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  1. @Redketchup only told me that it is - "there is still a very thin chance, very thin''
  2. @Kralyerg I wrote about this project, but it may be different - but with reference to Egypt - we have 2 Mod "Palm Tree Start" - Kralyerg and NMT 3.0 Series; Orchads Redketchup - you can plant exotic trees - you can add a few houses and basic amenities - at the beginning, later develop this topic - something new for Banished? We have The North, and now maybe Egypt? with hot climate and desert? Cheers!
  3. I have an idea - I am just a player, I want to suggest something - There is a great project called "Rise of the Faraoh" - Redketchup on the project website "WoB" - January 26, 2016 - LackLiquid also wanted to help with this project but nothing came of it / - I think he gave up. Maybe someone will help - Redketchup will do a great job - great project - it's a pity that this project has not been implemented - I think there are talented designers on this site? Please, let the mod of Egypt be implemented? I am sending a few photos from the project - and more on this topic on the "WoB" website - or maybe @Kralyerg will come up with something? Greetings http://worldofbanished.com/index.php
  4. Thank you very much - @ Ketchup for you information about WOB and for hard work on restoring the site - @The Big Chihuahua .Regards @Ketchup - does not work - logout - there is a message - a fatal error -WOB . - "Fatal error: Call to undefined function safe_unserialize() in /home/content/22/6530022/html/wob/Sources/Subs-Auth.php on line 114 "
  5. @Kralyerg Hello . Thank you for a quick reply - I meant it "Added Flowers to the "Collect Wild Foods" tool." - quotation 1.Errors on the bar: "Garden Workplace " - Kid X 3, "Preservist" - Kid x2 2.I tested "Crop Rice v1" together with the CC segments - it's OK now, because I was in trouble - the game error I like to play with all CC segments - I have a question - is it possible to add to "Urban Windmill" [CCStacked Shops and Homes] - Rice ??? a small fix, I have "Rice Crop v1" and CCDock - {Rice Planter} - I was nice to make rice with flour - more bread? - and I really like the idea you used in the production of flour - there are different grains in "MM8RC2". I would be very happy to be able to add all the grains to "Urban Windmill" [CCStacked Shops and Homes]? I am sorry that I got a bit out of the testing topic "MM8RC2 3.I thought about adding the Fountain - with the mod Decorative Items Pack - RK, they are very nice and effective - maybe you will agree with me? Cheers
  6. @Kralyerg Hello Small mistakes: next to the trading: Cheers!
  7. @ Kralyerg Hello . I do not know if this is a mistake, but I noticed something, I have a question? 1. In "Florist -Rk" - there is no window of limit 2. "Florist" - I do not know what is the limit: Food ?, Construction ?, Textiles?, Crafted?, Luxuries? - only the arrow is displayed - the limit has been exceeded 3. Is it possible to get rid of excess flowers on the meadow - using a quick tool, such as "Gathering" or "Wild Food" - could the gatherers collect excess flowers? - without putting up the "Florist" building ??? Regards
  8. @ Kralyerg I wrote on WOB and I write here now..upgrade "Soup Kitchen", "Fast Food Stand", "Tropical Greenhouse" why? - because Fast iTropikal do not work without CC - secondly lack Lime and Banana and there is only in "Tropical Greenhouse" you have to add Bonemeal. Maybe you add this idea to Colonial Charter Modular, for example,1) buildings + food, such as shops and buildinds maybe a small bar - where there would be pasta dishes, dumplings, potato pancakes? 2) a small industry + mines? Please
    @ Kralyerg Thank you . The mod is fantastic, I'm glad that you added some interesting mods from CC. Big applause - fun for players in Banished.
    @Kralyergfantastic mod, i really like it, i love all your mods.Thank you
    @ KralyergThank you very much for the mods. You are fantastic, thank you for your effort in this mods. I have a question whether it is possible to create mods on the subject - food? or add as a separate mods? merge several mods into one whole? "Bakery Plus", "Soup Kitchen", "Fast Food Stand". "Tropikal Greenhouse", "Stable". or agricultural-related mods? I do not know exactly how the "Rice Crop" mod works in me without CC error occur? Would it be nice to add these threads? -Separate without CC? Regards. Cheers!
  9. @Kralyerg. Farm animals are a nice addition to the game.Only Deer Livestock, can you add?Great idea to split CC on different topics, I have a question if you can add "Black Grouses" that move around the map like deer. - Can you create a mod that has @Tom Sawyer in mod "The North" Can this "Black Grouse" be available? is this a nice and cool addition? Also as a breeding animal ? Maybe Tom will share this file? Cheers!
    @KralyergFantastic mod, you are very clever and creative man, I'm very worried about your health, is it better now? I'm just a player and an old man but I love this game . The mod deserves 5 stars. It's really great. The only bad thing is I can not put it in "The North" - I tested it - hangs up. Thank you for mods "Livestock Animals " - lack Deer Livestock? - I have an old mod and is Ok - I do not know if it can be added to the new set of "Livestock Animals" Cheers!
  10. @ despo20 Wild Cereals - I do not know what you mean if it is wild corn or is fodder? If I mention the word cereals myself, I have searched for a definition. Cereal - definitions noun A grain used for food, such as wheat, oats, or corn.The inclusion rates of finely ground feed should be kept to a minimum (for example, ground cereals, maize gluten).See also Cereal, five cereals Wild Cereals - Has a picture in the bag ,Wild Salad -Has a picture of crates I personally thought that wild cereals belong to cereals and is edible for humans, so I thought to add to the mill to convert to flour? Thank you for answering my question
  11. @ despo20 I have a question - what about the water mill? Will you add Wild Cereals - flour Will be a great addition. "Mods NAT. DIV 2" is fantastic. Thank you - @ despo20 i @ Bartender. "Fish Trap" placed over the lake . Everything I like about buildings and resources are fantasic or will this theme still be implemented? Added something new ? Screenshots