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  1. and also the fact it is linked extremly tight to the trading post and linked invisibly to the main river
  2. usually this is the fans who take the ColonialStringTable.rsc file and translate the part to the right and compile it
  3. any news ? it is been 2 full months since last update
  4. Welcome on BL forum !
  5. you can put red dirt texture to the ground.... but no way to make the mountains look like if they would be from mars, the shape of those i mean ....
  6. hehe. first time i am seeing that one very original ^^
  7. no the toolkit doesnt allow us to mod this change of where to store your saves. the toolkit is very limited to : make building, make resource, change texture here and there and thats pretty much. it is not a programming tool which would allow you to change the way the game is executing.
  8. be patient, these mods are huge and take alot of resources and time to load. you can alt tab during black screen to help accelerate the loading.
  9. it can also happends if you are using a very old mod made with 1.0.5 version that provide a very old version of sorghum/barley made with 1.0.5
  10. good. will it be a map sourrounded by mountain like banished ? or surrounded by ocean like life is feudal ? or can we get some hydrib ? both in same time ? (like 1-2 side mountain, 1-2 other side with water)
  11. yeah thats sad, we never got support but back to your game : what exactly you are planning for , for your game ? a kind of banished 2.0 ?
  12. sweet thanks you can't wait to see that
  13. Question Will your new game have full 100% mod integration and support ?
  14. or Alt Tab during that part help alot on 90% of the computers.
  15. certainly on worldofbanished.com