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  1. A few game-time years ago I traded for a supply of coffee (not coffee beans, but the prepared beverage) from a merchant for my coffee house. It was promptly moved to the coffee house, but none of it has been consumed. More recently I traded for some pipe tobacco and it seems to have the same problem (though I haven't given it a few years' trial). The mead that is stored in the same coffee house is regularly consumed, but the coffee and pipe tobacco just sit there. Do I have to manufacture a luxury in my town for it to be consumable? Is there some way to trigger consumption?
  2. How do I keep my coffee house from taking all my honey? The brewers would like to use the honey to make mead. EDIT: I needed to hire an ale wench. A coffee house without staff will end up with non-luxuries (honey, berries, etc.) stacking up inside.
  3. Thanks! I remembered that the chart gave temperature limits, but I forgot that it had number of seasons to maturity as well. I'm guessing it would be best to have field fruits that need only two seasons; like strawberries, for example.
  4. I'm also trying a very harsh climate (so I hope you don't mind my jumping onto an old thread). I have no fruit yet aside from berries, and I'd like to know if there's any difference in yield between different types of fruit. I've noticed that some crops grow faster than others (for example corn seems to grow faster than wheat), so is there a particularly fast-growing fruit? I'm including all fruits, field or orchard.
  5. Hello All, I'm trying to switch from gathering herbs to farming them, but the merchant that just pulled in has both "herbs seeds" and "herb seeds." The little picture of the seeds makes each look different (one is green and the other is brown) and their prices are different. I have more than just CC mods, so maybe one of these is from another mod. Does it matter which type I buy? Will the herbalist use either?