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  1. Just checking to see if you guys are still creating new content and what the most recent version of the mod and megamod is and if you have new versions planned anytime this year. Thank you.
  2. Thank you, what is the compatibility mod? That must be the issue,
  3. final question are there a certain type of barn that's needed to store them I got a box once and it was never stored. I have the small medieval barn 2.04 and the cc largest market center
  4. if that happens does that mean you need to build the wild shepherd in another location or they will eventually find a spot and "work"
  5. do wild shepherds run around collecting resources like laborers?
  6. I seen a crate before but I only have small barns and and the largest market built, do they need a certain storage building? My barns are from medieval 2.04 and my market is from cc
  7. Again all they do is gather resources like a laborer the guy didn't actually do anything that his job told him to do
  8. i set it on x10 for 20 minutes walked away and still didn't have a single animal.
  9. Anytime I try to add to the crafted limited its a automatic crash
  10. certain coats I take it are better than others and last longer or exactly how do the coats work?
  11. do they still get leather from time to time? I have no other way to make coats at the moment
  12. Only reason I built a hunter was so I could make some leather coats... All I am getting is duck meat and feathers?
  13. I saw a big square box once then it was gone but I never got a domesticed animal in my barn or anywhere but my gatherer just gathers resources like trees and stone like a laborer
  14. Do they normally just run around and act like laborers picking up resources?
  15. Only CC 1.75, Medieval 2.04, and 1 year is 1 year