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  1. Mirroring the mesh should just be a command in the code shouldn't it, or would it mean an F variant?
  2. Look for the small forge in the manufacturing menu. You will also need to make furnace fuel to fire it. There is a small furnace in the same location.
  3. I'm not sure that can be done except by adding more F variants.
  4. I think @rebelobster is looking for something to mirror a building say make one the looks like this... xxxll look like this... llxxx
  5. I have a bunch of RL work to get done this weekend, but I intend on hitting the studio to kick out a few new sounds I have in mind. I have a great one for the blacksmith, I think I have good ideas for most of the industrial stuff. I will make them and put them into a Dropbox here so that any of the developers can use it for thier mods.
  6. The one problem with adding silence that way is it has to be added to EVERY file we want to loop in an unannoying way. Will the code allow us to reference multiple sound files so that we only need one silent file?
  7. That looks fantastic @Necora. Great job!!
  8. What about a command similar to how we get "random" items out of the precious mine. Maybe on the line of code have sound.rsc, silence.rsc, silence, silence, sound, silence,. It would give us a more irrythmic pattern and would make us only have to reference one silent file.
  9. What's more impressive is the sheer amount of posting and PM's he deals with on top of it all.
  10. @ShockPuppet. I was afraid it was going to be something like that.
  11. It takes some doing but I can make the files smaller, thereby using less system resources by making the final product use a lower sound quality level. CD quality is 16bit/44.1khz but I can use lower settings. Most would balk at that, but unlike video it is much easier to make up for with the modern tools available. It would be almost unnoticeable without a higher end sound system. So I will leave it up to you guys, do we want better performance... Or high end sounds?
  12. So there should be a road or clear tiles between all the fences and fields? Or use ghosts?
  13. @ShockPuppet. It's going to take me a little bit because of RL work and such, but I am thinking about a full scale overhaul on sounds. I already have a few in mind... new construction sounds, new blacksmith sounds, ECT. Is it possible to make a master list of the sound files?
  14. I shall get cooking on some new sounds then. To the studio!!!
  15. @ShockPuppet. Is this something that's moddable? If so I can look into it. The one thing I do know is audio.