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  1. do you have anything that add a non vanilla tree somewhere ? cause maybe it sound strange, but a new tree that is dead and should fall on the ground (which has the comment to have anim linked to it in the code) and which doesnt have a set of anim made... can cause a crash in middle of nowhere. that tree should fall on the ground but no anim attached too... cause a crash thats a very possible event. it can be verified by asking bannies to chop down all those non-vanilla trees to see if you crash when the anim should happends. i personally dont know how to set up tree death anim, so if in my code i let anim ON... it would crash. so i always change the code to : " bool _animated = false; " thats a very possible possibility
  2. Hello Alycya When you unzipped the toolkit in your modkit folder you've got a : bin (folder) example (folder) resource (folder) BuildExamples.bat BuildResources.bat README.html Right ? then you took the steam data.pkg files and copied them in your Bin/WinData folder ? and comeback to run the BuildResources.bat ? the resource (folder) i've put in Bold is the folder where you have all your resource files .rsc which you can open with the notepad the .crs are usually inside the Bin/WinData folder. Can we have a screenshot if it is different ? *ptrscr on your keyboard and open paint.exe of windows and CNTRL+V to paste your screenshot (then save as .jpg)
  3. i am so sorry ^^ i have a Ryzen7 16 cores boosted at 3650Mhz with 32gRAM. i cannot technically feel what other little pc can feel
  4. but gtx 950 is a very very good card... alot better than mine ! i have a gtx 750ti
  5. it is . maybe a typo ? i have the exact same files from [CC] provided to me by Kralyerg i gone back to edit the strawberries and watermelon, they both are fruit
  6. NMT3.0Series: LittleHousing for 1.0.6b and 1.0.7b Update is up ! Changelog: 3.0a : fixed 1 chimney smoke on the 5th model of Old Stone texture. Changelog: 3.0b : fixed the building points and use points which were 0,5 tile to near of the houses. Added roof support (wood frame) to all the build02 building process. Added a 6th model which is a mirror copy of the 3rd (the one with a balcony in "L" shape.)
  7. for Lettuce : sure. try to contact them and ask if i can get : i have no seen neither the 2 bro since april. about raspberries they already added ... to orchards along with blueberries
  8. same case can take 15mins man
  9. another new part is made NMT3.0Series: LittleHousing for 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 This is a mod that adds a NMT Little Housing Set to your game that will match the textures of your NMT3.0Series Canal system. 5 different models "F" alternate. 8 different textures, same as NMT3.0Series: Canal system (Classic, Old Stones, Red Bricks, Sand Bricks, Fire Set Bricks, Old Church Stones, Dark Stones Foundations, Old Wood). The houses are 4x4 +1 road and will cost or 24stones+8wood, or 24bricks+8wood, or 24wood+8stones depending the texture chosen. These new houses use the new " Transparency Glass Technology" ™ from Bartender. the heat fuel is slightly better than vanilla counterparts. Wood one has 70 (instead of 60), stone and bricks ones have 98 (instead of 90) The difference between version 1.0.7 and 1.0.6 is : in 1.0.7 bricks is "custom5 flag", while in 1.0.6 it use "stone flag". 1.0.6 : http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1851.0 1.0.7 : http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1850.0 Enjoy !!
  10. haha nice from very very long time i didnt see someone talking of this little smuggler cave ^^ i am happy to see someone still use it
  11. ha !! i didnt know we could setup a nation debt system !!
  12. NMT3.0Series: Crops for 1.0.6 - 1.0.7 http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=328 This mod adds: - a new crop texture. - Barley : [CC] , grain - Broccoli : [NEW] , vegetable - Carrot : [NEW] , vegetable - Cucumber : [NEW] , vegetable - Kale : [NEW] , vegetable - Lettuce : [SRS] , vegetable - Pea : [NEW] , vegetable - Radish : [NEW] , vegetable - Sorghum : [CC] , grain - Spinach : [NEW] , vegetable - Strawberry : [NEW] , fruit - Tomato : [NEW] , vegetable - Turnip : [NEW] , vegetable - Watermelon : [CC] , fruit All new 3D designs out of the [CC] ones and the developper one [SRS]. A BIG THANKS TO BlackLIquid for the Barley, Sorghum and Watermelon graphic and files.
  13. oh by the way , at the very start of the toolkit, 33 months ago... i made a specail little mod to delete the idlers attractors radius to the vanilla hospital the mod was called : Bobbi's Special DoctorHouse. ^^ (was a special request of an old member called Bobbi) still can have it here: http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=1
  14. yeah the upload on workshop is closed since 1.0.7. and it will not be open soon cause we will get a 1.0.7 beta 4 first.
  15. i always put the hospital in a very isolated place far on the map out of range of idle attraction.
  16. this happends when you have a plane turned upside down. the real top is under and the under side is turned at top. snow is not gathering on the under sides of the plane.
  17. that isnt what we call : 21st Reconstituted families ?
  18. i sent an email to Luke already, 2 days ago http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1819.0
  19. hmmmmm wild cheerios
  20. Hello @BuildHappy yes they are included in MegaMod. You can put the NMT3.1Series: Canal Set - Nvidia for 1.0.7 above Megamod to get the new ones. if you enable them in a saved city that already have some old canal pieces, you will need to deleted them first (destroy) or you will crash. Once done, you will able to load 3.1 ontop of it. New city dont have this problem, only old saves. Once 3.1 loaded, you will find the complete set of the new ones inside the Community Toolbar (not same place where they were in MM) about the difference between Nvidia and Radeon : it is the way Radeon cards and their drivers works when we ask to reflect the sky on the water. if you apply the way Nvidia works to a radeon card, instead to get the blue sky reflections, we get some bad artefacts of a pink color. in the screenshot you will see how it looks. After some months, we finally found the way to make it work OK on radeons
  21. the canals with merchants using it are so awesome
  22. A lonely horse who still waiting his lonesome cowbow
  23. the debug menu is an integrated feature on the game itself. but by default it is set at "OFF". you need a mod to "enable" it "ON". The debug menu mod for 1.0.7 is the same as for 1.0.6 because the debug menu is, as i said, integrated in the game. the mod only tell the game "put it ON" so when you have 1.0.7, you will see the new features that the 1.0.7 game patch has. just download any version of the debug menu on BanishedInfo. you will get everything
  24. but maybe a bit bigger footprint can reduce the amount of farms and would fix it. i dont know how big they are ... but if for example they are 4x4 ... at 6x6 it would reduce the number of farms, and that way , reduce the output.
  25. i was joking Stiles it was not for breaking apart CC ! it was about to integrate some of the products recipes in the already existent buildings ^^