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  1. Hullo, you adorable rabble! I'm nearly 60, and I live in Norfolk, England. I am retired, somewhat earlier than anticipated. I play many different types of games, Banished is one of my most-visited. I read, using my PC screen, as well as that weird compressed carbon, china clay, and bleach, compound that was so fashionable once. I dig sci-fi, political thrillers, revenge stories, and Damsels In Distress stories ( you have to be what passes for "an adult" to read them). I don't like crowds, noise, or being too hot. I found Black Liquid's work on Steam, and was considerably surprised. I've found that, whatever the source code, the mods for many games just make things worse, rather than better. Colonial Charter, and a couple of others, actually work well, and bring something essential to the game.