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  1. Has anyone notice while Banished has focus any media players (tried with 2 media players that came with Win 10 and VLC) or online streaming slow down drastically? It never happened before. Just annoying since I usually watch or stream something while playing Banished. If anyone has a workaround this, I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks!
  2. I always wonder, are happiness generated by certain type of buildings like hospitals, townhalls, and wells? Or, is happiness on these buildings specific to certain mods? Like CC hospital generate happiness, while Kid's tiny hospital doesn't? Some mods add the pink/red circle which helps a lot but others don't... Thanks
  3. Not sure if this is any helpful to you but I experienced this with some mod (decorative plants) but switching from Dx11 to Dx9 helped. I also have 27 Ultra wide monitor.
  4. thanks @Kralyerg. Speaking of strange rocky steps, gave me an idea for a rice terraces but alas, i cant really plant any crops or put deco plants on raised ground
  5. Is it possible to create a hill/slope that does not look bulky/boxy? If so...whats the trick? Thanks. Like this:
  6. i found a deco mod by EB in World of Banished -- very similar to above (http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=318) but I like variation so still hopeful the fodder farm grasses and plants can be made into ghosted deco.
  7. This is more a request, not sure where to post this. I just discovered the Fodder Farm and is it possible for RK to create a ghosted version. Rather than just using decorated animals, it'd be nice to use it as pasture for grazing cows and other animals like below. Too bad there's no bull deco animal -- Ferdinand in Banished! Thanks
  8. Thanks @estherhb. I didnt consider the climate. I just discovered 'perfect' climate. no snow covered grounds yay!
  9. I started a new game and to test the crops not properly maturing or showing at all...here are the results: Town settings: see image below mods: MM8 RC5 only (removed all other mods) speed: 10x Immediately upon starting new game (early spring), i planted pumpkins and potatoes on 19x6 field each. Early Autumn, farmers started harvesting: As you can see on the image, the pumpkin didn't even appear and the potatoes. More test results: same saved game but on 9x9 fields. The quality improved, you could see tiny pumpkins this time and spinach seems to mature fully. The tomato was harvested early summer. The other 3 crops were harvested early autumn. 3rd test: tried on 5x5 fields -- same results. cabbage, potato, and pumpkin fields remained empty at harvest. Am I planting these crops on wrong season? i planted them winter but work didnt start until early spring so I figured it didnt matter when. There are no other work to be had just farming. I've been playing this game on and off for awhile and I remember planting pumpkin on larger fields on 10x speed without any issues. I'm curious if anyone else is having the same issue. maybe its my video settings? I'm going to try uninstalling the game.
  10. The game keeps crashing whenever I attempt to enable the inedible mods from a saved game. I played for a while with those mods off then activated them like you suggested but it kept crashing. I started few games, saved them, restarted game and launched saved game, activated mods -- crashed. On another note, I am still having issues with my crops not maturing properly or maturing at all. They get harvested at 0% yield. I know I reported it before but I have to check my previous posts to see the resolution. Its kind of funny watching them harvesting an empty field.
  11. Thanks @estherhb. Will try this and post the results here. havent played banished in awhile but restarting a new town soon as I download the latest MM8.
  12. I like using the inedible mods (all) but starting a new game is really hard without fetching more food from the debug menu. It would be nice if there are more structures (similar to Village Kitchen by DS) that cook raw food readily available when starting a new town (i.e. fish, venison, duck, herbs, and other gathered items). Options to cook duck is very limited. I always end up with tons of duck meat that can't be cooked while the citizens starve to death. I love the soup kitchen, but most of the time, I don't have the ingredients (yet) to cook anything. Different structure models (if possible) -- love the variety And more workers per structure to increase production please. Trying to avoid something like... Thank you!
  13. Should make 24-hour food delivery service then Here's what i noticed today - after demolishing the bridge, the worker that crossed that bridge started demolishing the dock (even with the reed next to the first dock piece in place). But the barn is still not getting demolished. I get that the house was facing the wrong side but what about the worker that got stuck in a storage? there was nothing blocking it. I'll try adding the Maritime mods below the MM8 for the next town. Thank you both!!
  14. Encountered these issues: citizens are getting stuck inside the house or storage then dies of starvation items are dumped outside of storage - demolished and created another storage but with same result. Same thing is happening with stock pile. after 20 mins of waiting, workers are yet to remove the structures (2nd image) at first I thought there's something wrong with the bridge, so i built a 2nd bridge. Then tried demolishing a storage on the other side of the bridge...same result...even tried increasing priority.
  15. I just removed all the mods. Added MM8 first, then placed all the other mods on top (all inedible mods, maritime, ridiculous storage, blast furnace patch, DS Roasted Nuts and DS MarketHarboroughOldSchool). Everything seems to be fine again with 10x speed, farming AND new game. Unfortunately, it didn't fix the issue on my old game...