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  1. yeah sadly though ive tried this did DX9 to DX11 and dx11 to dx9 also i tried freeing up SSD space since when i got the mod and installed it i had like a gig left now i have around 24 gigs but still didnt fix it
  2. yeah personally,y for me at least i dont think that the ram is an issue i have 16 gigs atm hopefully you're right and it is doing its thing i mean the screen doesn't look like it froze the man is still mining a rock or whatever at the bottom of the screen guess im just impatient lmao
  3. Hi so i recently purchased banished and immediately installed the megamod but when i try to make a new game i get a loading screen that seems to never end ive waited up to 10 minutes at this point and the game is running on my SSD so there's really no reason for it to do this i would think at least also i have no other mods besides megamod and im running 1.07 beta ive tried to run 1.06 as well but it did the same thing ive also tried setting all my settings to the lowest via the options menu as well as switching from dx11 to dx9 but again it didn't work so at this point im at a loss