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  1. Thank you!!!
  2. In Megamod, one of the options for displaying the Professions window is a tiny one that has only laborers and builders. Does anyone know if that's available as a stand alone?
  3. The OP. You were being helpful and friendly.
  4. Trying to win friends and influence people, I see.
  5. Tamras, try the Marine climate. It does get below freezing, but not much, and not long. And it doesn't get extremely hot either. Also, pumpkins, squash, & potatoes take a long time. In a short growing season, you're pretty much screwed with those crops. And finally, try reducing to a single farmer per field, but turning off pickup. Here's why: once the food is harvested, it can sit on the field in baskets for a long time without deteriorating, and if the farmers don't have to carry the food to storage themselves, they'll get it harvested much more quickly.
  6. It's the basic vanilla market, and it is now called Market. I think that CC renamed it Rural Market? Maybe it was just for the first few releases? Dunno. Anyway, there was a mod called...um...Tighter Roads, I think? It was standalone long, long ago. It was incorporated into CC. That vanilla (but re-skinned) market had roads through it. Now, it does not.
  7. They have a trading value of 8! You make perfume with flowers and water, so you'll need a water tower and the perfumery building.
  8. I'm not sure I'm going to explain this bug well, so ask me questions if I'm not clear. The re-textured vanilla market, which I believe is called Rural Market by CC, used to have that feature where you could put roads through it. This feature was present in RC4, and now it's gone. You can only put roads around the outside. Put another way, except for the different color of the awnings, it now behaves as it did in the unmodded game.
  9. I'm not sure what's supposed to be in this toolbar here, but something's missing. See red circle.
  10. The small dock storage barn takes firewood too.
  11. According to the CC storage spreadsheet, the large dock storage shouldn't be storing firewood, but it does.
  12. But you don't need CC and MegaMod, because CC is included in it.
  13. When I minimize Banished as it's loading, it actually does load faster. 90 seconds as opposed to 5 minutes! It doesn't matter if I surf or just look at the desktop. I have Windows 7, so I don't know if that makes a difference.
  14. OK, I get it now! Thank you.
  15. The flax I have is the stuff that grows wild.