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  1. Me too lately, very..... lazy.
  2. the game act strangely sometime. you should just ignore it
  3. megamod 9 is arriving soon. Kralyerg still working on this.
  4. this is a bug that was there right from the vanilla version. when we did put a bridge extremly too close to the trading post ... 50% of time this was happending. change the place of your bridge... 1 or 2 tiles away further. i know i ve look at your screenshot, there were no buildings near and still happended. but it is not a mod bug. it is there since begining.
  5. use debug. set it at no cost at all, take the remove resource tool and delete that tree. and then uncheck the no cost at all, and take out the debug mod
  6. oh ok then.... i never heard of anything like this before... thats normal, i am totally a noob and bad at making models.
  7. Pode levar de 15 a 20 minutos para um laptop carregar o jogo e passar pela tela preta.
  8. Pode levar de 15 a 20 minutos para um laptop carregar o jogo e passar pela tela preta.
  9. what you mean by "having hard edges in the UV space" ?
  10. oh yeah you are right ^^
  11. the updates from the developper are there: http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com/download/
  12. oh nice. will it be modable ?
  13. textures are beautifully generated but question: what kind of game it will be ? a RPG ?
  14. register on WoB ?
  15. turning into black screen is NOT crashing : it is loading! need to wait. and if your pc is very slow, it can takes up to 25 mins to load.