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  1. yup Training Camp Mod offer towers which employ an hunter. the hunter stay at top of the tower, not hunting but create from thin air a bunch of new meat i wished one day to have. now i have some of those, real animals like bears, geese, ducks, bisons....
  2. whats about your textile limit ? put it at 999999 to see.
  3. never never go in mod window and do changes without exiting totally the game after before starting a new game.
  4. i like alot the idea of floral hedges asking a flower as building material.
  5. i am very sorry if i couldnt be more helpful. please if you find out one day... comeback to tell me what was the problem and how you resolved it and tommorow is another day sometimes days are following but they arent the same
  6. no the game doesnt matter. the toolkit is totally independant
  7. the only thing maybe i can think is reboot the computer and press many times DEL and enter the CMOS of your mother board. there i cannot really guide you because every different model of different company of motherboard have their own CMOS but... the thing would be try to find the integrated GPU and put it at disable. it can be in chipsets or integrated periphericals.... somewhere...
  8. not easy to try to help by post interposed. i wish i can tell you... ok gimme the chair... i ll check LOL
  9. did you tried to run DXSetup.exe as an administrator ? (right click and run as admin)
  10. i am really starting to be out of ideas and i have no idea why this number thing doesnt work neither like if it doesnt check the number.
  11. here my direct X installer https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YfqQXJ5aSQPm7Lr5pN8g9t2whdU9MzZZ/view?usp=sharing use the DXSetup.exe for directX 9 reboot after maybe necessairy.
  12. when you try to install direct x ... you use DXSetup.exe ? and not D3D11Install.exe ? because , me, it says nothing and install dirct without offering to repair/uninstall
  13. then maybe uninstall and then reinstall ? did you tried your toolkit ?
  14. not sure about hunting and fishing gear but you create perfume with flowers. and soon in next MM you will maybe do healing potions to be used in apothecary. perfume is a very nice trade resource or i think in MM it can be used as luxury and used for happiness.
  15. oh and if happends you turned OFF your real video card.... ^^ and dont have anymore any screen... ^^ your will probably have to reboot your PC with reset button and boot your windows 7 in "Safe mode" by pressing many many times F8 to trigger the boot windows menu > safe mode. then there to can re-enable your video card