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  1. Thanks @stilesfor catching that. I was trying each of those out and never really gave that much thought when I finalized the mods for a new game. I will remove one and adjust their order for a new map. Thanks @estherhb for tracking down that little invisible food. I have never seen Herring listed in game, so I do believe with it having a value of 2 for trade, a type of meat makes sense. Responses for all were greatly appreciated, as you all provide better game support to your community than a lot of gaming companies do. Kudos to you all
  2. Sorry I did not list the mods, guess that could be of some help In load order they are as follows: BlacksmithTools MegaMod1 MegaMod2 MegaMod3 Cathedral FastFoodStand MaritimesTrees MaritimesPineSet MaritimesCrystalCliffs MaritimesSherbrooke MaritimesStorage PirateCove I did notice merchant only brings 100 and they have a value of 2. It places it at top of the list in Town Hall, Storage, Vendors & in homes due to having blank nameplate i suppose. Was just asking since I was unable to figure it out, but I still buy whatever it is, and Bannies take it home so it doesn't cause a problem.
  3. I have to ask if one of you may know what this mystery item is. I managed to narrow it down to being a food item (food merchant brings it), but have not determined what type (grain, protein, fruit, or vegetable) grabbed a screenshot of the best clue I could find. Like I don't have enough other foods to pick from, it's the not knowing part
  4. Seems where it is having the problem recognizing your ColonialCharterJ.pkm here is due to it being inside the ColonialCharterJ.1.76 (sub-folder). Banished looks only in the WinData folder for mod files. Just move your pkm file out of the ColonialCharterJ.1.76 (sub-folder) and place directly into the WinData folder with the data0.pkg, data1.pkg, patch0.pkg, & patch1.pkg files and all should load fine.
  5. Looks as this issue is due to trying to enable 2 different releases together. If you are loading MegaMod 1, MegaMod2, & MegaMod3, make sure you are unchecking previous MegaMod released including the Deco pack. Everything is in the 3 newest files.
  6. Looked at it and I will say it looks to be heading the right way. I'm not up for jumping ship on Banished or it's developer yet, as it has been a great game and was a stepping stone to the next one coming. At $20 now I may purchase it to mess around with all the doo-dads and see what it can do when he gets it moving along. A little leary right now from ready comments on his post, as he is not consistent with working on it. Banished is still got a lot in it I haven't even tried and I've been in it for a few years.
  7. With so many different seeds available to use now, would it be possible to add new farm field variants by type as was done by adding plantations for non-food growable items. In this, I mean giving option to add a vegetable field, fruit field, and grain field so only those such items could be planted there. I can see this being a useful addition myself for it would assist in food type balance iI start running into after about 1200 population, but would prove just as useful in early games. Edit: In messing around with this option, I have concluded it may become a little confusing for some by adding additional farm type to keep up with. In light of this I tried to see if it would be possible to alter the Town Hall graph for food to separate the current single food bar into four (4) food types (grain, protein, fruit, & vegetable). I have limits (medical) to how much time I can spend in modding if anyone may know ahead of time if this can be done, as I never tried messing with the graphs in Town Hall. Thanks in advance
  8. Hello everybody. I live in Alabama, USA. I enjoy city building and turn based strategy games. I have been in Banished for a few years and thanks to many great modders am still enjoying the game. Would like to take a moment to say thanks to all of the people that take time to create mods for game so we all can enjoy them more.