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  1. @Kralyerg - courtesy @ RedKetchup added a new mod "City Butcher - there is Make cuts [Charki], Make Jerky [Make], there is only one problem - can you update the mod Tropical Greenhouse - because there is an error - the game is crashing - horses and llamas in addition to meat and leather or wool give "Bonemeal" - I'm not sure if "Bonemeal" - occurs in other CC mods? Here are the words @ RedKetchup "if @kralyerg want to fusion the bonemeal / fertilizer resources ... and would be ok to rename fertilizer to: Bonemeal - Fertilizer (as i did with Fodder - Thatch). out of that, noway i would set up an independant bonemeal because i already have fertilizer - I would be very happy with this mod - adding new exotic fruits [Pineapple, Quince, Lemon.Lime, Mango, Acai, Grapefruit, Banane, Date, Orange] - it would be a fantastic mod - or maybe you have other suggestions? Please, support my idea. Cheers
  2. returning to the theme of "Colonial Charter Modular" - I would be very happy for the future, a mod on themes - Africa and Egypt. We have some very interesting French buildings thanks to @ Angainor88- "South African Housing" and the project is still not finished @ RedKetchup "Rise of the Faraoh ", perhaps @Kralyerg added a landscape with palm trees and African plants and the right climate - hot, tropical. At the southern and northern extremities of the continent there is a Mediterranean climate with hot summer and mild, rainy winters. However, many unusual land mammals still live here today. like giraffes, hippos, zebras, African elephants, two species of rhinoceroses, gorillas and chimpanzees. In Africa, we also encounter the largest predatory animals such as lions, cheetahs, leopards and hyenas, herds of herbivorous antelopes, the largest non-tropics: ostriches, turas and czepigi and large herds of picturesque birds living on lakes and in river floodplains, such as flamingos or pelicans. Maybe @Troy added some African animals, e.g. atylopy, ostriches, zebras, crocodiles, parrots, etc. -at animals and breeding animals, cattle, goats could be added to the stusie breeding - meat, feathers, eggs and camels for meat, milk, skin [wool - lightweight blankets]? This is just my idea, but there are so many great moderators - who can take such to work on such a project ? We have the mod "The North" - winter. Africa - Summer? Greetings
  3. @KralyergI have a huge request. Can you help me - I know a lot of great mods - thank you for that - but I need this little mod for KR ED - I have horses and llamas but this mod does not contain a butcher that would process horses and llamas. KR ED has goats and all processing - processing of goat meat. would like to have horses, llamas, goats in my game - so I have to upload Mods @Redketchup and Mods @ Kralyerg - I know that you have a good heart and I am asking - if there is a possibility to set up a separate CCButcher - "Urban Butcher" - we have there Charki Chops [12 Charki] and Cheval Shank [12 Cheval] - it seems to me that this is the best option to solve my problems. There is also Butcher Stalls CC for individual animals but the processing includes meat, sausage and tallow - I do not know if it's a good idea, or maybe Troy would agree to send the code - goat and "Make Cuts [Goat Meat] of course to play this item - would be happy - I would like all mods @ Kralyerg separately and all Mods @ Redketchup separately. I really liked the Mod "CC Milling" because there you can process all the grains into flours that occur in the game - and here I want to be one main butcher who would process meat all breeding animals? or 2 - "Urban Butcher" and "Butcher RK"? Regards
  4. @Kralyerg Thanks again, it's a great mod !!! He gives 5 stars for this mod because it is fantastic
    @Kralyerg. fantastic mod a nice surprise, I was just looking for a mod that would suit other topics in Banished. I'm very happy with this mod . Cheers!
  5. Hi! I have a question - is it possible to do an animation of a goat and a rabbit and add these animals to the game? Is this game capable of handling additional animals? It would be nice to add these items? Do we have any talented moderator on this forum, who is passionate about animal modeling, although I know that this is a very difficult challenge, but I see that new moderators are joining in here and showing great works. This is an old game - very cool - like "icing on the cake" - Is there anyone willing to take up such a challenge in this forum? I am asking for help at @Shock Puppet and @ Kralyerg ?- is it possible to improve the game and add these new elements? This is just my suggestion. I am sending a few sceenshots from another game "Farm Together". I invite you to discuss all people interested in my idea? Regards
  6. @Redketchup only told me that it is - "there is still a very thin chance, very thin''
  7. @Kralyerg I wrote about this project, but it may be different - but with reference to Egypt - we have 2 Mod "Palm Tree Start" - Kralyerg and NMT 3.0 Series; Orchads Redketchup - you can plant exotic trees - you can add a few houses and basic amenities - at the beginning, later develop this topic - something new for Banished? We have The North, and now maybe Egypt? with hot climate and desert? Cheers!
  8. I have an idea - I am just a player, I want to suggest something - There is a great project called "Rise of the Faraoh" - Redketchup on the project website "WoB" - January 26, 2016 - LackLiquid also wanted to help with this project but nothing came of it / - I think he gave up. Maybe someone will help - Redketchup will do a great job - great project - it's a pity that this project has not been implemented - I think there are talented designers on this site? Please, let the mod of Egypt be implemented? I am sending a few photos from the project - and more on this topic on the "WoB" website - or maybe @Kralyerg will come up with something? Greetings http://worldofbanished.com/index.php
  9. Thank you very much - @ Ketchup for you information about WOB and for hard work on restoring the site - @The Big Chihuahua .Regards @Ketchup - does not work - logout - there is a message - a fatal error -WOB . - "Fatal error: Call to undefined function safe_unserialize() in /home/content/22/6530022/html/wob/Sources/Subs-Auth.php on line 114 "
  10. @Kralyerg Hello . Thank you for a quick reply - I meant it "Added Flowers to the "Collect Wild Foods" tool." - quotation 1.Errors on the bar: "Garden Workplace " - Kid X 3, "Preservist" - Kid x2 2.I tested "Crop Rice v1" together with the CC segments - it's OK now, because I was in trouble - the game error I like to play with all CC segments - I have a question - is it possible to add to "Urban Windmill" [CCStacked Shops and Homes] - Rice ??? a small fix, I have "Rice Crop v1" and CCDock - {Rice Planter} - I was nice to make rice with flour - more bread? - and I really like the idea you used in the production of flour - there are different grains in "MM8RC2". I would be very happy to be able to add all the grains to "Urban Windmill" [CCStacked Shops and Homes]? I am sorry that I got a bit out of the testing topic "MM8RC2 3.I thought about adding the Fountain - with the mod Decorative Items Pack - RK, they are very nice and effective - maybe you will agree with me? Cheers
  11. @Kralyerg Hello Small mistakes: next to the trading: Cheers!
  12. @ Kralyerg Hello . I do not know if this is a mistake, but I noticed something, I have a question? 1. In "Florist -Rk" - there is no window of limit 2. "Florist" - I do not know what is the limit: Food ?, Construction ?, Textiles?, Crafted?, Luxuries? - only the arrow is displayed - the limit has been exceeded 3. Is it possible to get rid of excess flowers on the meadow - using a quick tool, such as "Gathering" or "Wild Food" - could the gatherers collect excess flowers? - without putting up the "Florist" building ??? Regards
  13. @ Kralyerg I wrote on WOB and I write here now..upgrade "Soup Kitchen", "Fast Food Stand", "Tropical Greenhouse" why? - because Fast iTropikal do not work without CC - secondly lack Lime and Banana and there is only in "Tropical Greenhouse" you have to add Bonemeal. Maybe you add this idea to Colonial Charter Modular, for example,1) buildings + food, such as shops and buildinds maybe a small bar - where there would be pasta dishes, dumplings, potato pancakes? 2) a small industry + mines? Please
    @ Kralyerg Thank you . The mod is fantastic, I'm glad that you added some interesting mods from CC. Big applause - fun for players in Banished.