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  1. Any chance of a follow-up on this?
  2. Thank you for clarifying! I cannot find the produced resources files online, are they available somewhere or must I unpack the mod somehow?
  3. Hi all, I was looking to make some minor edits to my version of CC. What I wanted to do was to change the quantity produced or required for manufactured goods. For example, the relevant part of the .rsc file for the Bedding Maker: So I see here lines which specify that 25 feathers and 5 cloth are consumed. I also see that 10 "work" is required and 8 "time" is required. I cannot however see the amount of bedding produced (which I believe is 1 [see here]) anywhere in the file. My guess is that 1. the output quantity is somehow calculated from resource weight, the [workRequired] and [workTime] properties OR 2. it is specified elsewhere. If case 1. I can edit these three quantities, say make bedding require 1 cloth and 4 feathers. The cost of cloth is 8 and feathers are 1, so this would result in a trade surplus per time of 0.15. How is this actually calculated? I can't seem to tell from looking at other buildings. I would prefer to tinker with the balance by changing the output qty directly. If case 2. Where is it specified? General: What does [workRequired] and [workTime] actually relate to? Does [workTime] convert to seconds? Something? Thanks for you time, and sorry if this in the wrong section.