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  1. @ Necora The second idea or a small note! What to do with waste chicken feathers! Real world are used chicken feathers, because it is a big problem. A few examples: cellulose is added 66% of feathers produced paper. feather contains protein or keratin, where it is used for the manufacture of bandages, dressings that heal burns, cosmetics, etc., with feather mixed with coal dust is polycarbonate with high-. As poppy animal but is already the product of Banished 1. Production of paper = wood or pine bough + water + feathers or cotton,flax. Wood obtained from the sawmill. building = paper mill 2.Apothecary = flax + feathers = bandages heal burns [ dressing] = feathers + herb =or[ ointment] add oil, medicinal = oil + feathers , herbal tea may already without feathers.It is the only project of herbs on the "WOB"=building Apothecary 3 Pine Pitch kiln add coal + feathers = charcoal or pine bough + feathers = charcoal What do you think can you support any idea? annoying are those chicken feathers, collapsing barn
  2. I support. They look great in the game! The buildings are beautiful. You write that you add seamstress / weaver / butcher / baker, shop, etc. But there is nothing about the hospital, I think that one building can make a small hospital just add the sign of the cross?
  3. @ Kralyerg .I have an old mod of 2014 - "Lost of Seeds" v 2 [1.04B]. This is the first mod crops before the release of "Cholonial Charter". I have a question - is it possible to fix the mod or the base game to add some crops .It is a mod with errors because the field can see a cabbage is grown cucumber etc. It is the same in the Orchard. I emphasize that I am not a moderator, just an ordinary player. Question dlaczgo I use it even though it came out great part Cholonial Charter? I am very curious whether the old mods can still use it often adds and mix different mods for this game for me is even more interesting and more beautiful. I am waiting for a response. You're a great guy and thank you for all issued mods A sample Raspberry.pkm
  4. Perfect! Thank you Necora .Please Hospital - white and red?
  5. I support the idea of white and red kit @Necora. You can add to this set of white and red hospital? it would be great. Thank you, Necora!
  6. Thanks for all your hard work!! you are fantastic
  7. @Query Everything. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I thought also of the "Beach Party"
  8. @Necora Thank you!!!! for large Maritimes .. You're the king, and what you design is unique, it can be 90 parishioners, because sometimes you need more hands to work, and every church needs a priest. Your houses are now very colorful and fit the mod "beach party". I can not wait for a new release.
  9. I have not written because I'm very busy now, I have to deal with my mother waiting for an operation, even though it's only cataract eye, but is 85 years old and I do not see it and I have to do to help her . I'm a little in the house, fetching all outstanding mods. Here and on the "WOB" @ Necora - mods are fantastic, I really like all the ideas are arranged thematically and in different colors. I have a little consideration! Is it possible to add more faithful to the little church [30] - it's a little bit? My village is small and I have already filled two churches on the other hand, a large church takes up a lot of space. Thank you!! You're amazing, I really appreciate it!. Cheers
  10. @QueryEverything.I have a request to Mr. I do not know what the 2 symbols of birds on the bar? whether they are new mods? if this is a new mods would like to have it but do not know where to look, please help, please. taniu
  11. @ NecoraPlease wooden pasture for goats, in my wooden village? Thank you for the hospital, which is supplied homes. My favorite color is also blue, but I just had in mind the image shown above - pasture goats, barn, etc.Maybe variant F as "PEISHORE"My screenshots
  12. the buildings are fantastic but I beg the catwalk goats can add red, white, yellow,brown as houses - Please function "F" - blue is the color of aggressive?
  13. excellent work @Necora add only hospitals and apothecary will be great
  14. @ Necora. Attention please. They are still not improved 2 buildings: Maple Forager's Cache,Vanilla Gatherer's Cache large lettering can not see how many employees to operate the building
  15. He is very clever and talented man. I use a lot of mods @ Redketchup, are well developed and make the players a lot of fun. My heart rejoices greatly for each new mod release fantastic @ RedKetchup. Thank you for the beautiful mods