accept more than one format, but a rule though is clear: it only accept images with sides in pixels of 32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048.
  8. sometime the game is acting very strange about these .pngs and mono-multi textures.... i dunno whatis the problem and if/if not a % of png is counting for something or not. let me explain myself with an example. if you have a 256x256 texture. and the game is rendering right this little 256x256 as it is. and then you make a 512x512 texture and you take this 256x256 as it is and put it in a corner of this 512. an exact copy/paste of it along with other things you need elsewhere, on ohter pieces of your house... normally , we should think the rendering in game should be the exact same (since it is the same 256x256 melted inside a 512x512) ?? bah no, when i tested it, the quality wasnt the same the texture became as not precise it was and was a bit "blurred" i never understood !. i never put the 256x256 inside the 512x512 and rescaled it back to 256! (which would have made the original 256 down to 128 !!). No, it was still a 256x256! but the quality in game was different like it 256 of 256 = 100% and 256 of 512 =NOT 100% anymore lol never understood ^^
  9. yeah but part of the problem is have all of us "active moddlers" 100% adherate to the way CC they decided to do things like : Charcoal, Furnace Fuel, Building Supplies, Homewares, and Fancy Homeware..... you call my "roof tiles" as obscure material. why it is "obscur ??" roof tiles have been used since thousands of years. so why obscur ? because CC hasnt made it first before i did ? why isnt the supplies, homewares and fancies arent THE obscure materials ? this is because you set, from the start, that CC is THE only and unique "rule" and everyone that doesnt go the way CC did (with their own obscure decisions), it automatically make them "THE" obscure moddlers. all of us , "obscure" and "unknown" moddlers we are making our best to make it "compatible" with CC because we know more than half players use that mod. we know it. and now, Do we need to "100% accept" all the "obscure chains" they [CC] decided and not want to make our own way ? and denied all our own visions of things , of chains ? Megamod is a huge project lead by @Kralyerg. and it is the most huge task ever made in this game. it is already extremly hard to deal with all the billions of files, of things... yes "billions" !!!! a huge mess of billion files put all together and he tries his best to make all these work together. (only him could do that!!) and following your mind, and what you've been asked, he needs to "delete" all the entities these mods have and redo all the templates these mods have and make them 100% assimilated like if they never existed outside "CC" , deleting their "souls" and "their way to do things" because whatever hasnt been done first in "CC" are obscure and need to be deleted. A good part of the goal of this Megamod, was to integrate all the "other" visions the "other moddlers" had when they created their mods and SHARE it with people in one and unique MOD, the Mother Mod of all the mods Part of the goal was to SHARE all the "Entities" and "Souls" all these mods have, and this is what is the most important. but all i always says to @Kralyerg : he has everything and he can do whatever he wants with these. i always 100% supported him.
  10. multi material at the end will give you more, more details for less megabytes. the more often , here and there, everywhere, you use the same little pieces of 128, 256, 512 pixels and more you save to compare using the big big 1024x1024 or 2048x2048 huge single materials. specially if you have alot of details, a 2048 isnt even enough to compete with the litlle 128-256p
  11. Medieval Town mod is hard to accept when you only knew CC ^^. sounds like all this crappy mod (medieval town) need to be put in the garbage cans ^^
  12. yeah i agree with @Bartender specially on the lower parts of the houses. if you check the citizen female with a brown tshirt and black pants.... the window behind her start even below, under her knees. the windows are way too low.
  13. started to work to upgrade some chains from NMT .... to fix those problems with clay/bricks/pottery... it will be called : NMT 3.0 Series : Clay Chain. inside there will be fixes for Clay Pit, Kiln, Pottery Shop. Pottery Shop Upgrade, Clay, Bricks, Rooftiles, Pottery, Workers. will work if placed above NMT2.04 or 100% functionnal as standAlone. it will come in a day or 2.
  14. hehe i guess the big round square is the boat passable piece with a : x0x 0x0 x0x pattern ?
  15. bah when you assign a texture to a box/plane/cylinder/sphere.... you click and assign ? you do same with other box/plane/etc to another .png.... and at the end you mix everything up in one single mesh (blender has its own way and menu as 3dsmax do too on its way) and then in your materialInstance folder, you have a .png .rsc and a Texture.rsc file for your 1st texture, you do the same file with your 2nd textures (you can have 200 of these .png .rsc. Texture.rsc , there is no limit)