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  1. Yes ofcourse 5000 set, 2488 current.
  2. The Ketchup medieval town mod got a clay pit. The Clay Pit produce a normal amount of clay, but the shore house does not. Im sure they coexisted with normal production in both buildings earlier
  3. By the way, the Shore House seems to be producing very low amounts of Clay recently, only 17-19/yr with 1 worker. Is this an intended change, or is that also some conflict with my other mods maybe?
  4. I realized I suddenly had an addon called "DS Timber Mill" - it was this that caused the conflict! Thanks for clarifying
  5. Moving the Lumber resource to the "Log" category was a bad move, and ruins a lot of the automation you could get from using Wood Market Carts. Placing these carts next to industry that used Logs was great. Now they fill up with the finished product instead, ruining the flow. It also seems like I have a lot of logs available for construction, firewood, furniture and so on, but in reality, its all Lumber. This only causes me to lose control.
  6. Thanks for the excellent work. Still missing the under-building quay wall inside piece tho, that would be awesome City Wall Storage is still not built by the workers either. Fixing that was probably not in the scope for this update, but the building looks so awesome that i would love to have it fixed someday Shore house seems to be producing extremely low amounts of clay now aswell. Only ~17 average on a 1 fulltime worker for a whole year.
  7. I roleplay a VIking village in my current game. The Norwegian trade post of Kaupang Stick to the woody buildings and it looks really great!
  8. Just a friendly reminder that there will be another $50 heading your way once the diagonal city walls make it into the game
  9. Im playing 1.75 but they still wont build this storage part of the wall. Did it not make the 1.75 release after all?
  10. If you play with RK Medieval Town in addition to CC, you can build a bakery that makes bread with just flour No butter needed!
  11. Amazing! Thanks for the great work. Ill make a donation againthe second it's in the game
  12. Australia day over soon?
  13. No interest in such a thing?
  14. The new city wall segments in CC 1.7 is nothing short of amazing. The only thing I miss, is a diagonal piece and diagonal corner pieces like the palisade walls got. That addition alone will bring out the potential in the City Walls. Another minor re-request would be the "Under building quay wall inside piece". The rounded corner of the quay wall, but able to place it under buildings And finally, if the awesome shipwreck you start with on the shipwreck starts would be buildable, I would be forever happy! Is this possible? Another donation might come your way *bribe*