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  1. have you tried to make cc 1.6 or 1.5 work ? or even 1.4 ?
  2. you only get a black screen or you really get a little window with the message that your app crash ? cause the blackscreens for 5-30 mins is normal.
  3. personally i am a visual
  4. even for me it sounds like chinese hehe but @ShockPuppet is the BEST man
  5. the little window UI you have is a "group empty" so your _insertAt = "PageTabGroup" is not showing. your groupEmpty use usergroup0 so use that one for your upgradeUI and it will show up ObjectType _type = UpgradeUI; ElementDescription _element = "Dialog/Upgrade.rsc:trashupgradeButton"; String _insertAt = "userGroup0"; DialogControllerConfig _config = "upgradeConfig";
  6. it doesnt burn anything else .... like you cannot put an house ablaze with it ^^
  7. I see you like the new fires
  8. yup looks great !
  9. yeah me too
  10. the black screen for 5-10-30mins thats normal, that mod has 2 GB big !! (My PC takes 18mins , i know its old) doesnt mean = crash crash = alt tab and there is an error window popping on your destop.
  11. it isnt a problem with Options => Game => User Interface Scale ?
  12. there is something about where we can put our icons and toolbar for our icons : we cannot put them in a toolbar created inside another Mod. and thats very very sad*. i know with NMT i have a RK Toolbar icon at the base. if i could and always wanted that, i wish been able to always put all MY MODS icons in my RK Toolbar and have everything there.... but we cannot. if i replicate the exact toolbar, the game create a 2nd copy of it . and the game put the icon of MOD 1 in the RK 1... and put the icon of MOD2 into the RK number 2 ... and so on. personally i always try to not load the toolbars everywhere. thats sad, on many aspect, that game has been created with lack of vision from the developper.
  13. god ! we really made wayyyyyyyyyyy too many things for this game LOL
  14. yup sounds amazing !
  15. yes that too and probably the best . do a fake while copying a vanilla one, and when the real mod will be ON ontop of your mod, the real design will appear.