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  1. Here is an unpainted terrain island generated exclusively from code. It represents a size of up to 20 kilometers x 20 kilometers (our game is being created in a 3d scale of 1:1 with real life). It generates very quickly and is high performance, showing the cap of 120fps. This is not the standard unreal engine terrain system, we are not using that. We use C++ code to manipulate polygons into a terrain 3d mesh that will give us control of terraforming tools in game, such as flatten.
  2. Today our terrain programmer submitted the new "endless water" code. Good for staring out longingly from shore. We are starting a discussion of fire. Besides the internal lighting on buildings, and the sun, we need to have a full fire with firelight system. I've promised to make a campfire with pot in 3d for the programmers to test the FX.
  3. I am amazed at the size of the buildings and everything i am making for the Unreal Engine. It is 1:1 real life scale. By comparison, the buildings of CC are ants sized. I had to correct a scale issue today that was noticed by our terrain programmer. Regarding animations, all of the citizens movements are handled by motion capture (MoCap) and we are excited to have true to life looking movements.
  4. Non grid buildings. Maybe some easy way to snap them to be grid placeable because some people like that. Large worlds. Combination of the terrains you can imagine, land, beach, mountains, island. For the outside edge of the map there is no preference, we can put anything - land, sea, mountain.
  5. Yes kind of. We need to get our new terrain system working well first.
  6. @Tom Sawyer Thank you, for a while I hoped maybe to get access to more of banished engine. The more I learn about game dev, the more I realize what a bad thing that would be. We achieve through modding a lot of possibilities by hacking code apart, the only person who can successfully edit the engine properly is the developer. There are no documents, no support.
  7. The animals i made for banished are just normal rigged skeletons i made by hand in 3ds max. This was a long and painful process of learning, using the animal guide that comes with banished modkit. Even should I make the source available for that, it is useless because it can only be used for the animal it was designed for. I will not be making any more animals for banished again, as I have new animals to make for the new game instead. I have no idea about new developments in banished modding actually, I will be sure to check up when i find the time - everything that is my focus now is on the new game development. To be honest, im eternally frustrated with banished modding. I know everyone has achieved so much but the only reason I helped make 3d stuff for CC for so long was because I thought it would be nice if people had new things. I dont feel any happiness from making stuff for banished any more because so many things we want to do and we can't. As i have been learning Unreal Engine, I have discovered that we generally made some real basic mistakes with some of the stuff we made for banished but its not our fault because no one explained exactly how to mod properly for the engine and the community just sort of had to learn on its own. "Draw calls" are one perfect example. Luke (banished dev) told me i shouldnt use more than 1 texture per building for performance reasons but i never knew why, now after studying documents for unreal i know why its so important just to keep it at 1. So there has been and still is a time of discovery about best practices for game development now and it takes a long time but we are getting there. Compared to modding, using unreal engine is like giving us things from our dreams. Patchy weather and cloud cover with wind gusts for example. Random citizen clothing, body weight etc etc.
  8. I made this windmill to test the rotating animation in Unreal Engine. Once we get it into the engine fully, it will serve as an example to us for animating a wide range of buildings.
  9. Im great these days thanks Regarding mechanics for household items. We talked about a modular add on system for household items (node based). Also, I played Tycoon City New York (terrible) but it truly was the king of customising buildings - you could choose from a range of seating, tables, signs and decorations and plop them around each building creating a unique atmosphere. This kind of design was useful, in that more seats at a cafe meant more customers. So, I assume for our purposes it is likely we might set the system up, but for purposes of keeping bees or a little vegetable garden outside at homes, or extra seats at a tavern. For game sense, we should also focus on having a production option there (e.g. bees make honey), so that the code is fully developed, not just for decorating (we assume if we set the system up, that modders will want to make a range of decorations to add atmosphere). At this stage, all new buildings have full interiors so we are open minded about the possibilities.
  10. When thinking about food decay, it comes to mind that there is only 1 solution. The problem with having food decay as a percentage over time is how to present that information to the player. 100 old beans go into a barn, the beans are decayed to %50. The barn already holds 100 fresh beans (%100). It would be lazy to assume there are now 200 beans at %75 combined freshness. But, we can't make a slot for every percentage of beans, its bad for performance, its bad visually. My idea now is to allow 3 states of decay, Fresh, Stale, & Rotten. Different foods will have different amounts of storage time before fully rotten. Rotten food will be edible, with less nutrition and a risk of poor health. It should be converted to compost, or ideally preserved before rotting fully. There should be storage options that greatly extend the life of foods. Food kept at home should never go rotten, because the people should be smart about how they manage their pantry at home. We assume they take steps to live their lives in their best interest. This includes getting their own wood before freezing to death, or gathering wild food.
  11. Some more little buildings going into the Unreal Engine for testing
  12. Yes that's the idea. 2 things are certain, modding (powerful) and huge population simulation. We are setting up an automatic LOD system to allow for massive amounts of buildings. The citizens will also take advantage of LOD, and are using the standard unreal skeleton meaning its fairly simple to mod new animations for them or change their appearance. For example, same as xcom 2 has many different characters on the mod scene. This is because it's using the standard unreal engine skeleton.
  13. Its been a while, I am sorry for that. Real life is a heck of a thing. So after some time away being busy with work and other things, the team (and a few new people who arent on the forums) has started further development of a new game which doesnt yet have an active title. Using Latest Unreal Engine, we are establishing a terrain generation system (procedural), and working on the save system. Theres also been some discussion around oceans, which will be very important. Theres not very much at all to show, as theres an incredible amount of engine work going on that isn't visual (code). Actually, as ive just returned i was asked to make a house building for testing some parts of the engine (Night time indoor lights and some other things). So i'll share that building with you now: You can expect more updates from me in this thread over time. Thanks for stopping by
  14. I need your town and textiles mod that has been removed from everywhere from internet. please upload or send me, i will be very grateful. Pleasr give me if anyone can Send me the download link or mail me

  15. I need your town and textiles mod that has been removed from everywhere from internet. please upload or send me, i will be very grateful. Please give me if anyone can