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  1. Hello everyone! I wonder if it's possible to change the season settings in Banished. With that i mean to turn of the seasonal vegetation settings, so trees and bushes still have their leaves, rather than to use it for a hole year food production (orchard/field etc). I would be very glad to have a mod like this, 'cause I like to build some nice looking citys with lots of greenings (that will cover odd and ugly spaces). So when the seasons change all my work seems to be done for nothing 'cause the blank trees will no more cover anything. I know a mod like this would be very unrealistic. but hey...it's just a game right?! Cheers Ylfva
  2. / Hello everybody,. I played banished for years now and still i'm not able to find a specific food some traders offer me. For me it's called "LokaleMahlzeit" (yes, written without space) so in english it must be something like "local meal". Where the heck you can produce it? _________________________________________________________ btw I'm playing with the newest MegaMod (+German translation;atm)