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Status Updates posted by ShockPuppet

  1. I've got lots of catching up to do :)

    1. Paeng


      Indeed... Good to see you back!  :D

    2. estherhb


      Glad you're feeling better! "Welcome back" doesn't quite say how happy we are that you're back :)

    3. Necora


      Waaa? I log on to see 'ShockPuppet liked...' my heart skipped a beat.

      Although... I do find it kinda strange that you and @rejectedegg both return on the same day...

  2. So I own a dog whose mission in life is to eat like a duck. He doesn't want to chew anything.

  3. Quite an interesting discussion happening internally about an upcoming feature. Going to be something completely new.

  4. i spent all my free time today troubleshooting and fixing stuff and i didnt even get to start on the new Rustic Abode homes :/

  5. Happy new year :) !!

  6. French beer, made from German hops, to a Dutch recipe, imported to Australia, and drunk by an Englishman eating American pretzels. Merry Christmas. 

    1. AzemOcram


      Sounds good! BTW, I didn't know you were English.

    2. ShockPuppet


      Well, technically I am because my whole family is from England and I lived there for many years. I'm Australian though, first generation! 

    3. AzemOcram


      Cool! I'm American but I can call myself 2nd generation Mexican-American or 4th Generation Swiss-American.

  7. Enjoying warm weather this christmas :)

    1. Discrepancy


      Not me, it's too hot where I am! 40 on Sunday, although tomorrow has been downgraded to a mild 37...

    2. ShockPuppet


      Woah! its a cool 29 in brisbane, its been swealting all week though. This weekend, for us, a christmas miracle :D


    3. WatersMoon110


      It was far too warm for Christmas up here, seeing as we're supposed to be having Winter right now...

  8. Best night ever at a private room at wagaya japanese restaurant. 

    1. PredatorBeing


      Doing some research for a new Japanese themed set eh?  :D

  9. So now I'm stuck with this desktop wallpaper forever! I made it of my dog, and I haven't the heart to replace it.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. rejectedegg



      At least you didn't just toss him out to find his own way, like others I know have done.

      It's hard on any animal that has became Domesticated after a given amount of time to be returned to the Wild and be able to Survive :( 

    3. DesoPL


      How post status? I can't or idk why. @_@

    4. ShockPuppet


      2 hours ago, DesoPL said:

      How post status? I can't or idk why. @_@

      Just click where it says What's on your mind?. . .  Or go to your profile and type it straight in to your page

  10. Xmas challenge still open for another week, get an entry in for chance to win free games :)

  11. I just realised we're getting lots of bridges for 1.7, It just sorta happened.

  12. Resisting the urge to play Kingdom: New Lands again

  13. I'm making Thai green curry. 

    1. AzemOcram


      I've made that once before. It was delicious but spicy like fire!

    2. ShockPuppet


      Yes it blew my mind! :)


  14. Gave Xmas present early this year :)

  15. Im officially addicted to Xcom2. 

    1. WatersMoon110


      My brother plays the first one, but he doesn't have the second yet. Glad it is good!

  16. Tropical thunderstorm. Still have internet. #AustralianSuccess

  17. Ah, by Brisbane heat I meant the weather and not the mens basketball team. That needed clearing up. I'm sure they're all great guys tho.

  18. Feeling the Brisbane heat