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  1. WOW looking good
  2. If you go into options you can make the fonts ect larger. I have the same problem also hope this helps
  3. Now!  Luke just posted on Shining Rock! 

    1. gowiththeflow


      ya so looking forward to this release :D

  4. Hi I have been waiting what feels like forever for Banished to come out of beta. Does anyone have any idea how much longer. Shinning Rock says soon in a June. 

    1. WatersMoon110
    2. gowiththeflow


      whoops a daisy missed out the last bit.

      shinning Rock says soon in a June 2017

      not much longer till out of beta

  5. @estherhb and @stiles found it thanks
  6. I was wondering why embx61 bakery is not include I love the look of it The old mod wont work anymore with the upgrade to 10.7 I feel it gives a bit more variety for bakeries Beside that loving all the new game choices Ride the Waves of Life .... Go with the Flow
  7.  you modders are the best Thankyou

    I remember when getting deer as livestock was exciting look how far you all have :shape3::shape3::hand16:

  8. I use the nomad well, small town hall,small town clinic, village markets and mini trading post this seems to attract nomads regularly. @estherhb BTW the next update to MegaMod is coming out soon How soon about to start a new game.... ride the waves of life...go with the flow
  9. Ya ya thankyou so much been putting off getting into a new game ..coming to the forum every day hoping to see the release of 1.7 all you mod makers thank you (very happy):)

  10. I have been checking everyday hoping for the release of CC 1.7 keep up the good work.. Black Liquid team... I know my way around a computer and have played many Genre on PC and Xbox going back to Atari and Commodore 64 days. If I can in anyway help please let me know.

    Ride the Waves of Life.....Go with the Flow

    1. Cairon


      1.7 won't necessarily be a complete revision like previous versions.  They are releasing mini modules that you can assemble and customize using the mod interface and tack onto the 1.7 package.  You can read more about it here:


      Edited by Cairon
      Added link
    2. gowiththeflow


      Thanks for that info @Cairon 

      Ride the Waves of Life...Go with the Flow

  11. Happy New year fellow CC players:D

  12. @ShockPuppet and team I am so waiting with anticipation for the release of CC 1.7 Keep up all the great mods and gameplay... Like many of us, I wouldn't be playing Banished still, if it wasn't for you guys/girls hard work and dedication "Ride The Waves Of life, go with the flow.
  13. Ride the waves of life Go With The Flow
  14. @ShockPuppet I also live with my dog Buddie plus a couple of cats some ducks who breed up the back and use my place for like its their home
  15. Great to see so many Aussies @KevinTheCynic and @ShockPuppet I live in Bridgetown was born in Victoria grew up in the southwest and traveled Australia for around five years lived in many places. Queensland is my fav behind WA lived all the way from Cairns to the Gold coast in the eighties and boy did I have a lot of fun.