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  1. Very nice work here! Great looking models, the texture choices are excellent. Really well done!
  2. A little site edit today here, you can go to a users member profile by clicking their name and if they have contributed any files to the community downloads section there is now a Files tab on their profile that will display them all in chronological order. Downloads remains the central repository, this is just a little quality of life edit i thought might be useful.
  3. Absolutely And Welcome!
  4. haha ok, when i get back on my computer i'll add information here with screenshots to this conversation
  5. You've all been busy here. There's a simple trick to getting leaves to move and etc. No need to fiddle around with uv maps. Let me know if you're interested still.
  6. Wait, what are you guys trying to do? Snow and no snow.... Confused
  7. Thank you all for the nice words and well wishes. I've made a complete recovery. Since my final surgery, I have had a bit of a rest with some down time. I haven't touched my computer in a couple of months. Instead I've been doing work on my house and spending time with my dog (he's outside barking right now actually). Anyways, it's nice to be back. I'll be building up my momentum again gradually, 2017 has been quite a ride so far
  8. I've got lots of catching up to do :)

    1. Paeng


      Indeed... Good to see you back!  :D

    2. estherhb


      Glad you're feeling better! "Welcome back" doesn't quite say how happy we are that you're back :)

    3. Necora


      Waaa? I log on to see 'ShockPuppet liked...' my heart skipped a beat.

      Although... I do find it kinda strange that you and @rejectedegg both return on the same day...

  9. Hello my name is Jubei77. Sorry my way of speaking because I am Spanish.
    I just bought the game was Banished and I would like to play the Colonial Charter Turbo, because I really like the houses of two stories with colors. But I can't find the mod no Web. Could you tell me what to do? Many thanks and forgive the inconvenience.

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  10. Hey bro. long time didnt got news from you. are you ok ?


    i have a question for you, seems only you who can answer me :

    how do you make things swing with the wind ?


    i saw the other day blueberry was transfered to crop in CC and they still swing with the wind inside the crop. but i dont see any specific code.... how we do it ?



  11. Hi! I'll be back soon. About a week or more ago ive been in hospitals for a number of days with some problem. Ive another operation next week, I hope to be back shortly after.
  12. I just ordered myself a pro art tablet specifically to draw for games. This should really help with hand drawn components and visuals.
  13. So what you're saying is we should limit pens to 1 of each.
  14. There are, let me show some if the email conversation: The status bar, resource limit window, and the town hall production and graphs will be able to show these user defined limits, as well as raw materials being assigned to them and buildings being able to use them as limits. Currently in the resource files these are simple types called Custom0, Custom1 ... Custom9 (in addition to Iron, Wood, etc). You'll use these names in the .rsc files, and it will be up your team to change the string tables to define what each custom resource is displayed as.I'm also looking at removing the memory cap on the game so that you don't have to worry about making things small enough to fit in the currently allocated memory size.
  15. @Necora I can tell you, that according to cc and making it not a huge mess, we will need 6 or 7 of the limits. They're not cc centric, and would be logical for all mods. @Kralyerg will have more details soon. We need to fix our absolute mess of materials and dry goods, then we can find the best path.