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  1. they are all smelling good over there
  2. the way we can add a building at the start is set by saying ... put it at +38x, -62y from the point start (for example) and you cant control if there is ground there or not, or land, or a lake, or a mountains... the map topography isnt created yet and is totally RNG. but the coords you gave are static.
  3. then you need to reduce your UI. press ESC and then go in options. go in the Game TAB and at the bottom there is some bars. USER INTERFACE SCALE use that one and bring it to the right like ... 120 .. .130 ... Apply and go check! go further if you need (140+)
  4. this is funny though after so many people whinned about too much flowers.... and now they are gone... people are missing them
  5. pretty sure he can do a very very little patch you can place ontop of your mod that will contain his old numbers of spawn rates.
  6. @yamiilham is also crashing when he try to enable NMT 2.04 which require 1.0.6. can you take a screenshot of your banished game at the menu where it shows your game version ? and provide it here ?
  7. i will let Kralyerg to answer this because i dont have the code of his inn and garden so i dont know if it is a "market type" and if his job is go around and collect all alcohol around
  8. is it possible your employee is a producer of items (a brewer), not a vendor type (like a market employee)?
  9. Kralyerg gave the "alcohol" luxury flag to perfume. you need a storage that accept this.
  10. For those who noticed that World of Banished forums were down... I think our host is changing their servers, our webmaster got an email over the weekend. I informed our webmaster of the issue and he will take a look.
  11. May, 2nd. everything seems to be fixed snd working properly now. thanks you all for your patience and very sorry for the trouble
  12. seems for the moment we can again reply and get to personal messaging only Gallery and Download we dont have access yet.
  13. you guys will need to give a couple of days to get back at everything working ok... the webmaster got to make a new install in a new folder, and trying to link everything to the old database. we have so much files... so much pictures... so much topics... and so much replys... it is crazy. it is scary. so it will take a while before everything get back. also while fixing this or fixing that, it can break other things while working on this. Thanks you for being patient, and very sorry for all the trouble it gives.
  14. yeah i saw it, thanks for the report Looks like reading works, posting is not working yet. The webmaster will continue to work on it. Send any other issues you find.
  15. hehe i understand your fears
  16. me too i am getting :
  17. it isnt fixed yet, but they still working on it
  18. i ve sent another email to Big Chihuahua like 5 mins ago to try to get new news.
  19. i know the webmaster still working on this, they didnt found the error yet. the web provider made changes of servers... they messed it up when they transfered. they both have run disgnotics and couldnt found anything.... i guess we need to wait tommorow before it is fixed
  20. whats about the tombs ? do they float ? or they are on the sea floor ?
  21. thats normal and has 0 consequence to your game. red warning only mean it shares the datas between the parts.
  22. you probably not looking that the right building. the stone only connect with the stone nomads, the townhall only connect to the townhall nomads... and there are many building in MM that triggers nomads
  23. the numbers of years it takes for school totally depends of how far they live from the school. when the student is walking in the streets are not in school during that time. only the time spent inside the building counts.
  24. oh yeah right, trees are spawning herbs, not my grass ^^ (in french, grass and herbs are totally the exact same thing lol ^^) the fact i ve set the NaturalResourceGrass in the starting condition and you dont, you get a totally different result. My bad !! my "Milles excuses" mon Ami ! --------------------- btw @Ihmislehma i love so much your picture !!!! thats really paradise in every map