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  1. EB has been dealing with some personal issues. He lost his wife last year, and at my last interaction with him late last year he decided to take time away after someone was giving him enough trouble over at WoB that I had to intervene. I do hope that we see him again soon, but I would hope more that he is just doing well and getting the rest and support he probably needs.
  2. Glad to see you back into the swing of things Shock!! The new buildings look great!
  3. I'll see what I can come up with to help. I have a whole lot of time on my hands as we just went through Hurricane Irma and won't have electricity back until at least Friday. So I am out of work for a few more days.
  4. With the coming of CC modular, will iron ore as a primary resource be a standalone or part of a industrial package along with other, minable resources? My suggestion is that, since it replaces iron as a surface resource it should be a standalone. What say you Kral?
  5. hey

    I spoke to Shock this weekend. He is doing well and in the process of building a house. RL is taking understandable priority at the moment for him. He did not say what his plans for BL are in the future nor did he mention anything about Kral.
  6. Glad to have you back shock. We were getting worried.
  7. I definitely second this suggestion.
  8. Florida now. Grew up in New Hampshire.
  9. I haven't disappeared. RL just got a little crazy. Lost my teaching position and decided it was time for a career change. Starting a new company doing home inspections and custom carpentry. (Following my dad's footprints. One of the New England Houses is based on his house. I think was build in 1730 and he has spent the last 20 years restoring it. ) I should be around more now that things are settling out. I am in the process of getting an update together for the New England mod, either still as part of CC or spinning it off as a companion.
  10. As a beginning modder myself, I didn't follow using CCs materials and some of their textures because I felt that CC was the "correct" way to go, but because the Black Liquid crew was awesome enough to share their resources, time and skill with me as they have done with many of us. The fact that so many of the mods out there are compatible with CC or use many of the same ingredients speaks to the amazing community we have established here, not CCs "correctness". We have all built upon each other's work more often that not with the help and tutoring of those that were here before us. @Ketchup, @kid1293, @Necora, all the Black Liquid guys ( @ShockPuppet @Kralyerg and @Denis de la Rive especially with me) have been indispensable in helping the whole modding community move forward in ways we never thought possible. If you don't like someone's mod or someone's acsthetic fine... Don't use it. But talking a bunch of crap or disparaging someone elses work around here is not welcome.
  11. I love the look of it!!!
  12. I am so glad you like the New England set. It has been included in CC and will be getting a bit of an update soon.
  13. I agree with Taniu, especially with the Sherbrooke Church. The building is huge and beautiful, but 20 parishioners is way too low.
  14. Geeking out to a series of lectures on Historical Theology by Ryan Reeves at Gordon Cornwell Seminary. Spectacular.
  15. Hope all is well shock!!