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  1. Hi, playing with the Journey mod (fantastic btw, thank you!) and my Forge/Foundry does not even have the option to make gold out of gold ore. The only building mentioning gold at all is the Melting house (which makes the gold guilder, not just gold). Is that a bug?
  2. Hi, is there a way to see buildings I placed to be built? Sometimes I don't remember where exactly I placed it and cannot find it (esp. if playing another day etc.). The area is not highlighted in any way... A related issue I have is that it says I need 2 builders for something - but I cannot find what it is that is supposed to be built. I am pretty sure there it is no new building construction (or paths and such), it is pretty early in the game. I tried following the assigned builder and he was just idling, getting food and such. Could it be a bug? Anyway, then I did place a stone house to be built - and the builder was again not building anything. I did have all the resources... Would appreciate any help.