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  1. I think bronze/brass is incorrectly better than steel. In fact in reality bronze is softer than steel and therefore a worse tool metal. Iron on the other hand is fairly similar to bronze but lacks the corrosion resistance. Crude tools should be made from stone. The tool lineup in terms of durability should go like this. Crude/Iron/Bronze/Steel. A way you can cheapen bronze a bit, is make the a smaller mine for mining both tin and copper and the "iron smelter" should able to smelt any ore. As iron is actually harder to smelt than tin/copper, or gold/silver for that matter. This makes trade a more viable option for "Adam/Eve" starts. The advantages of making bronze products should be: Decoration (nothing beats bronze statues and what not nice pretty golden/red color) Trade- copper is actually rarer than iron. Therefore their tools/products pricier.
  2. So I've tried out MegaMod, not to crazy about it. As when you mix mash too rando mods together it feels unbalanced. I do however really like Mini-buildings the DS mod with the Jack&Jill start. ^which one is the ds mod with jack and jill.