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  1. and still, black screen doesnt mean that it is not working. 4GB of mods like MM8 can take many, many minutes at loading black screen !
  2. welcome @maiden4meldin !!
  3. no they dont bah in fact, they all give "custom0" + 100 we used custom0 for Crafted
  4. in RKEC i dont have guava nor haggis. (me it is grapefruit and healing potion) so those 2 (+1 missing) arent from me
  5. it is something between Guava and Haggis and being a food. (unless alphabetical has nothing to do)
  6. welcome !
  7. welcome
  8. no problem, it is a 2 hit mod i anyways wanted together: debug + time is money
  9. did it bug before i mean somehow someday it was working with MM8 ... but not since lately ?
  10. woah. if this one doesnt works.... i dunno what to say! placed it on top ?
  11. try this one: my own personal debug : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YWnAJnL29fz_5qK3TyERrWJV_nYQCPBy/view?usp=sharing it will be placed directly on the main bar
  12. are you at max game resolution ?
  13. if you crash and get colonial charter ON this because you dont follow what we always say in every thread : each time you add or do a change in mod order, you need to exit the game completly to update your windows registry. never never start a new game, always exit the game completly.
  14. are you sure that duplicated icon comes from MM8 ? do you have any other mod enabled ? did you checked with MM8 totally alone the duplicated icons are still there ?
  15. it can takes from 2 mins to 20 mins to load depending the strengh of your computer.