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  1. I have no idea how to solve this and I'm stumped. My oil press will suddenly stop recognizing that it's got olives. The road is clear, there's 375 olives in the building, it's been pressing oil happily for months. And I've got about 2000 leaway left yet before the food cap is met. Yet I'm getting that annoying little circle with a slash and nothing's being produced. I'm only running mega mod. I have been 'fixing' this by switching to seed oil for a few game months, usually that seems to jar it into recognizing that it's got olives. But that's just annoying and the olives just keep stuffing the barns and I want the oil for trade right away. Any suggestions of where I need to look? Or what you need for me to screenshot for you to give me suggestions? If it were happening all the time I'd just yank the press and rebuilt it elsewhere but this is intermittent which makes me think it's something I'm doing or something I've got set in the village that needs to change.
  2. I've taken a few days to experiment and while I have no idea why the homeless bridge crossers happen I know how to work around it easily now. Just use the "stepping stone" stone bridge to lay down a first bridge. It crosses anything even rivers, and stay the heck away from the narrower bridges. Once you put down the stepping stone bridge no one gets de-homed again. It can be put in down river of where your going to put traders later and then torn out once you put in a wide stone bridge.
  3. Bingo. This was part of the problem I was running into and no one else seemed to have. Thanks Don! I thought I had some kind of unique game bug. I came to a slightly different resolution but the same conclusions. I posted elsewhere about it. I discovered that two things trigger the homeless tag. Carrying the materials across a bridgeless river erases them from community memory so they come back homeless and a narrow wooden bridge sometimes will as well for some weird reason. After fighting with it for several days I discovered a work around. If I build a stone stepping bridge across any river first they can use it to cross back and forth safely and stay connected. After that I build a wide stone bridge across the main rivers instead of any other type and their happy and undivorced. Since the stepping stone bridge can be build across anything it works as a temp bridge to get things safely set up (and it's cheap in cost) then once done, I can tear it out later if needed for looks or trader passage.
  4. I have no idea where to post this. But, if anyone is still working with mega mod, what/how do you fix bannies getting lost or disconnected from their homes? I have more than adequate housing but the little blighters still forget where they live and wander around homeless. I have all kinds of single citizens living alone in various houses while their spouses wander homeless. It appears to relate to how far from home they go or if they cross a bridge somewhere. I can't send them after resource harvests even 30 squares away sometimes without the entire crop of laborers suddenly showing the homeless icon. I'm running no mods at all except MM.
  5. Found this today and it was strange enough to share. I can't post a screenie but it's easy enough to see for yourself. Has anyone else found things like this? Would love to see other seeds. Running CC with 1.07 Map seed 446724308 Conditions, Medium sized map: Mediterranean, no snow: Cold Valleys: Northern Pines Easy. You'll get sheep with the starting village and it's a very nice little map. BUT the funny thing, look to the east of the village across the stream and slightly south. You'll find a Skull. It's easy to see. Fairly large. Don't put a forester or any other flora or terrain changing building where it's influence will overlap the Skull or they will destroy it. After probably 100's of maps it's the first thing I've seen like this.