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  1. Deleting the .pkm files looks like it fixed the problem. Apparently just disabling the mods doesn't work. I unsubscribed from everything except for CC, and hopefully I won't develop any issues in my new game. So farm so good. Thank you!
  2. I love your mod, thank you for making it! Unfortunately my game has become unplayable because any time I click on my coastal trade post, I get an "access violation" error message. I can try to ignore the trade post, but I can't stop ships from coming. The moment a ship docs, even if I don't click anything, I get the same error and the game crashes. I use Colonial Charter: Journey (1.76), I ordered some seeds from one of the boats, which may be causing a problem?, and I have also had problems with some of the CC unique market buildings (builders refuse to touch them) before I had the trade dock problem. I have a few other mods: call of nature soundtrack, which changes the music, safer jobs, which reduces job related accidents, unlimited mines and quarries, and tree growth and life. They are all above CC. I tried turning them off, but the game seems to enable them again when I load my saved game. I would appreciate any suggestions you have for how to fix this problem. This is a great mod, and I would love to continue playing with it. Thanks