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  1. @Bartender @Despo20. Thatch - roof cover made of straw or reed on high roofs. Currently he is experiencing the renaissance in regional construction (inns) as well as in residential construction.New photos: reeds from australia, houses, bower ,wells from thatch, log houses, tub
  2. I greet all the moderators and it's a comfort for the effort
  3. @Bartendre. water and flowers
  4. @Bartender.I am happy that Banished is getting more beautiful. You have great talent, I do not, I do not know about modeling, but I can spiritually support you, I thank you for working hard on models. I'm glad to help you @Necora and @Ketchup and thank you too.I am sending you new photos about reeds, water and flowers, maybe something will help. you
  5. @Bartender Flowerthank you
  6. @ Bartender.New - can be nice to have?Hazel,Without black,Rowan,Black cherry,Juniper ,Hawthorn ?
  7. @Bartender, you did a magic! Can be field poppy field Papaver rhoeas group of plants: Annuals, Biennials height: between 30 and 90 cm decorative: flowers Flowers: Single Flower color: white, red, orange, yellow inflorescence: basket flower,Soil: low soil requirements,humidity: soil moderately moist,Position: Sun,use: home gardens, discounts subgroup of plants: a sunny position. Characteristics of plants . Poppy field is an annual plant belonging to the family of poppy (Papaveraceae). It is quite expansive and sometimes it is treated as a weed. Under natural conditions, covered with meadows, fields and ruderal areas. Poppy field grown especially in the gardens, converted to meadows, where it grows along with other wild flowers. You can also use it to create colorful floral discount. It is quite resistant to industrial pollution, so it can be successfully planted in urban gardens. To get the desired effect, it should be sown in larger groups. The plant attracts bees and other insects. The various species of poppy , eg .: opium poppy are used in herbal medicine and cosmetics. The cultivation of opium poppy , however, is governed by a special law!
  8. @Kralyerg. Thank you for giving me the mod with vegetables from the RedKetchup greenhouse. I am older and I love all mods. I am happy. You are a fantastic person. You writing that all these farm mods are outdated, and do not fit into Banished v 1.07?Can I get old vegetable mods? I like vegetables and fruits grown in the field and in the greenhouse. I think of a small greenhouse where they grow; Lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, berries, onions etc. in winter. Is it possible? Small greenhouse only water without bone meal and fertilizers? Very, very please, I will be very happy. I love "Banished", I'm a fan of this game. I love all the "CC" and MM v0.7, but a little mod that would fit into other tales like North, Egypt, China - Rice to grow and meal of rice, but without CC can not. Please beautiful
  9. @ Kralyerg.A nice bakery, a lot of different pastries .thank you
    @ Necora .A fantastic set. Seafood is what adds charm to "Banished" thank you.
  10. @ Bartender.I like these herbs though I do not know about modeling
    @Necora .I love this set, love the sea, rivers, oceans of fish and everything that is associated with water. Adding fish and seafood great idea. Maybe a little pub where you can eat fried fish and drink beer? This is just my imagination, and maybe you also invent something new? You are very creative. Thank you.
    @Necora . Buildings are wonderful and colorful. Adding goats - Bravo. Maybe goat milk add to the dairy? Thank you
    @ Necora .My favorite set. Many new colorful buildings and resources. Fantastic work thank you
    @ Necora . Storage to villages. Very good idea . Thank you