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  1. I am planning to make a height map of my current map and import it into Cities Skylines to continue the town into modern times. I kind of have a conversion scale: Banished tiles= 2x2m, Cities tiles=8x8m: C=B*4 Now, to make things slightly easier (and to somehow make up for the large pieces of land that will fall out of the original Banished map borders: I need the size in amount of tiles for the CC Very Large map, and could find them. Does anyone know?
  2. Thanks! Glad I could inspire.:) I'm building the town organically, keeping in mind what modes of transport people used and what professions would be close to each other. A road like this would've been ideal for heavy carriage traffic to and from the docks.
  3. Hello, I'm s long time Banished player with a love for history, so CC has been a staple of my mod list for years. I love looking through the towns everyone build on here, so I thought I'd share my own.
  4. Hello all, I've been keeping a blog for my latest town project over on worldofbanished.com, and thought there might be some people over here as well that might be interested. It's fully modded and, as far as I can get it to, historically accurate. Besides reacting and enacting to various historical events that come along, the gaenealogical database and resulting family trees are a great way to keep track of the narrative and might inspire some people. The colony started of in 1639 and we're almost up to 1670 now. I've been holding myself to some strict rules: -Among the many mods to use is the One year is One Year mod. It is both slows down the game’s pace considerably and increases the difficulty of job management. It is simultaneously a boon and obstacle to the project. -Keep a genealogical database for all settlers, allowing for more personal and dramatic storytelling. I have done this before in a town reaching a population of 250 over 90 years. I use the GRAMPS open source software to accommodate this process. -Keep track of relevant historical events that might impact the colony as well as enact the progressively harsher taxation and laws imposed by England. The Trade Tax Implementations can be found in the attached table. -I will try to keep it fun for myself. The previous iterations have been some of my most fun gaming experiences in years, but it can be very taxing. So, I hereby welcome any to have a read and/or join in historical discussions!:)