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  1. NMT3.0Series: Clay Chain 1.0.7

    NMT3.0Series: Clay Chain 1.0.7
    The first upcomming part of the famous New Medieval Town 3.0 Series.
    this mod adds and fixes all the Clay chain production with the new 1.0.7 limits :
    Claypit will use stonecutters and produce 1 to 2 clay. 24 wood to build.
    Kiln will use 10 clay and will produce 10 bricks or 10 rooftiles. 20 stones to build.
    Pottery makers will use 3 clay and produce 2 to 3 pottery. It can be upgraded for better production. 48 wood, 4 stone, 4 iron to build (upgrade: 16 wood, 32 bricks, 16 rooftiles)
    Clay is now a material limit. Bricks and Rooftiles are now construction limit. Pottery are now Misc.
    NB.: if you put CC ontop: the kiln will only produce 3 bricks from 10 clay instead.