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  1. Have you tried cleaning the registry? Sometimes when you add and remove mods, they are still listed in the registry, and it can cause crashes. Paeng gave instructions for doing this here: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/banishedpeople/starting-a-new-game-without-crash-t268.html
  2. I hate to be a pain, Kralyerg, but you didn't answer whether the vanilla crop field lacking a pick up button was intended or a bug.
  3. First, thank you so much for doing all this work, Kralyerg! I don't know if this is a bug or a feature, but there is no Pickup button on the vanilla crop field. The only other crop field I could find that offers the option is the CC transparent one.
  4. There's this list at World of Banished: http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1697.msg39323#msg39323
  5. Pay up, or Guido will be busting your kneecaps. You have until midnight tomorrow.
  6. So, I've been checking daily to see if Kralyerg decided to shine his jade quarry light upon me. And guess what? He just added it to his Kave of Krazy Kontraptions! Thank you so much. I'm so excited!
  7. Oh please oh please oh please! :grovels:
  8. Hmm. Maybe I should add the compatibility mod and reload mega-mod. Thanks! Esther, I suspect it was lost, because I did run across a link to a mod called My Precious, but when I followed the link it went to a "this domain for sale" website.
  9. There used to be a jade quarry (maybe you could also get marble?) in mega mod, that I assumed was part of CC. But, in Journey, it seems that the only way I can find to get jade is to buy it. Am I just not seeing the jade quarry, or is it really gone? And if it was a mod by someone other than Black Liquid, does anyone know where I could get it (and if it would be compatible to 1.0.7)? Thanks in advance!
  10. Well, actually I just disabled all the Maritimes stuff. I was really in the mood to just fire up the game and get building, rather than possibly extended troubleshooting. I'll get back to it eventually. Thanks for checking!
  11. I wondered about that. And I see that Necora has explained it! I'll move all the Maritimes stuff below CC. Thank you all very much!
  12. I started a new map and used Debug to set up a test. Same issue. Can we find one of the Black Liquid team to take a look at this problem, please?
  13. Yes, but I play with 100% educated, and I use the CC Marine climate. So, something else is going on.
  14. I downloaded Banished 1.0.7 today. It is NOT the beta. It is the brand new, final release. I am using CC 1.75. It is a fresh install of everything. I have attached a picture. As I said, even if the stacks burner worked before, it does not appear to be working correctly now.
  15. I've noticed on and off, since the first version of CC, that every now and then a field or orchard will have low production for no apparent reason. The field can be close to housing and storage, and yet, it just doesn't produce. If you delete the field and put down a new one, it will work the way it's supposed to. So I dunno, maybe now and then a field is bugged for some mysterious reason.