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  1. Okay, so I fixed my driver issues by going back to a previous Windows save, now when I try to start the game, there'a .dump file that was created on start-up. How do I read it? I don't know how to open these files. Opening them in note block makes the file go haywire Edit: completely removed all the local files for Banihsed, fresh installed it and now its working fine with the mods. guess i fixed my own problems even though i know nothing about these kinds of things. at least Ketchup put me on the right track for this. requesting to close this thread.
  2. Okay, so right now I uninstalled my graphics drivers as well as my DirectX stuff so now I'm reinstalling everything. Will give feedback on results soon Edit: after successfully reinstalling my graphics drivers, my PC continues to give me the error in the OP for Banished. I'm restoring my PC to a previous version of itself when I didn't have that problem or the game installed. Let's see what happens
  3. no, I'm using an old CyberPowerPC with a GTX 950 TI. the graphics card was added 2 years into the lifespan of the PC. my motherboard is pretty old as well as the processor. let me give you the specs. I was playing the game just this week and now somehow it just doesn't want to function anymore, it's weird. specs:
  4. i did this, it did not work, so how do i reset DX9 and DX11 so the game can work properly? I tried reinstalling the game, didnt work, i tried validating the game files, nada. I'm not sure what to do now.
  5. alright, so a couple of hours ago, i was playing Banished, everything was fine until i decided to stop playing the game. now i hop back on and it's telling me the video card i have isn't able to create a DirectX 9 AND DirectX 11. here's what the error message says when it pops up I don't understand what's going on, im no tech wizard, as a matter of fact, im quite Technologically impaired. I would like to understand how to fix this issue so i can resume "Chill village building while listening to village music, The simulator"