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  1. So, 1.7 is technically nearly ready. Screenshots have slowed down as code bugfixing and toolbar icon creation is now the priority.
  2. Yep that's good. Actually I like the default AO myself
  3. Why don't you just, you know, do the AO then put its brightness up some % manually
  4. puts my town building to shame lol
  5. Theres an icon chart that will provide the basic informations. Theres simply too much content in CC to make a wiki, and theres no moddable system that would be compatible anyway. To answer your question, you always get more out than you put in, and sometimes the resulting product may cover multiple food groups meaning: more people fed, better health and higher trade value
  6. it can either change or not (pines). Thats all
  7. The main toolbar will grow wider as icons from mods are added to it. It appears to accommodate a width of 22 The sub toolbars will grow wider as icons from mods are added to it. It appears to accommodate a width of 30
  8. I've just emailed Luke asking for some help with the Materials limits. Let's hope something can be done there.
  9. It's coded by default as warm and cold months, not by seasons unfortunately
  10. Busy weekend with some retexturing and 3d alterations, including for the food trading post and the dry good trading post. If you play megamod you should be familiar with them. Kralyerg has been doing some more code based edits, much Also, we store our code on bitbucket, today I spent hours shifting everything cc related over to GitLab. Sadly it wouldn't auto import itself. This gives us 5 times the storage so we won't ever have to worry about going over the limit. Lots of little bugs found and more to fix. Shouldn't be too long until you'll be able to play 1.7
  11. There was, long ago, a whole bunch of information on Reddit about this. Yes, the seed does determine what happens with the map. However, its randomly generated, and the likelihood of receiving one animal type over another is the same regardless of which animal it is. There's no preference for sheep, for example. My advice, other than go buy a lotto ticket, is to just keep rolling the dice and seeing what comes up. To answer your question specifically, we put a list of animals into the map type chosen, and the game will literally pick 1 (or none) at random. If i recall right, all the lists have either every animal in it, or no animals (hard starts).
  12. nah we dont have any of his source