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  1. Ok! ok! ok! I play only with one year one year and MM 07 on mod ..So I had tested all the gatherers except vanilla and only The 3 forest food gatherer don't pick up the fruits !!! of course that was that one i used the first time.. I was testing the pine mod of Necora last week since 4 days...the house and nature was so very beautiful !! first time.. impossible to use and sell this f...g turpine .. So i looking for one issue and take the second mod.. Of course i must begin a second game.. Ok! i need the other Necora mod with all the buildings .. Eureka.. i may sell the production ( turpine and alcools ..bannies don't used too ! )with the Necora traders and MAY change food with SEED!! too much ! only a trouble for the bannies who dont' used the charcoal ...and i must do with coke fuel.. ..and begin a big city... but my computer crashed after every only manuel save only less 400 bannies.. i play only with the low speed of 1 instead of 2 when the population grown.. i had tried 5 times and the save crashed every time.. when i made my first city medieval of 5000 bannies with only MM 06 so .. i stop the Necora mod..
  2. In my try of a Vegans 'town .. I put 3 foresters with olives, walnut ,apple at the beginning .. it's exact that the gatherers don't pick up the fruit.. but i have 5 different sort of gatherer. may be only one works only .. i was trying all the gatherer to see that !
  3. Normally it must be used in a curing barn like i saw in the WIKI ...but it don't appears ? May be i am stupid but there something i don't understood If i get Megamod 0.07 I have CC which is included into and don't have to load CC with or not? because on the WIKI the screen show well ... OOPs! in fact there is a bug i just saw the comments on : Downloads / Kralyergs Kave of Krazy Kontraption / Legalized Marijuana
  4. i watched this video and the idea of the first little house was very very good , never think before! but after i don't understand all yours reals objectives.. you don't have a little school at the beginning ! and you don't try to make the most efficient tools? generally my objectives are to have 5/5 and have a large population of 5000 peons by theme ! anyways i saw that 's a presentation video of the mod.. i never replay with disaster on after finished all the achievements because you put a lot of well but generally a tornado is coming... i wait that the mod come on steam because it's soon difficult to activate with my old computer !
  5. Hello ! i was playing on a " Viking Village theme " for me ! and i got the surprise that the first cemetery become to be full that 's not a real trouble because i played on very big map always but it's the first time i saw that ! i just put a other of the same size just on the side ! ... and now i got 4 cemetery of 72 graves!! i took the transparent fenceless cemetery and the map is a simple appalachian forest with lake waters and very harsh climate. one another funny thing ... i playing with disaster off because there always a epidemic was coming to disturb the game (sometime stay a long time and kill a lot of people even if i put a lot of hospital !! ) and for this theme i only use the mini hospital (only 5 places ) ! and surprise no death for the first time since i played Banished !! that 'all !
  6. Since the mod arrived for banished.... I played without reel trouble some différents theme but for my " mexicain theme" i can't product a lot of agave for tequila .. I think it's because i choose the tropical climate but it's not logical because I must change production for the ketchup industries and it's work very well with the tomatoes ...but agave not growing... I don't thing the agave grown in a harsh climate but may be another like mild or other ?? Thank you for any response .
  7. Hello , It' not a ugly town like you said.; you gave me some new ideas ! Actually I play with the mod Journey 1.7 only and I 'have started two city : One city "lacustre" who start from a little island and at is at 97 % on the water.. the other with name "Geronimo" is only make from natives houses up graded.. for this one i need a lot! and a lot! and a lot ! of arrowhead !!! just have big fields of Bisons and horses for leather.it's not easy to hide blacksmith in the forest ! the first begin with "Bayou " and the second with "Cc native village hard " i it's only for little challenge.. do you make Honeyville with a second other mod? Sorry for ma bad English ..i m french !!