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  1. For all those Island lovers out there, here is a collection of my favorite island seeds. All maps are on [CC] Water World and Very Large. Other mentions: 311044994 - med size long thin island 731155701 - small island with nearby crescent shaped lake mountain 335077681 - large island-like peninsula with only a thin removable strip of land connecting it to shore 228044480 - med size vertical island 927325086 - VERY TINY ISLAND with no room for any resources. Some starts do not land you on the island 327471095 - tiny island with river running through 567974580 - med size island with river running through 576134544 - med vertical thin island with river running through 412259728 - med size island with river running through, odd shape 406172498 - med size thin island with river cutting thin strive vertically down
  2. I found an error that causes a crash, but I am not sure if you would be able to address it because it is probably a problem with the game itself, not the mod. When you activate MM and deactivate other mods, start a game, and then quit to main menu without saving, the game crashes because it's trying to reason about the difference between MM and the mods that were active before. The way the game works with mod loading is that it keeps active the mods from the last game save, so if you don't save on the first map you create with MM active, it throws an error and crashes when you quit. The fix is simply to start a new game, save it, then quit. You can then great and quit as desired to find your perfect start.