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  1. Hope you're allright.
  2. http://banishedinfo.com/mods/view/267-SeasonFX

    Wish somebody might make newer version or something.

    1. WatersMoon110


      Why? Is it not still working for you? It was working for me when I played last...

  3. I actually like teutons alike textures from feudal age, and wish see more buildings like that. Same to celts.
  4. If mod like that might happend, i would love too! But i feel, might be problems with trademark?
  5. Hope only that multiplayer CO-OP will be not P2P like in Mass Effect 3 or Andromeda. Peer 2 Peer i mean, because that's really sucks.
  6. Idk download some mods, or waiting for megamod update. :(

  7. That moment when i saw demon hunter Valeera skin, but i forgot that i can't afford for it. Because my BN wallet is 2.45 Euro. T_T


  9. Now slowly we will have our small Alaska Last Frontier Banished Edition, i love it.
  10. This set of wall missing only corner tower or something.
  11. My hatred burns though my veins...
  12. Shock might be possible to make an small barn like crates? For starting condition Adam & Eve at the begining. I saw mod on WoB though, but i don't want download again too many mods.
  13. If 2017 will suck like 2016, it will be not happy but even far worse year.