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  1. Don't know why but it suddenly works when the town runs to the season 12. Big thanks for both assisting
  2. Is effective for fixing it if I demolish the adjacent trading post?
  3. I start playing another town with CC1.76, but get a trouble at the very beginning... The Lumberyard don't work when I choose to produce the lumber, it keeps saying "reached limit"
  4. Latest situation: I have tried to play on the old record which shows ok, then I save the game into new record and load it, and the problem comes again, but the old one is still ok... The town spent me a lot of time and heart to plan and play, the bug is really frustrating me The changing version of CC means I have to play another town...It would take me a long time for the planning again...
  5. I tried to rebuild those wooden bridges or replaced by other types of bridge, but useless I tried to demolish the twin bridge to be a single bridge, but no use I tried to uninstall the unnecessary mod in game but no use I tried to close the game and reload it, no use I built another pair of wooden bridges elsewhere and other map, it works No change of terrain around the bridges after they had been built ( but villagers used to walk on them) The situation never appears if there isn't any bridge or still under construction Only the bridges next to the arrow marks (marked on the screenshot) have this problem Can anyone tell me the reason of this strange behaviour? And how to make them back onto the right way? I am playing with CC 1.55
  6. Thanks you all providing useful information, Town Planner will try all methods till the tree removed. 感激
  7. but another mine has been built on the other side of the mountain...
  8. I am going to build a mine in my town but a tree on the hill makes my dream go far away What can I do to eliminate the evil tree without flatting the terrain? (The tree cannot be cut by villagers, it comes with the map)
  9. I'm a fresh player and playing the game with CC1.55. I built some CC1.55 buildings in game, but now I would like to install the CC1.7 and remove 1.55... Is available to do that? Coz I juz downloaded and installed but it shows error...