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  1. use debug. set it at no cost at all, take the remove resource tool and delete that tree. and then uncheck the no cost at all, and take out the debug mod
  2. oh ok then.... i never heard of anything like this before... thats normal, i am totally a noob and bad at making models.
  3. Pode levar de 15 a 20 minutos para um laptop carregar o jogo e passar pela tela preta.
  4. Pode levar de 15 a 20 minutos para um laptop carregar o jogo e passar pela tela preta.
  5. what you mean by "having hard edges in the UV space" ?
  6. oh yeah you are right ^^
  7. the updates from the developper are there: http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com/download/
  8. oh nice. will it be modable ?
  9. textures are beautifully generated but question: what kind of game it will be ? a RPG ?
  10. register on WoB ?
  11. turning into black screen is NOT crashing : it is loading! need to wait. and if your pc is very slow, it can takes up to 25 mins to load.
  12. megamod can take 15-20mins of black screen to load.
  13. thats normal 98% of all mods are "red conflict" thats the only way to make them work together dont worry, it is intended like this they share same files
  14. MM and RKEC are not compatible with 170212.
  15. launch the game, wait it load. then at the menu, at bottom of your screen, in middle, it is written the version and the build. it needs to be .170910
  16. most often people cannot "embrace" how long and how much so much work it represents to make a wiki. i know, i am the one who made RKEC.... when it is other people, when usually want them to spend 1000 hrs to make our fancy wikis... we take it for granted and we think if the people dont want to do their wiki for their mods, they dont deserve people playing with it.... but when you ask the people if they want to spend 1000 hrs to help make it ? they will never say Yes ! with whatever their reasons they will find to not help or doing it because very well they will have to spend so much time and so much effort to do it.... but when it is other people ? it never bother us. modders need to make their wiki! It is a long post, but i want to try to make people realize thats so much work. you know, we are not paid. we are not working in a job, a game company, and earn 80,000 per year... all is free, all has been made purely and graciously free with our free life time. Donations ? i will tell you, donations, people dont do donations, 1 on 1000 people will maybe give a 2$ or a 5$ while the 999 other will never give a single cent. We dont do it for money, but making things can take so much work and so much time. and personally i dont want to spend 1000hrs in my next 3 months to lose this time to make a wiki for RKEC. i added a lot of info already, i know i didnt finished yet, but i still can add an hour here and an hour there in the future and maybe in 20 years, my wiki will be finished lol i have almost 60, pretty sure lately, my corpse has entered in a "cancer" mode.... i really doubt lately i will last till next cristmas... do i want to spend all the hours i have left in my life for that ??? the answer is no. would you like Elvenkind to spend the next 1000 hrs of your life on this ? i want to say i am very sorry, i am french, english is not my home language, so sometime what i try to say can sound differently of what i have intended. for sure i dont want to seems harsh or anything. i try to be most friendly possible and sometimes my english can mislead people... so in advance, i beg for pardon.
  17. yeah thats important, the 170608 is not good, it is a beta, not a final release. make sure you upgrade it to 170910.
  18. the only other way arounf is make all the windows bigger and longer. which is probably more complicated.
  19. if you put a space in that spot ?
  20. each trading post you place on the map has its exclusive set of merchants. a merchant from 1 TP cannot go in another TP. totally forbitten. the cant go. merchants also have a wide range of time they can come or not come, (up to 2 years i think)
  21. i never never did a translation pack so i have no idea whats going on with your problem. gonna email someone who i know is doing some translations and ask him if he want you come here and maybe help you. in fact i asked 2 translater modders.
  22. we cannot. we cannot set a limit for each item. all work in group flags and we dont have choices.
  23. glad to hear you finally resolved your issue ! enjoy!
  24. i asked because maybe there was a registry data corrupted and cause a problem between the real video port and another one that exist but not used. when you tried to uninstall / reinstall the game, did you made sure your windows registry didnt kept anything from previous install ? i know there is a value that exist about video adapter in the registry , this value should be "0" if no video chipset on the motherboard... is it possible your antivirus lock banished out from making writings in documents folders.... is Banished .exes and its folder in its exclusion list ? there is so much thing can going on. but clearly your error popups talks about failing to start your directX. Hope you find.
  25. is it a portable with an integrated video chipset + you added a better video card ?