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  1. Thanks !
  2. Here is a new picture. It's sunny, and you can see the "neighborhood" of the bootleggers and smugglers.
  3. From the album Silvern

  4. From the album Silvern

  5. From the album Silvern

  6. I just noticed it was either snowing or raining in these screenshots. I promise I'll do another one when it's sunny !
  7. @Goblin Girl, now I'm good with the bootlegger, but I paid him by borrowing at the smugglers !… Thanks @KevinTheCynic, I've built this outpost multiple times to finally like it.
  8. From the album Silvern

  9. Oh my god ! I've got an account at the bootleggers place…
  10. The old and new chandlery do have the same size and footprints.
  11. From the album Silvern

  12. From the album Silvern

  13. From the album Silvern

  14. From the album Silvern

  15. From the album Silvern