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  1. I didn't even think of that! I'll give it a try. Yeah, this game is old and its a terrible, ugly, small town but I'm weirdly attached to it and it was originally made in 1.0.7 and I've always been a bit worried to open it with newer versions in case it breaks it. Do you have any experience with taking a game from 1.07 to 1.76? I thought I had since I pretty much always do but then I had fires and such happening?
  2. Okay, so I had a bunch of paused builds open while dealing with a fire in the town centre and then I made a big dumb panic mistake because I'm easily panicked and ended up reloading the last autosave which was, thankfully, before the whole mess. Anyway, my game crashed while I was reloading and when I reopened the save, all the build menu things are mostly out of the screen off the upper left corner. The town information and such was too but I got those back by closing and reopening them but I can't get the builds. I can't drag them by grabbing just random bits of it, going fullscreen didn't help, neither did going back from it to my windowed fullscreen I normally use or re-reloading, and clicking the builds doesn't help at all because it just highlights it off screen. Is there any way to force it close them or relocate them or something? Its not a very good town but I'd rather not have to delete it just because I was dumb. (I've attached a picture of it for clarification because I don't think I've explained very well)