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  1. I haven't played banished for years, and saw a playlist full of skye storm of CC a couple of years old, so I understand the game properly, and have started my own series, am on episode 3, have everything the banis need, except food of all seeds and animal types, but a stable, growing population, church, town hall, and hearts and stars are on 4.5 ATM, playing 1.76 and experimenting with all the new features, it's really fun, but I'm putting it online, to try to find someone that want to follow the series, come with advice and ideas, help me when I do something obviously wrong, and it would be really nice to have someone to chat with and put your idea into realization. A park? A lake filled with houses and jobs? A maze perhaps? Anything, and I know the game enough to not kill all the bans in the meanwhile. So come have a watch on my ultra large map, flatlands, hard, shipwrecked, with endless land to build on. I want to add every single production chain and manage to absorb 50 or 100 nomads at the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTfbEfhKFbs&list=PL7Sny8BNjWxQ4NygKIoB4ifqwlzg-GxsF