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  1. To my way of thinking, adding categories in the towns inventory where you can already choose between quantity and normal would work to change the inventory screen to view the food separate from the resources, or the resources from the crafted, etc... and I would love for this to happen, cuzz when searching for your food to see what needs what can take a very long time. Sorting by category would by far change the scope of searching for various things. I would love to see the inventory follow the new categories given in the game.
  2. thanks for the great answers. I was more curious than upset, and sorry if I sounded abrupt. I just can't seem to say things in a "nice" way, both online and in person. it is my biggest flaw, being honest and living without filters tends to produce an abrupt type of conversational skills. So, I did not want to offend. And the thatch/fodder chains are awesome. I hadn't considered the fodder as a peat option, but it works for both the cow paddies and the peat bogs. Thanks for that.
  3. Okay, first let me say, I love you MODDERS all equally, you have brought so much to this great game. Peat bogs for fuel, and possible early game requirements for roofing, sale price 2, as it takes two workers to retrieve, or one worker, max size of six by six tiles. My reasoning is, that early settlers used peat bogs for fuel in reality. But we don't want to have to rely upon this , so maybe make a time limit on how long a bog lasts, as that reflects realism. I doubt very much that a terrain could be added to just have random bogs, but that would work as well, make it a gathering thing. Have to gather as peat moss is not a building site. kinda like a mountain isn't a building site. for those who choose not to use a boggy site, they could just erase with a terrain tool. Next would be cows dropping paddies. Again, this was a job my Uncle had as a small kid, searching the pastures for cow paddies. Grandma used the paddies for outdoor and indoor during lean times fuel. Plenty of lean times in the Depression era. Basically, dried cow manure makes great long slow burning fires, exceptional for overnight stoking of household hearths. I suppose one could make trade value of one or two for the cow paddies, but really it isn't so much a trade item as a use now item. Could even have a chain attached. one to pick the paddy, one to dry the paddies on racks, then you could up the value of them to three, as it is using three workers to get. One in the pasture raising cattle, one picking, one drying, or make it just one worker to pick and dry.? As for the peat, that would require one worker to pick and storage. But many blacksmiths preferred peat fires due to the long slow burn and high heat values over firewood, which would go up and down heat values. This isn't an idea, but a question, Why does processed food, like tinned food sell so cheap? I have workers to mine the tin, then a worker has to process the tin, then another worker has to gather the food to go to the tinnery and another worker there to gather the tin and the food not to mention the firewood/charcoal or coal to feed the fuel refiner into furnace fuel. All to make 3 trade in the T.P.?? how is that helpful? I can just sell the processed Tin, make better trade on it. Same with jam. Glassware is expensive, not only just to build, but even to buy, But once a preservist uses it, the finished product sells for practically nothing. I could go on forever about the processed foods, but enough to say, I don't process food anymore, due to the poor returns I get from it. I can sell the unprocessed items to buy foods from the trader for better values. I also don't understand why furnace fuel is so cheap either, it is another labour intensive product, requiring foresters to get the log, the woodcutter or stacksburner to process into firewood or charcoal, or a coal miner, to feed the fuel refiner. All of these products are cheap to buy and sell, but shouldn't be cheap at all. I don't see the value in it at the trading post really, other than Firewood selling for 4.
  4. I never use the stone or wood tools options, unless I am buying them in desperation at the trading post. I also don't build the bronze either. too costly for little return. So no, I would be the one unhappy if you changed up the tools to reflect realism. I don't know what was done for sure during the era Banished tends to hang out in. But pretty sure they were not making stone aged tools
  5. What a GEM this find was for me. I love it. Are these available as stand alone mods? Any thoughts to making them stand alone?
  6. HI, I added Ridiculous Storage, to MM8.01 on Banished 1.07 steam version. Love the MM8 mod. I am having trouble with the Bricks/Glass. First time I played through a game, I had to build two types of bricks and two types of glass to get the Building Supplier to use them. Along with a few other buildings that wanted brick and glass. Not a big deal, I just ignored it. This second game, I added Ridiculous storage to it from the start. The other game I added RS in during the game (long after the two bricks/glass issue) The problem I have now is the Building Supplier doesn't use any of the bricks or glass I have built, I took a screenshot. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/939463741321803220/0F1743E76ABAC67601081A4FF0511317A0BEFB2D/ So, not being able to build a building supplier isn't so much of a big deal, I can just buy them. But wondered why this is a bug for me? Is it a bug for anyone else?
  7. After saving, exiting, and loading, the hardwood forester started producing hardwood right away, and the iron shack, also started giving me straight iron, no more iron ore from it. Idk about the bricks and glass, as I have them shut off atm.
  8. sorry to jump on this question, but since it is about the districts, can you explain how they work? I am just now starting to use the MM8.01 mod, and I found the center district, built it, and couldn't figure out where to put the hunters, and such , got any good tips on placement?
  9. I think to be historically accurate. then peat moss would be the fuel of choice, along with cow patties, pretty sure horse manure was used for fertilizing, and the cow patties burned in the fireplaces during winter after drying them out. they produced a low hot fire, that didn't require alot of tending through the night. making it superior to firewood. In Saskatchewan where the trees are very limited, due to the ph content in the soil isn't friendly to Trees, cow manure was a commodity to be traded as well. Not sure if goat manure was used or not. But when I asked my Uncle, who grew up drying cow patties, he was pretty definite on the reasons why. lol. He was a kid and it was his job to prowl the pastures for the patties. lol. him and my dad.
  10. So, I got the new vid card, and added 1gb of RAM , and MM8.01 loaded up with no problems at all. Thanks to everyone for their offered help with this. My computer guy, I love so much, charged me only fifty dollars for a gaming video card , installing new RAM, and cleaning files. If anyone wants to know who he is. I would happily send you his website.
  11. I guess I wasn't very clear in my opening. I do have enough limit available on the raw materials. Indeed, I raised every limit by adding another zero, so went from 1000 to 10000 across the board, not including tools/food/clothing. As for the bricks. and glass. I have to build the CC brickworks, and glassmaker, with the CC shorehouses, to match. They didn't want to use the "Other shorehouse" which I built cuzz it was smaller for sand and clay. The "other" kiln and glasshouse, didn't like the sand and clay from the CC mod either, so no I have two different glassworks, and a brickworks, and kiln. Brickworks makes only bricks, charcoal, coke, and something else. But the kiln, makes only bricks and roof tiles, and something else I think. So having all of these buildings is curious is all. Not a big deal. The hardwood forester, I used a lot with the CC Journey, so am familiar with how it works. The hardwood forester had completely cleared land.I built it in a cleared area, so waited for about 5 game years to get the planting and growing done. in the screenshot, this is actually 13 game years, cuzz I took off the first five growing years. The one thing I did that may have been different, is used the hardwood forester new trees, on account of the newly cleared land. ???maybe this is the problem??? I never mess with the cut/plant instructions, cuzz I can't recall which is which, bright white means planting? or cutting? idk. so I just leave that alone.
  12. Finally get to play this great mod. and I knew I would loves it. and I do. But what happened to my hardwood forester? I have a screenshot. The forest is about 8 game years old now. and not a single stick of hardwood from it.. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1607348394 I built the CC new materials storage, and placed a materials storage area nearby as well. I also have to build two of each type of shorehouse. and bricks and glass makers. no big deal, but it is curious to hafta build two different buildings for the same resource/craft. I also discovered the "renewable resources" built the stone gathering, and it works perfectly, built the "Iron" gatherer, and it is only gathering IronOre. So I built the IronOre Gatherer, same thing. Again, not a big deal, was a bit disappointed my iron gatherer didn't work out. but loving the stone gathering, and the ironore gathering as well. so much nicer than the mining. plus doesn't give me any unhappy circles.
  13. thanks for this. I am playing on all the wild things. had to be an easy start, cuzz i don't care for adam and eve. so, I have discovered every type of animal in the wild, all the domesticated kinds, black and white cows, leghorns bisons, etc.... I was just searching for a way to capture them, and you answered my questions. thanks.
  14. Does anyone use the mod manager? How does it work? Where does it go? Can I use it with CC1.76 or just by individual mods. Can I use the mod manager, and the mod manager in the banished game provided? Also, do I need the .sub files in the Banished WinData file? What does it do if they are removed?
  15. Updating progress on loading MM8.01 I managed to get it loaded. but was unable to exit, it crashed immediately lol. So figured I would get it loaded again, this time starting a new game. And again, not responding. So, this time I checked on a few things. Via ctrl alt delete, task manager, I was monitoring the progress of the loading process. My physical memory was at 96%, so now I know I need more RAM to play with MM8.01. Which I am getting later on this week I hope. Otherwise. I will just have to envy others who get to play with this great mod. Thanks again to all who offered advice and help.