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  1. you cannot open and extract our work from our .pkm's it has been made that way to protect the modders from being stolen (graphic assets) or keep working as intended by the modders. there are thousand and thousands of hours of works spent into this.... offer free. the only thing that can be done, is asking for a patch which will overwride the default made inside the .pkm keep in mind, it is at the modder's discretion to agree or not agree to faulfill a a request
  2. Yeah Troy is a very good guy and a very good experienced animator. he started 20 years ago by doing things for flight simulator as he told me
  3. a couple of pictures
  4. yeah EB took my 3D graphics, and with some little changes... like making them smaller... made a deco mod from it
  5. go in your windata folder and give us a picture of your folder. you should have: data0.pkg data1.pkg patch0.pkg patch1.pkg MegaMod1.pkm MegaMod2.pkm MegaMod3.pkm
  6. Yes @SoftwareSimian i am the Ketchup of the RedKetchup mods hehe My mods are mainly on WorldofBanished website, although i can have a very few on steam. The reason behind this is I believe thats a must for my dedicated website to make it keep running and give us an assurance that our website will always be attended. It gives to it alot of visibility. All my mods are inside our download section and you need an account to be able to download. Nobody are obligated to participate to the discussions though. http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads I am presently doing 1 big mod which will be a revamp of all the Banished game. it is presently in perpetual changes till I'll hit the Release Candidate / Final version. so the numbers can change a bit. gimme a week or so and i ll give you all my templates (all the other standalone mods will be updated to reflect all the changes made in the big "RK Editor Choice" mod.)
  7. if you are interested in mine... but they are only valid mostly for my mods which doesnt have necessairly have something to do with CC or MM ones ^^
  8. thats the best way to find where are the steam games for everybody that use steam. we, everyone, we are not saving our games at same place all the time. me, i never never store my games on the "C:\" drive! never!
  9. you cannot extract files from a .pkm mod. they are protected. you need to ask directly the developper of the mod : or a copy of the template files, or he gives you the infos.
  10. ok steam.... open your steam interface, right click on "banished" at the left and pickup properties. then go to the "Local files" TAB and click on "Browse local files" a folder will appear. you should see inside a folder called "WinData" , go there. it is there you need to extract your files from your zip. double click your .zip and give it the same path that you have in this opened folder (the path is at top of this window)
  11. you cant see them in winters, they disappear like the trees leaves... they are used to make perfume in a perfumery.
  12. yeah they cannot be renamed, not even a xxxxxxx(1).pkm will work which is often an issue for some
  13. did you tried to alt tab during that time and go surf ? when the game it is not focused, the game skip all the error detection the developer included and it load faster.
  14. The joy of RNG