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  1. crash.dmp are not usefull at all, screenshot with explainations of the screenshot are more usefull. nobody can read those crash.dmp
  2. hey

    welcome back
  3. hey

    thats a great news !!! i mean... for him !!! i am happy for Shock
  4. hey

    bah i sent report to Luke about the beta 3 new things : the extra building resource window works perfectly the new debug tool though doesnt work at all, all the extra new resource icons (custom0-9) add +100 Custom0 only. so it needs to be fix, we will surely get a beta 4 first. i sent the report long time ago , before summer, but as we know, the summer is still going on and maybe he is in vacations probably will have news in september
  5. do you have anything that add a non vanilla tree somewhere ? cause maybe it sound strange, but a new tree that is dead and should fall on the ground (which has the comment to have anim linked to it in the code) and which doesnt have a set of anim made... can cause a crash in middle of nowhere. that tree should fall on the ground but no anim attached too... cause a crash thats a very possible event. it can be verified by asking bannies to chop down all those non-vanilla trees to see if you crash when the anim should happends. i personally dont know how to set up tree death anim, so if in my code i let anim ON... it would crash. so i always change the code to : " bool _animated = false; " thats a very possible possibility
  6. Hello Alycya When you unzipped the toolkit in your modkit folder you've got a : bin (folder) example (folder) resource (folder) BuildExamples.bat BuildResources.bat README.html Right ? then you took the steam data.pkg files and copied them in your Bin/WinData folder ? and comeback to run the BuildResources.bat ? the resource (folder) i've put in Bold is the folder where you have all your resource files .rsc which you can open with the notepad the .crs are usually inside the Bin/WinData folder. Can we have a screenshot if it is different ? *ptrscr on your keyboard and open paint.exe of windows and CNTRL+V to paste your screenshot (then save as .jpg)
  7. i am so sorry ^^ i have a Ryzen7 16 cores boosted at 3650Mhz with 32gRAM. i cannot technically feel what other little pc can feel
  8. but gtx 950 is a very very good card... alot better than mine ! i have a gtx 750ti
  9. it is . maybe a typo ? i have the exact same files from [CC] provided to me by Kralyerg i gone back to edit the strawberries and watermelon, they both are fruit
  10. NMT3.0Series: LittleHousing for 1.0.6b and 1.0.7b Update is up ! Changelog: 3.0a : fixed 1 chimney smoke on the 5th model of Old Stone texture. Changelog: 3.0b : fixed the building points and use points which were 0,5 tile to near of the houses. Added roof support (wood frame) to all the build02 building process. Added a 6th model which is a mirror copy of the 3rd (the one with a balcony in "L" shape.)
  11. for Lettuce : sure. try to contact them and ask if i can get : i have no seen neither the 2 bro since april. about raspberries they already added ... to orchards along with blueberries
  12. same case can take 15mins man
  13. another new part is made NMT3.0Series: LittleHousing for 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 This is a mod that adds a NMT Little Housing Set to your game that will match the textures of your NMT3.0Series Canal system. 5 different models "F" alternate. 8 different textures, same as NMT3.0Series: Canal system (Classic, Old Stones, Red Bricks, Sand Bricks, Fire Set Bricks, Old Church Stones, Dark Stones Foundations, Old Wood). The houses are 4x4 +1 road and will cost or 24stones+8wood, or 24bricks+8wood, or 24wood+8stones depending the texture chosen. These new houses use the new " Transparency Glass Technology" ™ from Bartender. the heat fuel is slightly better than vanilla counterparts. Wood one has 70 (instead of 60), stone and bricks ones have 98 (instead of 90) The difference between version 1.0.7 and 1.0.6 is : in 1.0.7 bricks is "custom5 flag", while in 1.0.6 it use "stone flag". 1.0.6 : http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1851.0 1.0.7 : http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1850.0 Enjoy !!
  14. haha nice from very very long time i didnt see someone talking of this little smuggler cave ^^ i am happy to see someone still use it
  15. ha !! i didnt know we could setup a nation debt system !!