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  1. if you use all 3 parts of MM and RKEC : dont try to start an extra large (huge) map you will crash even me with my 32GB i cannot. secundo, NMT Little housing 2 is 100% included in RKEC so you can flush that too. tighter road will also mess you up since i redesigned all buildings... tighter wont be working good. i see 2 different mod that edit the same mines... not sure is really ok.
  2. all 3 ? did you tried to load just the 1st one or the 2nd or the 3rd part ? what is your computer ? video card, OS, RAM, directX ?
  3. keep in mind, thats ok market steal logs, when citizens need logs they can go at the market. woodcutter, builders, everyone can piskup there for their logs you can eve use it at your avantage, if you put woodcutter, BS, and industries that need log not that far of the market, they always find some there since the vendor will try to always refill. *wink *wink
  4. i think you will be totally fine just take care of the extra large / huge maps
  5. for sure a 10x10 doesnt fit in a river ! but i was just giving an example to talk about waterworld. space inside a giant lake is same as space of a giant plains.
  6. i didnt thought about rivers........ i never did a dock set there is no way to say lake or river. the code we can give is water and deepwater. the main river has also lot of deepwater
  7. if happends i would add reeds to RKEC .... i would fix those too. to have a waterworld doesnt justify they are so small and so OP. space or number of tiles are the same in a lake than on the ground. the farms could be 10x10 with an output equivalent to a 11x11 crop. there is absolutely no need to be able to put 10 of those farms in a 12x12 and get 5,300 reeds per year. unless you need 80-100 of them to make a coat but that is MY vision of things... i know it is not shared by everyone i always try to get a good balance
  8. i agree reeds farms need to be balanced
  9. 58 cotton on a crop in progress. how many you've got at the end of the clearing ? around 80 ? so you make how many cloths ? 8 cloths? and with these 80 cloths how many coat you did ? 8 coat ? for a 11x11 x1year ?
  10. cotton has been adjusted to a reasonably numbers. it appeared in the past with the old numbers, with 1 field of cotton 15x15 , just 1 year of production, you could get enough coats for 58 game years population. that was making no sense. same with flax. or we could reduce the numbers of cotton crops, or we could ask to take 10X more cotton to make 1 cloth. we decided to go that way.
  11. wells and firefighting have a lot of sensibilities. the dont like alot when we try to play with that. for example : have a well to create a water resource in same time as it can be used to extinguish fire.... it crashes. it crashes asap you try to add workers doing something with it.
  12. welcome @SherylAnn
  13. i am not a mac user, i never had a mac in my hands so i cannot help you much but i have a couple of questions that comes to my mind. the 3 files of megamod have a size of 5 giga and probably when you launch the game with that, it takes a minimum of 8G ram just for the game and that mod, more if you have more mods, more also for your OS and all the program/system/drivers installed on your mac. so my first question is , do you have enough RAM to support that (like 8-12-16 GB RAM ?) and my second question would be about your "translation" program : Porting Kit app. does it allow to run a such high RAM requirement game ? maybe you can find some info of the limits of your program.
  14. hahaha !!!
  15. Hi Purringcat i am not sure about megamod, but in RK Ed, flowers are as useful as trees. this is the flowers that spawn all the new wild food, not the trees, not the grass. so deleting the flowers on the map also mean to delete all the new wild food. by new wild food i mean : strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, blackberry, bird nest, mulberry. only @Kralyerg can say if in megamod it is still the case.
  16. it doesnt have anything with the mods.... vanilla was also doing this. it depends of the RNG and the seed RNG
  17. i cannot say why you can have a such bug. there is nothing from our part (modder) we can do to change anything in tools consumption. maybe an "inner code" bug from developper ? i dont know. nothing we can verify. i know though there is something happening to food over a certain time/number of citizens: they will double the amount of food inside their house storage. (instead to try to store 100 food per year per adult/children they will jump at 250 per) thats not something that can be verified by code, but it is an noticable effect.
  18. wood and iron ? at 500+ pop even at 100+ pop you should already aiming to craft better tool than that. a very bad iron tool is good for 100 work units. that mean if you build 2 house of 50 work units each, your tool is scrap too. your builders need 1 tool and half to build a vanilla chapel which has a working units build requirement of 150 units... when you've got to 300, 500, 700 citizens, thats a lot of workers/builders/laborers everywhere that are spending tons of work units. thats normal blacksmith have hard to keep up. you need to aim for better tools ! CopperAlloyTools, Steel Tools, Hardened / CarbonSteel Tools are made to last longer (180 wu, 200 wu, 300 / 300 wu each) depending the mods you use.
  19. an if you use CC in same time too is bad
  20. thats sad, we cannot take the priority tool and try to speed up roads. patience required.
  21. That was the way i designed it at start. and then with time ... it didnt feel it. it was "Bleh" in RK Editor Choice Mod, i totally redesigned it all as stand alone pieces.
  22. you probably have to paint the roads inside the center with the special "road" included in the forest center toolbar and wait for your builders build them.
  23. yup Training Camp Mod offer towers which employ an hunter. the hunter stay at top of the tower, not hunting but create from thin air a bunch of new meat i wished one day to have. now i have some of those, real animals like bears, geese, ducks, bisons....
  24. whats about your textile limit ? put it at 999999 to see.
  25. never never go in mod window and do changes without exiting totally the game after before starting a new game.