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  1. This looks pretty exciting! Even without random map generation, if one can use satellite imagery to create new maps, that's still a whole lot of potential variety.
  2. Today, I listened to the Frida soundtrack while I made mole sauce. Now I'm binge watching this woodworking dude on YouTube. I don't have any interest in woodworking myself, but he makes cool stuff and has a soothing voice. And, I'm kind of weird.
  3. I want to like this one over and over. Gorgeous!
  4. I had no idea! Well, this certainly changes how I lay out my towns.
  5. I love ZZ Top. I hadn't heard this, but it's great.
  6. This fascinating article brings the native American CC features to mind. Lots of interesting details that give me ideas for decorating and layout. http://arstechnica.com/features/2016/12/theres-a-1000-year-old-lost-city-beneath-the-st-louis-suburbs/
  7. I love them! But, I agree they're pricey. The Vermont cottage caught my eye--nice steep roof so snow will slide off!
  8. Love the new website! I'm Goblin Girl. I'm from the US Midwest, where I live with my husband, aging pupper Chaucer, and a huge vegetable garden. I've been gaming since we bought our first computer back in 1990. Probably my favorite game of all time would be Master of Magic. In general I like 4x games, city building games, and sandbox type crpgs, such as those by Bethesda. I've been playing Banished since the day it was released (in fact I took a week of vacation to play it), and I still find it appealing, in large part because of the Colonial Charter mod. I was a member at the old forums, but I maybe posted twice. I'll try to be more active, if I can pull myself away from gaming.