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  1. certainly on worldofbanished.com
  2. maybe rags + shoe = a winter cloth ?
  3. yeah thats extremly sad :9 ...... just sad.
  4. That thing is SO AWESOME !!! I really thanks you for this !!!
  5. I saw to asked on WoB and you've got an answer
  6. Oh there i really dont know ! this GOG version is totally different of everything else at GOG website: there is not a patch available ? if you resend your key to GOG, can't you have a beta version ? what do you have in the x64 folder ? also if you ask on worldofbanished.com maybe someone who is with GOG can help you
  7. no you just extract to Banished folder. and it should ask you if you want to replace 8 files and you say yes if it doesnt ask you... probably not extracting inside the good folder
  8. did you downloaded the patch for the mod kit ? or the game patch ? heres your file: http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com/patch/BanishedPatch_1.0.6_To_1.0.7.170608.Beta.zip
  9. you need to take care which megamod you will use because it is possible the last one is for 1.0.7 and not for 1.0.6 but i can be wrong the one who can help you the most on this is @QueryEverything she has alot of knowledge about this.
  10. when you change order you need : change order, quit totally the game , reload the game and then start a new map not quiting entirely the game before launching a new map will cause that kind of error, whatever the mods you use. this is because the game write into your windows registry file only when you close totally the game since you didnt quit the game and started directly a new map, then the game found that the windows registry didnt match what was in your memory and caused a crash (this is a problem with the game itself and it was never been fixed) so ... when you do a change order, you need to always close the game entirely and restart the game to give the game the opportunity to update your window registry. EDIT: in fact that was my fault to have forgot to tell you to exit the game completly after each changes of order
  11. ok change your order of your mods. Note that maybe your old town will be maybe a desperate cause. place CC on top, and the other ones below it : use the arrows "v" and "^" to move them. there is also a "Top" button to put that one directly on top. you will surely find the best order. test with a new one (a new map), and then test your old map by loading it, pause, and go in mod window to change the order and then unpause and open your windmill
  12. it is marked old because now the latest version is Colonial Charter 1.75 : Journey
  13. question 1 : are you with Steam ? did you bought your game from Steam ? or from a website like gog, SRS, or other ? and if you are with Steam, did you got the mod from steam, or from this website ? Test 2: i want you to start a very new map with ONLY 1.62 enable, just that nothing else. and build a lumber to get some lumbers, and build a watermill. i want to know if it has something to do with the mods you have enabled with 1.62 or not. or it has something to do with your 1.62 file. i subscribed with the 1.62 from Steam Workshop and i built 2 watermill and i am not crashing at all.
  14. if everybody would crash from it : it would be clear thats something to do with the mod and the building. since you are alone with the problem, we need to find out why you, specifically, have a trouble with it (unless it was a trouble which has been patched in 1.62xx versions and you didnt updated it) if all your watermill crash then it has something to do with your version and/or the mods that are loaded with 1.62 if only that specific watermill and the other ones built further down the river are ok, then it would have something to do with that specific one and they way you built it (its relations with the ground and the river; this watermill placement)
  15. did you tried to make a 2nd one a bit further down the river ? to see if all your watermills crash or it is just that perticular one that crashes
  16. so it is when you click on this watermill it crash ? or it is when you open the window and you open the scrolldown menu to choose another option ? till you dont click it , it working fine ? have you tried to build another one at another place if the 2nd one too will crash ?
  17. i personally with steam and steam save those very very far : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\176488153\760\remote\242920\screenshots /shrug this is why i always place a shortcut to this folder directly on my desktop
  18. have you added a new mod lately which could contain another version of cotton with different numbers ?
  19. crash.dmp are not usefull at all, screenshot with explainations of the screenshot are more usefull. nobody can read those crash.dmp
  20. hey

    welcome back
  21. hey

    thats a great news !!! i mean... for him !!! i am happy for Shock
  22. hey

    bah i sent report to Luke about the beta 3 new things : the extra building resource window works perfectly the new debug tool though doesnt work at all, all the extra new resource icons (custom0-9) add +100 Custom0 only. so it needs to be fix, we will surely get a beta 4 first. i sent the report long time ago , before summer, but as we know, the summer is still going on and maybe he is in vacations probably will have news in september
  23. do you have anything that add a non vanilla tree somewhere ? cause maybe it sound strange, but a new tree that is dead and should fall on the ground (which has the comment to have anim linked to it in the code) and which doesnt have a set of anim made... can cause a crash in middle of nowhere. that tree should fall on the ground but no anim attached too... cause a crash thats a very possible event. it can be verified by asking bannies to chop down all those non-vanilla trees to see if you crash when the anim should happends. i personally dont know how to set up tree death anim, so if in my code i let anim ON... it would crash. so i always change the code to : " bool _animated = false; " thats a very possible possibility
  24. Hello Alycya When you unzipped the toolkit in your modkit folder you've got a : bin (folder) example (folder) resource (folder) BuildExamples.bat BuildResources.bat README.html Right ? then you took the steam data.pkg files and copied them in your Bin/WinData folder ? and comeback to run the BuildResources.bat ? the resource (folder) i've put in Bold is the folder where you have all your resource files .rsc which you can open with the notepad the .crs are usually inside the Bin/WinData folder. Can we have a screenshot if it is different ? *ptrscr on your keyboard and open paint.exe of windows and CNTRL+V to paste your screenshot (then save as .jpg)
  25. i am so sorry ^^ i have a Ryzen7 16 cores boosted at 3650Mhz with 32gRAM. i cannot technically feel what other little pc can feel