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  1. + pork = beanie weenies!
  2. And from my experience they produce a HELLUVA LOT OF FOOD. It's a great way to use up the massive amounts of duck meat I seem to accumulate that no one seems to want hehe.
  3. esther, I know you answered this to me in another thread (can't find it, seems I'm blind), but my greenhouse won't grow seedlings. Only gives me the standard tropical fruit options. Am I missing something? Have MM installed, and can only see the one greenhouse option. EDIT: Not sure if I have MM installed below CC or above. Let me check that first and see if that's causing the problem. Thanks.
  4. OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok then, I guess I'm an idiot! Thanks for your help! I'll give that a go!
  5. You think I might need an actual seed instead of the specific fruit in stock? I'll try that and get back to you. I can't imagine though, it's not a requirement in the construction window for the tree.
  6. Using both CC and MM. Before I started using MM (CC only, can't remember which version I started using MM) they worked fine.
  7. Hmmm, let's see now.....apples, sugar, glassware.......same inputs!
  8. Something to do with the spices they put in it that just drive me mental for it.
  9. Have plenty of each fruit/nut. I've tried different fruits for which I have thousands of that fruit/nut, but while I can place the build, they are never finished.
  10. How do the log yields compare to normal forester huts? Is it worth using these instead (for the added fruit), or do you take a hit in log production? Great idea by the way!
  11. Agreed, would be sweet if they could widen the options. You also forgot blueberries and cherry. I've also had a peach jam that was surprisingly delicious. Almost wish they'd just widen the options on the building to take any fruit. I know it's a small detail and probably not worth wasting much time modding it, but can't imagine it would take that long to mod (not that I'd really know, I'm computer illiterate hehe).
  12. I've never had bad Haggis. I've even had canned Haggis, came out as a giant fat hot dog.....and was still delicious.
  13. Hey guys, not able to make the fruit/nut trees! They're beautiful and want to use them, but they never finish. Is it possible I have a mod posted in the wrong spot and is jamming this up? Apologies if this has been asked before. Thanks.
  14. Could you not just determine the number of adults and work that into your equation? I mean you'll never have exactly as many men as women, but you could come close. Since only adults can create new families, it should ensure you don't have that 34 year old man lounging around in his parent's house.
  15. I can confirm this. Just recently added megamod to my game and got these quarries.