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  1. From the album Silvern

  2. Thanks ! I try to.
  3. From the album Silvern

  4. From the album Silvern

  5. From the album Silvern

  6. That would be nice too.
  7. From the album Silvern

    … Constructing a little.
  8. From the album Silvern

    Planning a lot.
  9. I think I already tried to select it by clicking on every pixel, and with every camera direction. No way.
  10. For information, (yep, quoting myself) I did switch from one year is one year to Norseman when everyone was 10. It didn't crash and the two children waited to be 16 to get together and have a child, as they should do with this mod. I'll tell you if something crashy happens.
  11. Right now, they are seven. 4 adults, 3 children. I won't always do that, but that's easy to do now, here's the genealogy: ♂ Dormann ♀ Rillary ♥ ♂ Rose ♀ Gearlee ⁞ ♥ ⁞ ♀ Pamelia ♂ Hosterlin ♀ Annmarion ( Yea, that's disgusting. )
  12. For those who prefer to see all the images in a row, I've uploaded them on my website. Visit: Silvern
  13. I don't like the Tall Greenboy tree look in winter. So, I've ghosted A Meanderwood tree on it. At spring and summer , they have the same color. In autumn, they got 2 different tints, but that's not shocking. Is it ? In winter, the tall one doesn't look all "nude" anymore.
  14. Is it possible to create a “ghosts removal tool” ? It could help to destroy/remove all the ghosts decorations built on a square. I''m asking because I've got a problem with a ghost town pine I don't manage to select… And that's not the first time It happens to me to encounter problems with ghost-things.
  15. From the album Silvern

    Water well.