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  1. Updating progress on loading MM8.01 I managed to get it loaded. but was unable to exit, it crashed immediately lol. So figured I would get it loaded again, this time starting a new game. And again, not responding. So, this time I checked on a few things. Via ctrl alt delete, task manager, I was monitoring the progress of the loading process. My physical memory was at 96%, so now I know I need more RAM to play with MM8.01. Which I am getting later on this week I hope. Otherwise. I will just have to envy others who get to play with this great mod. Thanks again to all who offered advice and help.
  2. i start out using the wood chopper. I can't load up MM yet. working on it. has issues. on a different post. I just loved finding the charcoal option. Freed up all those bundlers, and choppers, as well as simplified feeding the fuel refinery when I played CC Journery 1.76 I discovered charcoal as a fuel option , just fooling round with it. cuzz at first, five logs, eh. yikes. but it went up, the requirements, aka needs of the bannies seemed to be somewhat lessened, so I took a chance, and left the stacksburner running, and long term, I found two workers in the stacks, fed a town of 700 plus two fuel refineries, and maintained a limit of 2000, without destroying my wood collections. where i would normally need about six wood choppers, or a sawmill running one worker full time on firewood. I saved in labor and i had plenty of wood to spare, so much i had to sell some lol.
  3. A few things about the storage barns I forgot. I used only the specialized storage options. I used only three maybe four General storage barns, early in the game, and deleted two of them. lol. I found the leanto for food is awesome, and replaced the general storage barns with fields of specialized leanto's. I found it was much easier to keep track of how much food storage I really needed. And what types of storage I needed for the food as well. I found protein storage was always overloaded, and grain storage was almost nil. I put fields of food storage at the trading posts, again the leanto's were my goto for this as well. But I was using CC1.76 with the MM8.01 I would have used RK's specialized storage warehouses instead of leanto's. I would put one general food warehouse, two or three protein, one grain, one veg and one fruit by the traders. Again, I would follow that same formula, when I played with RKEC (RedKetchupsEditorsChoice)mod. Everywhere I had food building, or a trading post. I would also try to leave extra spaces to add more narrow food storage. I used the tool/clothing narrow storage warehouses all over the place. Again, eliminating the general storage barns is awesome. Idk why, probably on account of programming, but the Bannies prefer to fill up general storage barns and stockyards over the specialized options provided. So by not making Generalized storage or stockyards, you can force them to use the specialized.
  4. I had similar meat issues with CC1.76, (cant get MM8.01 to load yet) I could not fix it, no matter what I tried to do. I had distribution barns, magazines, excellent storage spaces. But still my edibles markets was 80% meats. When I had regular markets, these too got overloaded with meat and industrial, despite having excellent storage spaces. CC1.76 doesn't have an Industrial Market, like MM8 does. I suggest the following. What worked to keep my markets from overloading too much on industrial, was keeping one type of fuel, I used Charcoal, as it is the BEST bang for the buck, uses five logs, but doesn't burn as fast, and it feeds the Fuel refinery perfectly, making the fuel stand work very efficiently. as well as the log vendor that feeds the Charcoal maker. (brickworks i think) When making farms, put one pasture along with a couple farms, and an orchard in a localized area. make pastures large, they will produce plenty, no need to build twenty cattle pastures. I use the Frieson cows, they provide the most milk, and slaughter is less. Make one sheep or one llama farm, for wool , I played most of the game with just llama, as it produce alot of wool, and it eats up lots of market space due to weights. keep the Bannies desperate for meats, as in, under build the pastures. Then you don't end up with overproducing. The Tinnery, is an excellent way to use up plain beef etc... also use the butchers, the tinnery requires meat from the butchers. Then the tinned meat is turned out and it is a 3 or 4 to one ratio in the Bannie diet. as in, 3-4 processed meat is equal to one unprocessed. So no need to keep extra unprocessed meats anywhere. Put a butcher appropriate to the pasture, and one tinnery, use the General Market to supply Tin, use a Protein vendor to supply the meat. Use a Distribution barn BESIDE the Stock Pasture, The herdsman will take the meat to the nearest barn, by having that the Distribution Barn, it is the most efficient. The DV (distribution vendor) will then take the products in their barns to the nearest available storage. I placed many many many protein leanto's as they held the best ratio of storage for just proteins. closer than the market, but further than the D.B. With only one type of meat in an area, this cleared up that one markets issue with overloading a variety of meats. It will still stock up on all the variety, but won't get as overstocked as before. What worked for the Industrial, was simply keeping the storage limits low. As well as using everything. I didn't produce tin unless I was using it actively. I didn't use the forge unless I absolutely needed it, same with construction materials. Here is where I used the Resource Barns if I accidentally got overstocked with one or two things, like candles, or whatever. I would store them in the resource barn, and that takes it out of stock, the markets can't have it. but you still have access when you need to send to update a mine or whatever. The resource barn was excellent, when I got overstocked with wool for a while. It cleared alot of barn spaces for me. so I could get the flax and cotton and hemp to the weavers and ropery. Again, trying to keep limits low, I realized I don't need both cloth and linen, one is all that is needed to build the best clothing, or to build the whaling ships hull components. So I quit farming both using the plantation crops option, and chose cotton/cloth. This reduced the strain on my Market again. Same thing goes for tools, choose one type of tool to build, if you try building all types, then the markets will try stocking every type. Another area that I had difficulty with was with the smokery. It needs barrels, salt and butcher meat. So I built the cooper nearby. (ended up building three coopers) all build barrels, used a wood vendor to feed the coopers. Used a protein vendor and a mineral vendor with a crafted vendor to feed the Smokery. (The mineral vendor didn't work great as it tries to get all minerals, ended up with a ton of iron and copper ores, with no salt. But the main market always seemed to have salt. So it was not much of an issue. One salt miner is plenty . Doesn't have to be nearby. And used the smokery with a protein vendor supplying the nearby source. I am using beef as an example, could be any meat source. That again, the market wants to stock everything, so by keeping the smokery hungry for butcher cuts and having just enough barrels to keep it going, also helped keep the markets stocked with smoked or salted meats. without letting them get overstocked on any sort of other meat sources. My last and final tip. Stop building all of one thing anywhere. Put a distribution of working resource buildings, along with food buildings, houses, and such. This will help the vendors at the markets stay close so they can sort their wares better as well. The MegaMod has a Industrial Market and a Edibles Market. Definitely post both in an area. Do not use a general market. as it will get lopsided. every time. Hope this helps out.
  5. Reply to Worker. at step 18 it was a last ditch attempt, I figured if I get one loaded, then i can add two, and then three. it did not work. At which time I just gave up too tired to keep trying. I haven't yet tried to load MM8 or any other mods right now , I figured I would give mods a rest, and started a new map, to achieve the uneducated, nomads, tombstones, and 900 pop, then my list of Achievements will be completed. And I will go back to mods, after Rick has gone over the computer.
  6. So I just went through your data list. WOW! You did a tonne of work to compile this data. I already knew I loved Charcoal for fuel. But you proved it is the best value going. it is coincidentally the highest value of the whole list. heh. guess that makes me a good guesser eh. Thanks for doing this, it was very interesting. informative, I won't be using no more chicken meat at the tinnery. and those fire bundlers, and wood choppers, handy at the start, but not a good bet to fuel hundreds of houses, or service the Fuel Refinery. Besides, it is much easier to use a log vendor to feed the stacks burner, or bricksworks. and then feed the charcoal as the only fuel going, so the fuel vendor can stay fully stocked up to feed the Fuel Refinery, and the markets don't overload trying to stock every type of fuel going. And, two or three stacksburners vs the multitudes of staff required to build bundles or firewood. I preferred Charcoal for its low labour costs. even if at the time I thought it was a higher cost overall. after all convenience usually has a steeper pricetag.
  7. I came onto BlackLiquid specifically for MM8 today. I was and am determined to play with this mod. Step by step this is what I did. 1.. Found MM8.01 right away, clicked and downloaded. it went into my downloaded files, I found right away. no problems. 2. I spent six hours trying to find this windata file. This is where it is exactly on my computer..... C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Banished\WinData First I extracted it. Then told extraction to extract to this file. the whole thing, no modifying, nothing. 3. Went into Banished. Disabled All mods, (figured it would be easier to load that way) 4. Found the MM8.01 files 1,2 and 3. Set them up in order, added the fishing boost, the fishing dock, the terrain, fly fishing and hunting. Clicked okay, everything seemed fine. I was prepared for a long wait. no big deal, Everything seemed fine took about ten mins. So then I went to close Banished, and ..... 5. Evil nasty tone my computer gives me when Banish Crashes. 6. Ctrl Alt Delete----->Start task Manager. 7. Banished not responding. Try to close, would not close. 8. Force restart. 9. Fresh start , Repeat steps 3 and four. Disabled every mod except MM8.01 (following other threads with same problem) 10. Clicked okay. then close Banished. 11. Evil nasty tone dead Banished, repeat steaps 6,7, and 8. 12. Repeat same procedure two more times. 13. Decide to unsubscribe from all Mods. 14. No problem, unsubscribed from all mods. click okay. Banished saved and closed. Restarted Computer (just in case eh.) 15. Steps 3 and 4 again, Also added the precaution of closing steam, exiting internet, and closing any hidden programs running. (there were none) Shut down my virus protection. Panda this week,(Computer going to see Rick, could be something different when it comes back. Getting a new vid card.) Same result, repeating steps 6-8 16. Considered smashing computer. 17. Tried only loading MM8.01 part 1. No go . crash bang boom, restarting Computer. I gave up at this point, and decided to start a Vanilla game, to complete the achievements I missed as a newby. Had a wonderful adventure trying to play vanilla, no schools achievement. it is HARD. Anyway. that was my day. So willing to give a step to the Banished adventure. lol. Oh and these are my computer specs.Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 70 °C Kentsfield 65nm Technology RAM 3.00GB DDR2 Motherboard ASUSTek Computer INC. Basswood3G (Socket 775) 49 °C Graphics Panasonic-TV (1280x768@60Hz) 1024MB NVIDIA GeForce 210 (ZOTAC International) 75 °C Storage 298GB Hitachi HDT725032VLA380 (SATA) 47 °C Optical Drives HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H30L Audio NVIDIA High Definition Audio I loved playing the CC1.76 mod. it is fantabulous. And I have also played the DS mods, and RKEC mods, none of these had issues. all used the fishing mods, fly fishing, and hunting, modbug, single fishing dock. nordic log cabin. and radius recolour. and ironmen. i might be missing something, but can't think of what atm. Any ideas would be awesome. thanks in advance. Sorry for the long posting.
  8. Hi, I just figured out how to load the MM8 in my windata file, under steams banished version 1.07. So far I have only used mods I could load via the workshop and subscribe . Anyway, I did as you said, loading them in order, removing everything that might disrupt it. and it still just freezes and stops responding. I have restarted several times. closed everything and restarting the computer. I re-opened Banished, and shut off all mods, then only checked the mods that didn't turn red, the single fishing dock, the fly fishing, the solo hunter, and the terrain mod, didn't turn red. so I left them alone. I don't know what else I can try to do? Oh and it takes Forever and a day to load Banished even before trying to put the mods in? Should I just forget about ever trying this fab mod?
  9. Thank you so much for providing this link, I have been searching my computer all night trying to open my Banished game folders windata, and simply couldn't find it. But, after Reading through all of Lukes site, I found the answer. and now can unzip the files I downloaded. again, thanks so much!!
  10. Hi, I am Kim, From Southern Saskatchewan Canada, a large and beautiful Country with vast wilderness, along with old country roads, wide freeway roads, and big metropolitan Cities. We have it all in Canada, along with the peace and prosperity that comes with being underpopulated, similar to Australians that way. I love my country, and I wish the world would get along better. Found this site following the Banished CC mods, looking for the MegaMod8.0 and The Ridiculous Storage Mod I have heard about. I am not a long time gamer, more of a go in spurts. Used to play games alot when the internet was new. lol. Ageing myself there. Was fascinated by Lords of the Realm 2, by Sierra. and if you haven't noticed, I love talking. to anyone and everyone eh. Found Banished by accident. My son set me up with Steam, he found LotR2 and gifted it to me. Played it for a month or so. Tried replaying Stronghold, but found it is still glitchy, and enjoyed the Crusader series, but my computer wasn't up to the task of the 2 set of Crusaders, so I gave up for a while. Then I came on steam, and Banished showed up. Looked alot like Stronghold, and so I risked the $24$ Canadian, and fell utterly and stupidly in love with the game. I even dream in Bannie. roflol. So, looking forward to the next years worth of accomplishing the tasks set out in CC, and in the MM8, cuzz I am presently updating my Computer, first the video card, then the Ram, and the Processor. I knows a guy, who builds excellent gaming computers for cheap. Less than 600 CanuckBucks will get my gaming time styling eh. If you want his website, let me know. He is excellent, and has kept my old 2007 Laptop running for me, when I should have bought a new one a long time ago. Which I did, and my Daughter fell in love with my new laptop, so I gave it to her, and came home with my old lappy, kids eh. Also looking forward to meeting new people and friends online again, its been the better part of a decade since I involved myself in any online communities. So, drop a line, a friend request, and see from there.
  11. sorry to jump on your question. I forget what its called. anyway. I sometimes see in my houses Single Parents'?? is that a thing on Banished? I know it is a single parent and not two people started tog in the house. and one died. I monitored this house from building to inhabited until a male had a 0child born in the house. is this just a fluke, or a quirk of Banished?