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  1. whats about the tombs ? do they float ? or they are on the sea floor ?
  2. thats normal and has 0 consequence to your game. red warning only mean it shares the datas between the parts.
  3. you probably not looking that the right building. the stone only connect with the stone nomads, the townhall only connect to the townhall nomads... and there are many building in MM that triggers nomads
  4. the numbers of years it takes for school totally depends of how far they live from the school. when the student is walking in the streets are not in school during that time. only the time spent inside the building counts.
  5. oh yeah right, trees are spawning herbs, not my grass ^^ (in french, grass and herbs are totally the exact same thing lol ^^) the fact i ve set the NaturalResourceGrass in the starting condition and you dont, you get a totally different result. My bad !! my "Milles excuses" mon Ami ! --------------------- btw @Ihmislehma i love so much your picture !!!! thats really paradise in every map
  6. yeah if you harvest a little tree sprout.... you dont gat any logs. if you harvest something immature, you dont get anything. i am spawning here presently cause i have a question.... ^^ i dunno, i never downloaded Megamod... but in my map, i dont have really much "flowers in forest preventing food to spawn" as stated by a couple of person. First, forest trees doesnt spawn flowers at all, it is not in their "tree spawn code" , trees can only spawn grass. The flowers can only be spawn by grass. this is why i personally dont have alot of "flowers in forest". Dont you guys are mistaking "grass" for "flowers" ?? Grass it isnt your problem for your "forester/gatherer" problem ? LOL because grass and flowers are 2 things very different!
  7. did you said you formatted your c:\ and reinstalled your win7 64bits ?
  8. should bring it to store/repairs and explain everything you have on this. there is surely something that is leaking your memory.
  9. just in case..... you have a 64bits win7 ? and not a 32bits ?
  10. the thing is , in my map setup, there is alot of forest to spawn by the Map Generator. there is lot of trees, there is copper nodes to spawns, there are wild fruits, and now i have deadwood to spawns.... so maybe in a MM setup with maybe some kind of maps where there are so few things to spawns (verdant, marsh, desert?? maybe those have that particularity to have very few things to spawn...) maybe the grass/flowers have to much space to expand.
  11. i think you need to have it rectangle and not square like 10x11 or 11x10 instead of a 11x11. i dont think if you press "R" or "T" can do something.
  12. Thats really sounds beatiful and really like a paradise
  13. LOL WOW !! I Love it !!! hehe i can say , in this type of map you really have a problem though LOL Like every tiles is coreved by something, a grass or a flower LOL that should not happening though !! but i love it
  14. ^^ yes i was serious !! dont even need to surf ! just alt tab and watch your desktop wallpaper instead the black screen ^^ 60 secs of walpaper = 16 mins of blackscreen. but yeah, you should delete those MM.pkg and just go back to colonial charter 1.6 till the day you will upgrade and have a real PC
  15. you still didnt answered my question @Demonz.