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  1. if you have any question about making models / mods with blender, ask on worldofbanished.com there are many modders that use blender as 3D program. i personally use 3dsMax
  2. 170212 is the 1.0.7 beta. the final one is 170910. there is something between those 2 ....
  3. this is because you did put the rice planter on the shore, but you didnt dare to put any other docks, some kind of walking docks. no roads to go there. and since no road, the game path finder cannot find a path so everyone who go there lose their path of their homes.
  4. 1.55 saves are NOT compatible with 1.6 or 1.7
  5. maybe you should have waited 24 mins.... not joking, this mod is very very big and hard on computers... did you tried to alt TAB out and surf during it loads ?
  6. most of people get their retail version from steam and gog and they are up to date because it is easy. those who arent updated mostly come from torrents and cracked pirated version and there is no update.... those people just need to find the new version 1.0.7 v 170910 at same place they found the other old version... torrent and whatsoever. but i strongly suggest to buy it, 1 it is a super cheap game, 2; it comes very often in 33% and 66% sale... 3: this game deserve it.
  7. haha no worry ! i did the same one day when we got the .... i think it was when we got patch 1.0.6 or 1.0.7 lol
  8. deleted anything in that windata folder ? because if you deleted the 4 data/patch pakages.... you killed your game. can we have some screenshot of your windata folder ?
  9. but you can add RKEC below CC and get something to do with gold ore smelt it into bars with the foundry and then use it to make Gilded Furnitures, Royal Armors and Royal Weapon some buildings of RKEC also need gold bars. RKEC works great with CC but the only thing with RKEC, you cannot load a save game made without RKEC only new game.
  10. each time you add a mod, uncheck a mod, move order you must never start a new map. you always need to close totally the game and restart it. the game need to update the window registry. and the game only does it when you close totally the game. we say that almost every day or every week lol. 457,985 times so far ^^ i know i exagerate but that's almost that hehe
  11. is directx 11 installed ? card not support 11 ?
  12. yes thats important , but the info that is more important than that ... is the build number. you absolutely need "build 170910".
  13. wait wut ? not showing in the mod section ? lets try this again. i want you to go in your windata folder and tell me the complete name of all files and all the folders there... did you unzipped it ? did you unzipped it and put in another folder like \windata\colonialcharter\ ?
  14. yeah. on some pc if you can go surf during that time.... it speeds up things.
  15. Here. have a look :
  16. yeah but you know. we cannot modify the game. the game is set in a way and we need to deal with it. make mods is not programming. many people has hard with this, they imagine we can change the game. The game has good and has flaws, we have no choice but live with it as Luke did. Hopefully his* 2nd game will be better.
  17. Congratulations !
  18. go on your townhall, the first tab should have a list of profession, look for builders and there is an arrow at the end of the line, use it to surf through your buildings that needs to be built the profession list doesnt work, only in the townhall.
  19. make sure the animal shelter is placed on the most beautiful plain part. not placed on mountain tiles.
  20. i saw that but very very long time ago. it was always happening to a bridge that is too near of a trading post ... like directly the tile after, or 2.
  21. thats Steam generates them. it has to do with their mod subscriptions. they are not "essential" and can be deleted. if deleted, the steam subscription for the mod wont work anymore till they are unsubscribed and resubscribed. at the start of the game, the steam exec check for all its .sub subscriptions and compare hashtags to see if corrupted and will redownload if needed. but the .sub is not required for a mod function correctly, it has nothing to do.
  22. the .sub files are your subscription to steam, when you subscribe to a mod, steam will give you the mod and a .sub which contain details about the file. if the details in the .sub doesnt match your mod, steam will start to repair the mod.
  23. and still, black screen doesnt mean that it is not working. 4GB of mods like MM8 can take many, many minutes at loading black screen !
  24. welcome @maiden4meldin !!