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  1. i was joking Stiles it was not for breaking apart CC ! it was about to integrate some of the products recipes in the already existent buildings ^^
  2. you are welcome yeah to be able to share resources between mods..... we need to put the resource files in both mods (and this is from that originally red conflicts happends, because same files need to be inside both mods)
  3. ^^ CC crew really need to give me all their code LOL joking of course !
  4. yeah thats normal the medieval tailor cannot do it. the medieval tailor is not from the CC1.75 mod but it is from NMT2.04. in order to have the medieval tailor being able to do it, it would need the CC team give me the reeds files and the survival coats files so i can include them in my Medieval Tailor
  5. sorry i dont have the rice files from BlackLiquid Team (CC). i need to put the files IN so it can be taken and make flour with it. but presently doing NMT3.0Series: Food , maybe i ll do my own rice
  6. I just uploaded a new version for fixing minor bugs (by minor i mean "not critical" and saved compatible ^^) Version 3.11 Bugfixes : - Fixed all the 6x Watermills 3D. The terraforming wasnt done properly. - Fixed the Classic stone 8X Watermills. The 8x wasnt scaled properly, they were still in 6x. - Fixed all the 4x 6x 8x Watermill reversed footprints. The reversed water versions didnt had their good footprint with the blue arrow going the other direction. Sorry for the bugs. Thanks to @PredatorBeing who found some bugs.
  7. yeah thats a good idea
  8. it is unbelievable what you can do with our mods your are truly an Artist ! @Paeng !
  9. the lowest building are kinda tricky though, cause having to start a few elaborate chains in order to get some windows, lumbers, construction kits just for building your first 2-3 house in game before winter .... it can be very hard.
  10. Hey @Dalcyone ! when you get the blackscreen and dont want to wait that 10-15mins.... ALT TAB and surf during that time. alot of people when they do that, they reduce and shrink that wait time by 90% ! when you alt tab during the blackscreen , the blackscreen only last like for 50 secs. Note for a couple of people, it doesnt work but most people it drastically works.
  11. the way he said, shouldnt be long. we need to do a couple of mods with extended building list to see if people will get errors or not.
  12. the thing with the ChooChoo tracks : this because they allow a road to be built under the track. they dont have any "non-road" component so you only can pause them once the 3 logs have been deposited on the track site. once the materials are there (3 logs) you can pause it as long as you wish. to make them clickable before the material , i would need to delete the possibility to build a road or.... i would need to make them ghosted.
  13. all food industries from NMT and all my other mods always adds something : double the amount of food, add a +1 in value, and sometime combine all nutritive elements from the raw materials so at the end, even if the bannies eat everything, you are not a loser ^^
  14. thats bad ??
  15. I just released today a new 3.1 version of those canals. I redid completly all the pieces with the knowleadge i have today in 3D moddling. Those original pieces were made a year or + ago and they were extremly wrongly made. i redid them all and i saved so much place.... so much bits, and Kbits and MBits lol..... that with the space used by 2 different textures back in time... now it has 8 different textures !! and the size of the file is about the same ^^ Description : All the canal pieces have been 100% remade shrinking the file so much, now you have 8 different skins for your canal system. Depending the texture you will use, it will cost you stones, bricks, or wood to build those.Textures:CL: Classic Stones (NMT).Use stones as primary material required.OS: Old Stones (CC). Use stones as primary material required.RB: Red Bricks (NMT). Use bricks as primary material required.SB: Sand Bricks (NMT). Use bricks as primary material required.FB: Fire Bricks (GW). Use bricks as primary material required.OC: Old Church Stones (GW). Use stones as primary material required.DS: Dark Stones (New). Use stones as primary material required.OW: Old Wood (New). Use wood logs as primary material required.all costs are harmonized thru the 3 different sizes now (4x 6x 8x). it will cost you the same to build any different size.Many pieces cost a bit more than before, but some like the trading posts cost extremly less than before (rougly 40% initial cost).When you are building your canal system in game, i strongly suggest you to pause your game and check what you are doing. all the footprints have a blue arrow on the ground which will tell you the direction of the flow. The Clay pit and the Kiln to make bricks are not provided with this mod but they will still available thru traders. ------------------ and also , there was a problem with some Radeon/Intel graphic cards making some pink color artefact appearing in the water. So now we have a version for Nvidia users, and a version for Radeon users. I also managed to make both in a 1.0.7 version with new limits custom flags, and a 1.0.6 old stone limit/flags as stated in NMT 2.04 for 1.0.6. You will find all 4 versions on World of Banished download section NMT3.1Series: Canal Set - Nvidia for 1.0.7 http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1763.0 NMT3.1Series: Canal Set - Nvidia for 1.0.6 http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1762.0 NMT3.1Series: Canal Set - Radeon for 1.0.7 http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1769.0 NMT3.1Series: Canal Set - Radeon for 1.0.6 http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1768.0